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Polishing Knives With Strops – Beginner’s Guide

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Polish Knife Tips

You can choose the wheels and compounds..

..that are correct for your job in this polish a knife guide.

Polish knife
Credit: Food52

The choices may appear awful..

..but remember that polishing is a multi-step process to achieve the desired results.

Determine the number of steps that are right for you.

We advise you to start the work quickly and easily with the finest compounds possible.

You don’t want to remove more material than you need..

..but simultaneously, you don’t want to work fifteen minutes for three hours.

Experiencing is the best way to learn.

You will want to start with a few scrap pieces you can play to familiarize yourself..

..with the various compounds and how they are cut or polished.

If you are interested in leather strop, we have the best review list here.

Before we start..

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Let us hear Cindy’s story…

I am a new housewife and l just start my cooking hobby …

…. but I have a problem with select polishing knife equipment…

it looks simple but at the same time confusing.

I then read a cooking community forum…

in case anyone has any suggestions on how to solve this problem.

I really like the natural color of the leather…

and I don’t know how to keep it clean a natural color.

So let us keep reading to next main topic.

Blade Polishing And Cutting Compounds

Polish knife
Credit: Jantz Supply


Available in two types..

..plasticlad solid or brush on paste.

Both are glue-based and have a shelf life of 6-8 months.

Special care should be taken to preserve these compounds.

Most commonly used on muslin or felt wheels.

When buffing aluminum with greaseless compounds..

..always use LUBARlubricant to keep the material from tearing out.

Lasticlas Solid

Available in grits ranging from 80 (coarsest) to 600 (finest).

80 grit plasticlad is very coarse and is used to remove deep scratches, rust, and pits.

120 and 150 grits are coarse, used to remove rust..

..pits and scratches or buff marks left by the 80 grit.

200 and 240 are medium cutting compounds used to remove light rust and scratches..

300 and 400 are light-cutting compounds that will only remove small amounts of metal.

600 grit is a cleanup compound used mostly to remove wear marks from steel and brass.


Available in grits ranging from 150-800.

Lasts 4-5 times longer than Plasticlad once set up on the wheel..

..but must dry a minimum of 3-4 hours after being applied to the wheel.


Medium to fine compounds, 3-5 year self-life.

EMERY: Black compound used for cutting. Use this compound when cutting action is desired but you do not need the power of fast cutting greaseless compounds.

CUT AND COLOR BARS: Available in medium and fine grades, these compounds have enough cutting power to achieve a dull satin finish using sisal wheels. Most often used to remove the scratches left behind by greaseless compounds.

BOBBING & CROCUS: Fast cutting compound often used on wooden laps, leather or brushes as well as felt and muslin wheels. Used to achieve a scratch free dull finish.

Keep reading…

Common Knife & Blade Polishing Questions

Polish knife
Credit: 100yearknives

1800 or 3600 RPM?

When it comes to buffing, this is the most common question.

The answer is also the hardest.

For most operations, 1800 rpm is safer..

..for example, buffing a knife.

Taking your time to remove the right amount of material..

..from the right places means that the finished product has a great difference.

Remember that after you grind it off, you cannot put the steel back on the blade.

Another advantage of 1800 rom is that there are more than 3600 rom .

The high surface speed plastic and epoxy melt, be careful!

Pay attention!

The buffer of 3600 rpm is also on the screen.

Nothing beats the speed of a 3600 rpm buffer with a fat-free compound..

..when working rough pieces.

What Size Wheels Do I Need?

The machine’s maximum wheel diameter should be checked by a buffer manufacturer.

The larger the wheel, the quicker the wheel surface moves..

..the bigger the wheel isn’t always the better.

You almost there…

What Did I Do If My Wheels Get Dirty?

Most contaminated rollers may be cleaned with a rake or moved to the next roller shaft.

Note that once you’ve put 80 gray less grains into the wheel it will remain forever..

..you can never use a wheel for more than one compound.

However, on a 240-grain wheel, you can put 120 grain, it’s only a 120 gray wheel forever.

Last but not least…

What Is The Black Stuff?

You see black residues on anything you buffed after buffing.

The compound is buffered, usually red.

Either you can wash the object with water..

..keep the residue clean or a clean towel dry by hand.

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Sums up

In terms of importance and excitement, the leather takes the first place.

Stropping is done with a variety of leathers, but cowhide is by far the most ideal. 

Moreover, they clean and align the blade effectively and are relatively inexpensive.

The horsehide and the bison hide are preferred by some professionals.

Horsehide strops, on the other hand, tend to be slicker and..

..as a result, have less draw than cowhide strops.

If your strop has these qualities, you can’t go wrong.

A strap; more specifically a piece of  leather or a substitute (notably canvas), or strip of wood covered with a suitable material, for honing a razor, in this sense also called razor strop.”

A definition of strop from Wiktionary.


It might seem simple, but there are certain things to avoid when stropping.

By making the blade blunt again..

..you are going to destroy its sharpened edge..

..so don’t face the edge to the leather.

You should make sure the edge of the blade does not touch the leather..

..at the end when pulling away from yourself or when sliding over the strop.

Remember! Sides only.

If you don’t do that, then you’ll be doing what you don’t want.

You need to fill the edge of your blade.

This is the only way to keep your blades as good as new.

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