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Lavender Tea, Superb 4 Benefits For Consuming This Beverage!

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What is Lavender Tea?

Lavender tea is a tisane (herbal tea) produced…

…by steeping dried lavender flower buds in water. It is a caffeine-free beverage. Lavender comes in over 40 varieties, with the English and French varieties being the most often used to produce lavender tea. Lavender flowers and buds are purple, resulting in a somewhat purple-hued drink. Always use food-grade lavender to ensure that it has not been treated with pesticides.

Benefits of Drinking Lavender Tea

Here are some of the advantages of drinking lavender tea.

It May Help With Mood Problems

Lavender is extensively used as an aromatherapy agent and dietary supplement to treat anxiety, sadness, and tiredness. According to research, lavender chemicals may increase activity in specific parts of the brain and alter the passage of impulses between brain cells in ways that improve mood and provide a soothing effect.

While the fragrance of lavender extract and oral lavender oil treatments have both been proven to boost mood and relax the mind, it is unclear if lavender tea may provide similar effects. One research of 80 new moms in Taiwan discovered that those who drank one cup (250 mL) of lavender tea each day for two weeks while taking time to savor the tea’s scent reported less tiredness and despair than those who did not smell and drink the tea. However, at 4 weeks, there were equal symptoms of weariness and sadness between the two groups, indicating that the effects are most beneficial early on.

It Will Improve Your Sleep

Lavender’s soothing impact on the body is also considered to improve sleep. There have been no particular research on the effect of lavender tea on sleep quality, although studies on other kinds of lavender have been positive. In one research of 158 new moms in the postpartum period, women who inhaled 10 deep breaths of lavender scent four days a week for eight weeks had considerably better sleep quality than the placebo group.

Another study on 79 college students with sleep problems discovered that adequate sleep hygiene and breathing in lavender enhanced sleep quality. At night, lavender patches were placed on the chest. Based on these findings, it’s conceivable that drinking a cup of lavender tea before bedtime might help you sleep better. As research on lavender fragrance shows, this may be especially true if you take the time to enjoy and breathe in the aroma.

May Soothe Menstrual Cramping

Cramping in the lower abdomen prior to or during a menstrual cycle is a frequent problem among women. Lavender may be useful in relieving pain. One research in 200 young adult women in Iran discovered that inhaling lavender for 30 minutes per day during the first three days of a monthly cycle resulted in considerably less severe cramps after two months, compared to the control group.

Other study indicates that massage with lavender essential oil can assist with menstrual cramps, but there have been no trials on the intake of lavender in tea or supplements. Still, drinking lavender tea and smelling it may assist, though further study is needed.

May Improve Skin Health

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of lavender oil have been demonstrated. As a result, it’s used topically to treat acne, inflammatory skin disorders like psoriasis, and to heal wounds or abrasions. One rat research discovered that applying lavender oil topically every other day for 14 days dramatically reduced the extent of wounds when compared to the control group. This is mostly due to the fact that lavender oil stimulated the creation of the structural protein collagen. These findings imply that some types of lavender may aid in skin healing and collagen production.

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