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Espresso Scale 101 – All Important Things To Know About Weighing your Coffee

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Espresso scale? Coffee scale? If you love coffee, you must know these tools. But, why do you need to scale coffee? The reason behind weighing your coffee is simple: accuracy! If you don’t weigh your coffee there is always the chance that something could go wrong with the process from picking to roasting. The more steps involved in making a perfect cup of coffee, the better off you’ll be.

If you’ve ever had a bad batch of coffee made using a cheap coffee grinder or even worse, not ground properly, this would be the first thing that comes to mind.

When dialing in (setting up) the coffee machine each morning, baristas will use coffee scales to weigh how much coffee they ground into the portafilter basket and then how much coffee is brewed, and then change various factors accordingly. Because coffee contains dissolved particles, it weighs more than water, a measurement known as TDS (total dissolved solids) in specialty coffee. Looking for the best coffee scales? we have compiled some reviews you can use as reference.

What is The Coffee Weight for a Double Shot of Espresso?

The reason this matters is that every bean contains different amounts of these soluble compounds depending upon where it was grown and what type of soil it grew in. The higher the concentration of total dissolved solids the better the taste. This means that even though there might be two identical batches of coffee from the same farm with the exact same processing method, the first batch could contain less total dissolved solids than the second batch due to differences in the soils used during cultivation.

A cup of coffee weighing between 36 and 48 grams. For a double shot espresso, the yield (brewed coffee) should be around double the dose (ground coffee). If your portafilter basket can only handle 18g of coffee, your double shot espresso should weigh roughly 36g.

If your shot is less than 36g, use your coffee scales to modify the coffee grind size slightly coarser, ensuring that the dose remains the same. If the shot weighs more than 36 grams, fine-tune the grind. The amount of pressure you apply to your coffee tamper will have an impact on the shot.

Best Espresso Scale

There are several coffee scales that are specifically built for espresso. The Acaia Pearl Timemore Black Mirror espresso scales are very useful. They are extremely accurate and have uses that make them ideal for use as espresso coffee scales. The Anpress Digital Coffee Scales should suffice if you’re using a Stovetop Espresso Maker.

XC2000 ProScale With its retractable control panel, small footprint (4.5″ x 3.5″), and lightweight frame, the ProScale is an excellent choice for the home or traveling barista. It has a maximum capacity of 2kg (2,000g) and weighs in 0.1g increments. It also has a somewhat slow response time of roughly 2 seconds, despite being sensitive enough to weigh individual coffee beans. The ProScale runs on two AAA batteries and includes a built-in 30-second auto-off feature that cannot be turned off. It weighs grains, carats, pennyweight, and troy ounces in addition to grams, ounces, and pounds. So, if you want to weigh something other than coffee, like gold stacks or diamond bags, this will work perfectly.

The ProScale can be used as an espresso scale, however the readout is 3-4 grams off from the true weight, thus it’s important to cut off the water 3-4 grams before it reaches the target weight (about 2 grams earlier than the Lunar). Water should be shut off at around 36g for a 40g espresso, for example. One caveat: the ProScale is not waterproof, and it appears to catch liquids that fall off the weighing platform due to its design. In the end, the ProScale is a fantastic espresso scale at a reasonable price.

It works better with single-cup drip brewers or an AeroPress as a pour over scale than with bigger brewers like a Chemex, which can cover the control panel or slide off the back of the scale. Nonetheless, this would make an excellent travel scale, ideal for backpacking, commuting between home and work, or for the businessperson who spends a lot of time on the road.

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