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Deep Fryer Types for Home: Choose the Best Model

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Decide Which Fuel Source Meets Your Needs

The most important choice for selecting a commercial deep fryers types are probably the fuel type. Again, your choice may be restricted by the location, business type or the application you use for.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is the most common fuel source for traffic-intensive restaurants, bars and venues. Restaurants with high traffic usually use one or more big deep fryers types, which can quickly recover heat between batches of food. Natural gas produces a high amount of heat (BTU) which is absorbed in the oil via submerged tubes or as an open pot fryer indirectly. Natural gas also heats your oil faster and keeps cooking temperatures much higher than electric models.

When you use natural gas as your source of fuel, the most common problem is that you need hardline access. Natural gas is not portable as liquid propane and may not be available as electricity in your building by default. To take advantage of this fuel source, you must have a natural gas line on your site. While natural gas lines in the city are common, food service venues outside the city may be more restricted by the increasing rural situation.

Liquid Propane

Liquid propane (or “Propane”) has the same benefits as natural gas and the distinct benefit of being mobile. Thanks to the ability to deliver liquid propane almost anywhere, even the most rural venues can cook with gas. This versatile fuel type benefits food trucks with high output in particular.

There’s no problem with a natural gas fryer. With a conversion kit, the majority of commercial fryers can be converted to another gas type (this should only be done by a professional installer). Pro Tip: Most towns will require you to use a quick-disconnect pad when using propane in your foodstuffs!

Propane often has higher costs than natural gas. The only downside is propane. And remember, always knowing your reserve fuel levels is important. It is not important. This is particularly important during holidays and long traffic periods (such as in the summer and fall).


Commercial deep fryers types powered by electricity are most often found in countertop types. The oil capacity of countertop fryers is much smaller than their families in the floor. Electricity is almost everywhere available, making it the most versatile type of fuel available. For low power sides and appetizers, using electricity for heating 10-15 lbs of oil is usually sufficient. Electricity, however, is the slowest method for heating oil and often requires significantly more time for recovery between food lots.

Although commercial electric frying machines are very power-efficient, we highly advise you to cook with a gas fuel supply when cooking with more than 30 lbs or more of oil. High-capacity oil tanks are available for electrical freezers. However, you must be very careful to allow the oil to heat back to safe cooking temperatures between batches.

Choosing a Commercial Deep Fryers Types: In Summary

Recall, types of gas-fuel produce more heat than electricity in a significantly shorter amount of time. This allows your fryer to quickly heat its oil and keep cooking temperatures after batch. In most city places, natural gas is readily available. However, as you approach less populated areas, you may need to rely on propane.

Electric fryers are superbly portable and help your bigger fryers in busy times. They are also excellent for smaller volumes. Make sure you have enough time for the oil between customer orders to recover. Also good for cooking deep-fried baked products such as funnel cakes and donuts and corn dogs are electric frying machines. The less heat from the oil is wicked in those cases.

Choose your best commercial deep fryers types, fuel and heating items and make sure you get the most out of your investment.


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