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Commercial Fryer Types: Choose the Right One

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Types of Commercial fryer are available in various forms, sizes. You can determine what type of commercial fryer and type of fuel is the best for you in this article.

We would like to suggest in our previous post how to choose the best commercial deep fryer for your company before we start discussing what kind of commercial frying you need (in terms of oil capacity).

I would definitely recommend you begin there if you hadn’t had the opportunity to read it. Let’s jump into it if you know which size you already need.

First, there are three type of commercial fryers: countertop fryers, deep-floor models and speciality fryers. You must choose from them. Secondly, there are three types of fuel you have to choose: natural gas, propane and electricity. Finally, choosing between tube, open pot, flat bottom and ribbon, you will choose between the following burner options.

Step 1. Deciding Which Type of Commercial Fryer You Need

You will have to decide on the correct type of commercial fryer for your application or business before you get into the details about the purchase of a commercial freezer. Depending on your location, your options may be limited. But all the options to make the best choice are good to understand.

Countertop Commercial Fryers

The first type of commercial fryer is Countertop Fryers are great for frying smaller food items like French fried, onion rings or chicken wings in small quantities. Commercial countertop freyers can often be found in places where floor areas are limited and where restaurant kitchens are often supported.

When using countertop fryers, the most important problem is recovery speed. Many countertop fryers run electrically and the oil in a countertop fryer heated with a gas element can’t recover and be as quick as a gas heated deep fryer for the next basket of food.

You can start with a countertop fryer as the main piece of commercial frying cooking equipment if you have a small dining or food truck. You can buy a 15 to 30 lb countertop that is powered by gas or propane, if you definitely have to use the countertop fryer as your primary frier. This type of countertop fuelled by gas has a faster rate of recovery than its electric counterparts.

Floor-Model Commercial Fryers

For next type of commercial fryer is the Fryers which can manage smaller foods, such as fries or ankles, but they tend to be much higher when cooking chicken pieces and thicker meat and/or food products because of their ability to recover fast and to keep constant temperatures. Deep frying restaurants can produce more portions per hour and recover more quickly after frying large pieces of chicken.

One of your restaurant kitchen work horses is commercial deep frying. You probably have two of them if you serve fried chicken.

Although they manufacture electric freezers, it is best to take advantage of them if you do have a fuel source available, for example natural gas or propane. Gas fryers produce BTUs much larger per hour so that your oil is heated up and its cooking temperatures are maintained.

The need for hood ventilation is a final but important aspect for the selection of a floor-model fryer. The largest fryers require a full cap with fire removal system. This may not be possible in some physical spaces. When you first try to install a bowl fryer, you need to examine your local legislation and obtain expert advice.

Specialty-Use Commercial Fryers

And another type of commercial fryer that fryers specialty is often used in bakeries and concession stands in various food services sites for exhibitions and concessions. Funnel cakes, maize dogs and donuts are all very common food types, easier to fry and serve with specially crafted freezers.

Funnel shrimp are generally wide and low in size, while corn dog shrimp are designed to allow for easier serving of a bit of a corn dog’s handle.

Many specialty frier are electrically powered because they don’t try to cook fish or chicken at safe temperatures. In addition, pastries and maize dogs are not as hot from the oil as cold chicken or frozen fries because of the ingredient’s nature.

This helps your fryer to get back faster. This facilitates the texture and crispyness of your patrons for your funnel cakes, corn dogs and pastries.


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