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How To Light Smoker Tube? 3 Steps To Do It With Ease


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What Is Smoker Tube?

So, do you know how to light smoker tube? What is smoker tube? If you want to take your culinary adventures to a whole new level, you need a smoke tube. This simple device can allow you to add a delicious smoky flavor to your grilling, but you can also use it for cold smoking nuts, cheese and other foods.

As the name implies, a smoke tube simulates the characteristic “smoke” that comes from slowly smoking foods over low temperatures. This effect is produced by feeding hot gaseous smoke (or sometimes water) into an enclosed chamber with food aromas and flavors inside it. In this blog, we also have an article about best smoke tube that you might want to read about it.

A simple smoke tube and any grill will do. For twenty dollars you can transform you food.”


How To Light Smoker Tube

Below are the guides for how to light smoker tube:

Remove the cap from the bottle

Next, screw on the mouthpiece. Make sure to keep a good grip around the bottle during installation since you won’t be able to remove it again until it has been filled with smoke. Be careful not to drop the bottle while installing the mouthpiece because you don’t want to break it!

Fill It Up

Once you’ve got the smoke tube installed, the next thing you’ll want to do is fill it up with smoke. Most people prefer using wood chips or chunks, but you could use another fuel source as long as it gives off warm smoke. Some examples of options include liquid propane, charcoal briquettes or even hickory sticks. It doesn’t matter what kind of fuel you choose; just make sure that the mixture isn’t too wet.

The amount of smoke needed depends on the size of your container. To determine that amount, simply put half of the total volume of smoke in the bottom of the tube and measure out the rest. Then pour the remaining smoke back into the bottle, leaving enough room for it to rise. Once the smoke reaches the top of the bottle, you may notice small amounts floating down towards the lid. Don’t worry about this; it’s normal for smoke to form pockets within the mass at certain heights.

Clean It Out

After you’ve finished filling the smoke tube, it’s time to clean it up. Simply run some tap water over it after you’ve closed the mouthpiece and you should be fine. Afterward, pop out the mouthpiece and remove the cap. You can either discard the cap or save it for later use.

If you kept your original cap, place it in some sort of plastic bag and freeze it for storage. This will help preserve its shape for when you eventually reuse the cap.

Smoker Tube Usage

One of the most popular uses of smoke tubes is using them in barbecue cooking. By filling the tube with wood chips or chunks, then lighting them up, they emit some amazing smells as well as provide a nice, natural-tasting smoke flavoring when placed over slow cookers, ovens, grills or any type of cooking surface. They are ideal for making smoked meats, cheeses, vegetables, soups and salads before serving.

A pellet tube smoker can help you do just that and get the full use out of your smoker or grill.”

Timothy Dale, author from bobvila.com

Benefits of Smoker Tube Usage

When used correctly, smoke tubes will give any dish a rich, complex and distinctive taste. They produce a deep, savory smoke flavor without imparting any strong tastes like burnt meat or smokey aromas.

The best part about smoke tubes is that they’re relatively easy to make at home. You’ll find a variety of different sizes and styles available online, so there’s something suitable for every budget. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to build one yourself, including step-by-step instructions on how to light, fill, clean and store your own smoke tube.

Smoke Tubes Made From What

Smoke tubes are made from glass bottles or containers similar to those you’d see in the kitchen cabinet. These bottles come in various shapes and sizes; however, they should all have a threaded top cap. The purpose of this cap is to create a tight seal between the mouthpiece and the bottle, which prevents smoke from escaping through the opening. Many smokers, such as Weber, include their own versions of smoke tubes already attached to their gas burners. If not, you’ll need to purchase a pack of glass bottles from a local hardware store.

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