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Pressure Cooker Explodes? Here Are The 6 Things You Better Know

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Can Pressure cooker explodes?

There is a risk that an accident could occur with a common kitchen appliance. Using a combination of high pressure and high temperature, electric pressure cookers enable busy people to cook meals quickly.

Whenever something goes wrong, as it does all too often, high-pressure internal environments create the potential for explosions. A defective pressure cooker exploded in the United States, causing severe burns to hundreds of people across the country.

Have Any Instant Pots Pressure Cooker Explodes?

In April 2021, Utah resident Lucy Perkins filed a complaint against Instant Brands, Inc., the manufacturer of the popular Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Instant Pot and other bestselling brands offer multicookers that incorporate safety features to prevent accidents. Nevertheless, in many of these lawsuits, the Grand Rapids Herald-Review reported that claimants alleged a design or manufacturing defect contributed to the explosion and injuries suffered.

What Happens If a Pressure Cooker Explodes?

A pressure cooker uses pressure to break down raw food products into fully cooked, flavorful meals faster. When the appliance is exposed to the same level of pressure, its contents could explode, throwing their contents all over the kitchen.

Pressure Cooker Exploding Injuries

The mess is the least of your worries when a pressure cooker explodes. Anyone in the vicinity of the gush of liquids, steam, and food heated to scalding temperatures more than 40 degrees above the boiling point of water could suffer severe burns.

Some pressure cooker explosions have been violent enough to break parts of the appliance. Besides propelling lids upward so they become embedded in the ceiling, these malfunctioning appliances can also turn whistles, handles, and other metal components into shrapnel. The UK’s Metro news site reports metal components have sometimes become lodged in a victim’s body, resulting in serious injuries such as:

Second-degree and third-degree burns skin grafts Eye injuries and damage, up to and including permanent blindness and loss of vision Concussions traumatic brain injuries Cuts broken bones , due to the impact of metal components flung into the air or to a fall that resulted from the spilled food contents Amputations that result from shrapnel injuries, extremely severe burns, or infections and other complications that develop following the injuries Serious and even life-threatening blood loss scars While the user operating the pressure cooker is the one most likely to suffer injuries if the appliance explodes, that’s not always the case.

In several reported instances of exploding pressure cookers, other family members even small children, as reported by the Associated Press have been caught in the crossfire simply by being near the appliance.

How Do You Stop a Pressure Cooker From Exploding?

You can reduce the risk of a pressure cooker explosion by taking the following steps. Although you can do everything right, an accident can still occur if something is wrong with the design or the appliance or how it was manufactured.

Reducing Your Risk of Pressure Cooker Explosion Accidents

Accidents can still occur even if you do everything right, but they’re more likely if you don’t use the pressure cooker correctly or as intended. If you still wish to use a pressure cooker, here are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of an explosion.

Use the Pressure Cooker Correctly

Be sure to read all instructions and safety warnings before using a pressure cooker, and follow these instructions carefully. You should not overfill the pot with food or liquid, including foods that expand when cooked. Make sure you use the recommended amount of liquid. Looking for best instant pot pressure cooker? we have compiled some reviews you can use as reference.

You should also know how to open a pressure cooker and how to vent steam. Ensure you understand how each safety feature works and following the right procedures at all times. Make sure you open pressure release valves with tongs instead of your bare hands.

When cleaning the appliance after each use, pay particular attention to valves and vents that may become blocked by food residue.

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