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4 Best Potato Ricers for Perfect Mashed Potatoes

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When it comes to making fluffy mashed potatoes, ricers are a chef’s secret weapon.

You may think all ricers are the same, but as someone who has tried nearly every model available, I can tell you that’s not the case at all.

Before you go spending money on a ricer that won’t give you optimal results, hear me out on what to look for in a standout performer. 

Did you hear about the potato ricer that went to Hollywood and became a star? It was mashing up big time! 

Ok, potato ricer jokes aside, let me give you three quick tips on how to identify the best ricer for your cooking needs.

I’ll also spill which popular brands are over-hyped versus underrated.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be raring to Ricer-roll your way to fluffy mashed potato bliss. 

With the right ricer in your kitchen arsenal, potato mashing will be easy as pie.

You’ll be able to serve up perfectly smooth, lump-free mash fast enough to impress any dinner guests.

Keep reading to find your new ricer BFF!


Best potato ricers, what to know?

When choosing the best potato ricer (1), consider the material and design that suits your cooking style, and ensure it’s easy to clean for convenience. 

Look for options with durable stainless steel construction for long-lasting performance.

What to Look For in Potato Ricers?

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When selecting a potato ricer, several key factors determine the tool’s effectiveness and your happiness using it.

As someone who has tested numerous ricer models, here are the top features to focus on. 

The construction material is important.

Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion compared to other metals.

Solid construction in general promises longevity for repeated use over time. Examine the holes punched in the ricer disk or bowl.

Larger holes around 1/4 inch produce extra fluffy results ideal for light and airy mashed potatoes.

Interchangeable disks offer flexibility for other foods. 

Comfortable, ergonomic handles are essential for minimizing hand fatigue during ricer use.

Look for soft, textured grips that are offset at a natural angle to reduce risk of cramps or soreness. 

A roomy hopper lets foods easily pass through without jamming or requiring excessive pressure.

The ricer should process at a steady, comfortable pace without effort. Check if parts are dishwasher safe for simple cleaning.

Some ricers now feature removable baskets and disks for extra sanitization between different recipe uses. 

Ricers with mechanism locks preventing messy spills of excess water or juices boosted my recommendation.

A generous bowl capacity also comes in handy at times. 

With these factors in mind, you’ll pick a ricer pleasure rather than pain to use for mashed potatoes and beyond! 

Consider both preferences and budgets when selecting the best tool for your kitchen needs.

Best Potato Ricers for Mashed Potatoes

Best potato ricers 4

OXO Good Grips Adjustable Potato Ricer

Design and Features

The OXO Good Grips Adjustable Potato Ricer features a unique design that makes ricing potatoes a breeze.

With its soft, cushioned handles and comfortable grip, even those with arthritis find it easy to use.

The stainless steel ricer head contains a set of perforated disks that can be adjusted for coarser or finer ricings. 

Made of durable stainless steel construction, this ricer is built to last through years of mashing potatoes.

The mechanism uses rotating disks with small holes to push potato pieces through, producing smoother potatoes than a classic potato masher.

With just a few squeezes, pieces of potato are processed into perfectly riced potatoes.

Ease of Cleaning

Thanks to its simple design with no nooks or crannies, this ricer is effortless to clean.

Because it is dishwasher safe, any stubborn food residue washes away easily without soaking or scrubbing.

The rotating disks also rinse clean in just a few seconds under running water.

This quick cleanup makes ricing potatoes a breeze any night of the week.

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable settings for coarse or fine rices
  • Comfortable, soft handles for arthritis sufferers
  • Durable stainless steel holds up to years of use
  • Dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning


  • May require more pressure to push potatoes through disks than classic masher
  • Small holes could allow some starch to escape riced potatoes

In conclusion, the OXO Good Grips Adjustable Potato Ricer offers consumers an effective and comfortable option for ricing potatoes and mash potatoes.

Its simple, adjustable design combined with soft handles make this an excellent choice for those with arthritis or anyone looking for easy cleanup.

With its durable construction, this ricer will remain a handy kitchen tool for producing perfectly riced potatoes for years to come.

Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer Press

Design and Features

The Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer Press features an innovative design that provides an easy ricing experience.

Its soft, contoured handles ensure a comfortable grip, perfect for ricing large batches of potatoes.

Made with heavy-gauge stainless steel, this ricer is built to last through years of use in the kitchen. 

At the heart of this ricer are its stainless steel discs, containing a series of small holes that produce beautiful diced potatoes or riced cauliflower.

For baby food lovers, the large hole disc works well to make single-ingredient purees of fruits and vegetables.

The discs are removable too, making it simple to switch between hole sizes or clean the discs in soapy water.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning up after using the Chef’n FreshForce is a breeze.

Since the discs are removable, they rinse clean under running water.

And because the unit itself is rack dishwasher safe for the top rack, scrubbing or soaking is never required.

This quick cleanup means you’ll want to use it again and again to rice potatoes, cauliflower or make baby food.

Pros and Cons


  • Removable discs for easy changing of hole size
  • Comfortable, contoured handles reduce hand fatigue
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel is durable for long-term use
  • Dishwasher safe top rack cleaning saves time
  • *Makes single-ingredient baby food, fruits, veggies purees*


  • May require more pressure than other ricers for some foods
  • Large holes could allow potato juice to escape finely riced potatoes
  • Currently retails for around $30, slightly more than basic models

In conclusion, the Chef’n FreshForce offers an innovative solution for home cooks.

