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5 Best Commercial Waffle Makers

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There is a challenge for many restaurants in reducing their menus and still providing customers with the comfort food they want. Waffles are a great way to include popular comfort foods on your menu. A commercial waffle maker can be found at an affordable price point and will provide a great return on your investment. Therefore, they are a cost-effective equipment option.

Any commercial kitchen would benefit from having a commercial waffle machine. You can offer your customers comfort food with a commercial waffle maker and elevate your breakfast menu. Thanks to its affordable price tag and lightweight footprint, waffle bakers are a great addition to any kitchen.

You should keep some things in mind before you start looking for a commercial waffle maker. The right temperature and cook time are utilized by a high-quality commercial waffle maker to prepare the perfect waffle. It should also be easy to clean. There is no need to be overwhelmed by the variety of waffle makers available. We conducted the research. The following review contains valuable information about 19 of the best commercial waffle makers available on the market.

What are Commercial Waffle Makers?

It is delicious to eat a freshly made waffle. Without the right tools, it would be very difficult to cook them manually. With the specially-shaped metal plates found in commercial waffle makers, you can make your own waffles.

The majority of plates can be removed. You can heat them either with electricity or on your stovetop, depending on the model. It’s easy to clean plates with the dishwasher, which is a great option for people who want to wash them.

We also have compiled a guide that will help you choose waffle maker with removable plates, if you are looking for the best one.

If you use waffle makers, look for those with removable plates. The biggest benefit of a waffle maker with removable plates is that they are easy to clean. Plates can be removed and washed by hand.

Commercial Waffle Makers Types

Three types of commercial waffle makers are discussed in this review: Belgian waffles, waffle cones, and bubble waffles. There are many similarities between these three types. There are many similarities between them, such as similar design features and mechanics. You can use the same batter for cones, bubbles, and Belgian waffles, or you can mix them up.

The waffles produced by these machines differ in size and shape. An average Belgian waffle measures one inch thick and an average waffle cone measures one inch thick. In contrast, bubble waffles are thinner and have fewer pockets.

Belgian Waffles

There are many delicious bon vivant foods in Belgium, but waffles are the most popular. Delicious, fluffy delights date back to the Middle Ages. As they are world-renowned, we don’t think they will ever go out of fashion. Belgian-style waffles have been popular in the U.S. since 1960, when they were first introduced at the Seattle World’s Fair.

Waffle Cones

In the early 20th century, waffle cones (or waffle cornucopias) were called waffle cornucopias and they were perfect for eating with ice cream on a hot summer day. A delightful finishing touch to an already delectable treat, they elevate ice cream with their fresh and sweet taste.

Bubble Waffles

Hong Kong is the neon metropolis that brought you bubble waffles. Over the past few years, they have appeared in major US cities, and this trend is expected to continue.

In addition to being called Leggette, or egg waffle, this treat is crispy, puffy, and crunchy. Bubble waffles are easy to promote due to their cuteness. Bubble waffles will cause people to search for new restaurants or cafes.

Reviews of the 5 Best Commercial Waffle Makers

Waring WMR300 Belgian Waffle & Omelet Maker

Waffles can be made by anyone with the Waring Belgian Omelet & Waffle Maker. Not only can it make waffles of restaurant quality, but it can also make perfect omelets. Are you unsure which dish to prepare? You can cook breakfast and dinner at the same time. It can also cook grilled sandwiches, frittatas, and eggs, as well as pancakes and frittatas.

The Waring Pro Stainless Steel Nonstick Breakfast Express Plus will be a big hit. The waffle iron makes it easy to make both waffles and omelets at the same time, making it a must-have kitchen tool for both novice and experienced cooks. It features two LED lights and audio beeps that sound when the waffle or omelet is ready.

Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice Belgian Maker Waffle Iron

Up to four waffles can be made at a time with the Cuisinart commercial waffle maker. Changing the batch color is also something you are able to do with the browning process.

Commercial waffle makers should be able to make four waffles at once. This product does exactly what it says it does. Waffles can be made thick in Belgium on the cooking plates because they are 1 inch thick.

You can adjust the browning level on this commercial waffle machine. You can make waffles that are the right color or crisp for your customers.

Waring Commercial WW250B Heavy Duty Double Side-by-Side Belgian Waffle Maker

It makes crispy Belgian waffles with the Waring Commercial WW250B Heavy Duty Double Side-by-Side Belgian Waffle Machine. It produces two delicious waffles at once due to its sturdy construction. After they have been cooked, the waffles can easily be released from the nonstick surface.

This heavy-duty Belgian waffle maker can be used side-by-side. It also has a rotary function for evenly browning and baking. The nonstick plates are triple-coated for quick and easy waffle removal. In order to control and distribute the heat, heating elements can be embedded in the plates.

The waffle batter can be made thin or thick by adjusting the temperature independently. A heavy-duty die-cast housing offers durability and ease of cleaning. The removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray makes cleanup easy.

Hanchen NP-901 Commercial Non-Stick Electric 9 Grid Square Belgian Waffle Machine

Hanchen Commercial Waffle Machine (220V) from Hanchen Store is the best waffle maker for making high-quality waffles. The heaters in this waffle maker are energy-efficient. It is easy to operate this commercial waffle maker. Stainless steel 201 is durable.

This product can be used to make a large waffle. It can make waffles as large as 90x90mm. With a square shape, you can make great waffles. The surface of a nonstick pan prevents waffles from sticking. You can adjust the temperature using the thermostat.

A commercial waffle maker weighs 13 kg and has a product size of 390*340*295mm. This makes it an excellent space-saver for a shop, kitchen, or workshop.

Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Belgian Waffle Maker

Making waffles is easy with the Chefman Perfect Pour Waffle Maker. This device has a patented design that makes it easy to use. The waffle maker also comes with an anti-leaking mechanism that holds the batter in place while cooking.

It is easy to fill the kitchen appliance by simply twisting the pour-spout towards the base. This book is filled with a variety of recipes that will make your waffles perfect every time. This waffle maker has a compact and sleek design, making it easy to store.

Additionally, it comes with a tool for scraping off the batter. So it’s easy to clean up. The waffle maker can produce 700W of power. With this, you’ll be able to cook anything you want. Due to its advanced safety technology, it is also durable.


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