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How To Use Infrared Grill – Make the Most of Your Infrared Grill, 6 Amazing Tips and Tricks


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Cooking outside is one of the most enjoyable aspects of summer especially if you know how to use infrared grill.

Barbecues have gone a long way since the 1950s’ little spaceship-style grills. From charcoal to gas to infrared grilling, more cooking methods have emerged to meet a variety of personal tastes. Cooking methods, utensils, and technology have all changed, as have the tips and tricks. Planning to buy best infrared grill? We have recommendation for you.

Infrared grills are a relatively new addition to the market for outdoor appliances. They use an infrared cooking technology instead of the convection method found in typical gas grills to maximize flavor, energy, and convenience.

The moisture boundary that surrounds all food is not disturbed by infrared grilling, allowing it to retain up to 35 percent more moisture. Between the grates and the flame, infrared systems utilise a layer of heat. This allows heat to radiate into the food, allowing it to cook more quickly.

Although infrared grills provide various benefits, becoming a grillmaster can be difficult. The infrared grilling tips below will help you master everything from classic cheeseburgers to filet mignon and more.

How To Use Infrared Grill: Grill Combinations

Using the right combination of burners, infrared technology, and heat components, you can become the best grillmaster in the area. Ceramic briquettes, an infrared searing zone, and an infrared rotisserie are the three most successful solutions. Ceramic briquettes operate at a lower temperature, retain heat for a longer period of time, and distribute it evenly.

Meats are seared on high heat for one minute each side in an infrared searing zone. The infrared rotisserie and ceramic briquettes work together to evenly roast and sear meat at the same time. All three zones working together will help you achieve the perfect cook every time.

How To Use Infrared Grill: Direct Cooking

Infrared grills, unlike ordinary grills, use direct heat to cook your food. This eliminates the need to wait for the grill to heat up and account for temperature changes. You’re ready to go once the gas is turned on and heated to the desired temperature. Direct cooking reduces the amount of time it takes to cook and eliminates the problem of wind interfering with your flames.

How To Use Infrared Grill: Blue Is For You

One of the numerous advantages of an infrared grill is the ability to utilize it for classic grilling methods while maintaining greater control. You may still use your infrared barbecue to smoke meats and seafood. Looking for blue flames emerging from your wood chips can help, as can being wary of smoke and other colors, which can signal damp wood or the inappropriate cooking temperature. The blue flames signal that the wood is burning properly, resulting in a pleasant, smokey flavor.

How To Use Infrared Grill: Temperature Range

Infrared grills are well-known for their ability to sear meats at extremely high temperatures, but they may also be used for low-temperature, gradual cooking. Make sure to try both approaches so you can have a good idea of how they function and how they will effect your meal. Either way will yield a tasty meal: a seared filet will stay juicy, while a slow-cooked pork tenderloin will stay tender.

How To Use Infrared Grill: Food Prep

In addition to infrared grilling techniques, there are a few meal preparation tricks that will help you get the best outcomes. Before grilling, make sure your meat and fish are completely dry. If you leave moisture on the surface, it will turn to steam and cook your meat or fish rather than sear it. It’s also crucial to slowly bring the meat or fish to room temperature so that it remains soft when cooking.

Grilling meat that has just been taken out of the refrigerator results in chewy, tough protein. Lightly massage or spray oil on your meat or fish to achieve the greatest possible sear. Place fish skin-side down while cooking for a crispy skin and delicate filet.

How To Use Infrared Grill: Patience

When it comes to the infrared grill, timing is important. There are numerous tips and strategies to use, but the most essential thing to remember is to be patient. On a standard grill, you might have gotten into the habit of turning your meal more than once, but with infrared, don’t touch that steak!

You must place the meat on the grill plate and leave it alone to achieve a decent sear. Set a timer, clear your serving tray, or make drinks, but leave the meat on the grill unattended. You can flip it over after the appropriate length of time has passed. It’s also a good idea to only turn your meat once. Grilling with a glaze requires patience as well, since you must wait until the last 10 minutes of cooking to baste.

You’ll be well on your way to becoming a grill expert now that you’ve learned a few infrared grill techniques. Take your time, play around with different temperatures and cooking methods, and enjoy yourself!

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