Whether dicing potatoes for a holiday side, cauliflower for a light soup or making single-ingredient baby foods – its versatile, durable design and comfortable grip make light work of any ricing task.

At its price at the time of publishing, this kitchen gadget is sure to become a handy and timesaving addition to any home.

Norpro Deluxe Jumbo Potato Ricer

Design and Features

When it comes to ricing potatoes, the Norpro Deluxe Jumbo Potato Ricer truly delivers a superior product.

Constructed of heavy-duty steel wired inside a brushed stainless steel exterior, this ricer is built to last through years of ricing pounds of potatoes. At the heart of the ricer is its unique dual gear mechanism.

While most ricers rely on a single gear, the extra torque provided by the added gear allows for effortless ricing, even of dense sweet potatoes or potato chunks.

The reinforced jaws open extra wide to accommodate a variety of veggie sizes. This ricer excels not only at potatoes but many other foods as well.

With it, home chefs can easily make fluffy mashed potatoes or light and airy riced cauliflower.

The jumbo size jaws also work well to puree fresh fruit juices or create smooth chunky applesauce.

Ease of Cleaning

Thanks to its sturdy stainless steel construction and simple design, the Norpro ricer is a breeze to clean.

Its wide jaws mean no scrapping is needed to remove leftovers.

And because food particles are pulp rather than liquidy excess liquid, sanitizing under running water is all that’s required.

Even stubborn spots wipe clean in no time.

Pros and Cons


  • Dual gear mechanism offers powerful torque
  • Reinforced steel frame is built to last
  • Wide jaws accommodate various sizes
  • Effortless to use, even for people with arthritis


  • Large size may not fit all kitchens
  • Higher initial cost, around $30 at retailers like Williams Sonoma

In conclusion, the Norpro Deluxe truly shines thanks to its powerful design.

Whether potatoes, cauliflower or fruit – its dual gear mechanism makes light work of any task.

Cleaning is a breeze and its durability ensures it will remain a favorite tool for creating perfectly fluffy mash veggies for years to come.

Bellemain Potato Ricer

Design and Features 

The Bellemain Potato Ricer features an innovative design that offers home cooks an easy ricing experience.

Unlike traditional vertical handle models, its unique horizontal handle design provides an ergonomic grip.

The wide, soft plastic handles are comfortable to hold, perfect for ricing multiple batches of food in one session. 

Made of BPA-free plastic construction, this ricer is lightweight yet durable.

At the heart of the design are its perforated stainless steel discs, which produce a variety of textures.

For food writers seeking fluffy potatoes to accompany a holiday roast, the large holes work well.

While smaller openings create a silky texture well-suited for fruit for baby food or blended soups. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Cleaning up the Bellemain ricer is simple, thanks to its hygienic design.

The flat ricer plates are detachable and pop into the top rack of most dishwashers.

For hand washing, its wide grated surface allows food particles to rinse away easily under running water.

This fast cleanup means home cooks will look forward to using it again and again.

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic horizontal handles reduce wrist strain
  • Interchangeable discs provide option of textures
  • Lightweight plastic is affordable and easy to store
  • Dishwasher safe plates simplify sanitizing
  • Produces riced potatoes with airy and soft textures


  • May require more pressing force than metal ricers
  • Small holes could allow some liquid escape from types of potatoes like gold potatoes

In conclusion, the Bellemain offers an innovative ricing solution that home cooks and food writers alike will appreciate.

Whether dicing root vegetables for soups or creating baby food, its simple, versatile design ensures a consistent texture with every use.

Priced accessible for most budgets, this ricer is sure to become a valued kitchen tool.

Beyond Mashed Potatoes: Additional Uses for a Potato Ricer

Best potato ricers 3

While ricers excel at light, fluffy potatoes, they hold untapped potential for innovative applications too.

Here are some outside-the-box ways I’ve utilized mine: Process soft, cooked root vegetables like sweet potatoes, turnips or parsnips for a smooth baby food-worthy texture.

Their nutrients remain intact without lumps. 

Rice fish or baked tofu creates flakey, scrambled egg-like dishes ideal for sandwiches or burritos.

Potatoes ricer equally well too. 

For chunky dips or spreads, ricer freshly cooked cauliflower, edamame or beansinstead of a food processor.

The lighter, airier result adds guaranteed flavor and volume. 

Ripen softened banana chunks or apples with skins on into luxurious fruit butters richer than versions processed to sauce.

Adjust with spices as desired. So don’t limit this unsung kitchen hero to just potatoes! 

With creativity its applications proveendless for producing innovative prepared foods in minutes.

Your ricer awaits its next culinary adventure.


Best potato ricers 2

In summary, look for a durable, dishwasher-safe ricer with large holes for making extra fluffy mashed potatoes.

The best ricers are comfortable to use with an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue.

Now that you know what features to prioritize, finding your perfect ricer is an easy task. Before you head to the store, be sure to check out my upcoming guide “10 Tips for Making Restaurant-Quality Mashed Potatoes”.

You’ll learn techniques like using a food mill or resting potatoes overnight for creamiest results.

Apply the tips in this article and my next one to take your mashed potatoes from boring to restaurant-worthy in no time.

Bon appétit!

10 Tips for Making Restaurant-Quality Mashed Potatoes

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