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How To Clean Metal Spatula? Superb 7 Guides To Do It


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How to clean metal spatula? This is an interesting question. The answer is not very clear cut. There are many ways to clean metal spatulas.

If you searching out how to clean metal spatula? Read this article until the end to know more about it. In this blog, we also have an article about best pancake spatula that you might want to read about it.

What Is A Spatula

 A spatula is a kitchen utensil that is used for flipping or stirring food. It has a long handle and a flat, slotted blade. The blade is usually made of metal. A spatula is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for many different things.

Some people use it as an all-purpose cooking tool; others prefer using it for lifting fragile foods like eggs, fish, raw meat, or other delicate items. They also have wide applications in the baking industry. In fact, some cooks even call it their most valuable kitchen equipment.

How To Clean Metal Spatula

Metal spatulas are not difficult to clean. However, there are several ways you can go about doing so. Here are the guides for how to clean metal spatula:

1) Use soap and water

 Soap and water are always safe choices when it comes to cleaning anything. You can use regular dish soap and cold running water to clean your metal spatula. Make sure that you do not put any abrasive detergents on the surface. This will scratch off the protective coating and leave a dark residue behind.

2) Scrub with steel wool pads

If your metal spatula has become heavily stained from splattered gravy or something else, then scrubbing with steel wool pads may help remove it. Take care not to rub too hard while doing this though, or you might damage the metal spatula’s finish. Steel wool should only be used if you want to keep the protective coating intact.

3) Spray with nonstick spray or oil

If you have a heavy buildup of grease and grime on your metal spatula, you could try spraying it with nonstick spray or vegetable oil before washing. Nonstick sprays work best because they allow you to wipe away spills without leaving any marks. Using oil works well because it creates a barrier between the dirt and your metal spatula’ s surface.

4) Wipe with paper towels

Finally, you can use paper towels to wipe down the metal spatula. Just make sure to avoid rubbing it down too harshly or scratching its surface. Paper towels are not recommended for removing stubborn stains, however. They tend to simply get absorbed into the surface and remain there permanently.

5) Do Not Wash With Water

Even if you wash your metal spatula under hot water, the risk of damaging its surface is still present. Hot water can cause the metal spatula‘ s plating to crack or chip. If possible, try storing your metal spatula while it is wet. Once dry, store it in a cool place. When needed, just wipe it back down with a damp cloth.

6) Store Properly

Once you are done cleaning your metal spatula, make sure to store it properly. Don’t let dust settle on the surface and don’t set it near heat sources such as stoves or ovens. Always take good care of the metal spatula so that it lasts longer.

7) Avoid Rusting

It is important to note that rusting can occur to metal spatulas over time. To prevent rusted surfaces, use your hands instead of plastic tools whenever possible. Also, don’t store your metal spatula where it will be exposed to moisture. These are the basic guidelines for keeping your metal spatula looking new and shiny forever.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Spatula

 Metal spatulas are a great alternative to plastic ones because they are durable and last much longer.  Here are the benefits of using metal spatula:

1) Safe For Use

Unlike plastic items, metal spatula can easily withstand high temperatures. They won’t melt like plastic utensils would, which means food stays safe.

2) More Durable

Unlike plastic spatula, metal ones do not break down over time. Even after years of usage, metal spatula remains strong and sturdy.

3) Easy To Find

When buying a metal spatula, look for those made out of stainless steel rather than aluminum or titanium. This is because stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion and requires less maintenance.

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