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Using Green & Black Compounds For Buffing Leather

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Buffing green and black compounds with buffing and polishing wheels are used to improve the efficiency of the wheel and to help you perform your work faster. They come in all types and colours, each of which is unique for a different aspect of buffing, cutting and polishing. Some are rougher and enable you to remove scratches from different metal surfaces quickly, while others are more gentle and designed to ensure a beautiful, shiny finish.

The contrast between the green and black compounds is an important thing to notice: green compounds are usually used to polish and finish, while black compounds are used to cut and buff the scratches from the metal. Below, we have compiled a list of our most common buffers to help you understand the difference and select the right one. And If you are interested about leather strop, still looking for the good references, you have to check this best review list here! It will direct you to make a good decision based on the explanation.

Green Rouge

This green red is a product which offers a high luster finish on hard and soft metals. Although this compound can be used easily and safely with hard and soft metals, it works best for chromium, inox and platinum, which is why this compound is sometimes known as the compound Stainless Steel. The finish is brighter and better than a white red compound. It is better.

Black Emery Compound

The compound is filled with emery minerals, giving them top quality cutting so they are the ideal compound for scratch removal, tiny pitches, paneling, painting, antiquating, lacquering and more. You should always start with the compound for major work and work, which takes lots of work to remove rough surfaces or deep scratches, since it saves you hours of work and efforts. It even begins the polishing process for you, usually leaving metals on the surface with a fair gloss.

For Others Types


Zam is another compound specializing in silver and turquoise jewellery. It is a gentle formula that does not scratch delicate stones, making it ideal for use with jewelry you need to polish but can’t easily remove them from tougher polishing compounds. It leaves a high finish luster free of residues and becomes a versatile polishing product.


Fabulustre is a one-step buffer and polishing product, unique and special. It was designed to provide all sorts of valuable metals from gold to silver and other decorative metals with a high luster finish. The compound easily removes light scratches in order to produce a bright and mirror finish in your workpiece without discolouration at all during work.


Polinum is a rouge commonly referred to as orange-gloss. It is a compound specializing in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and stainless steel. It provides an unbelieveably sparkling glass to your metals, with a powerful polishing action. Polinum was originally developed for use in watch cases and bands and is great for watchmakers and is often used by Rolex repairmen to return a watch to its original luster.

Tan Bobbing Compound

The tan bobble compound is renowned for its quick cutting, which quickly removes light scratches and stuff like metal fire. The surface of the precious metals, like silver and gold, can be easily smoothed and prepared to polish the surface. It works best when the wheel, brush and lap machine is used.

Red Rouge/Jeweler’s Rouge

The red compound is commonly called the red of the jeweler as it is widely used by jewelers and provides gold, silver and many other valuable metals because of the unrivaled degree of polishing. This red will reveal the real colors of each metal in a very short time and will brighten up like new ones. The application is also safe on parts which have thin plating layers.

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