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Why Backflush Espresso Machine? 3 Superb Explanation Behind It


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Why backflush espresso machine? Espresso machines have changed a lot over the years. The first espresso machines were invented in the 1800s and even then, they were very different from what we see today.

A lot of these early espresso makers were also designed to make coffee for restaurants. But have you ever heard about backflushing espresso machine? Read this article until end to know what is it. In this blog, we also have an article about best espresso machine for small cafe that you might want to read about it.

What is Backflushing In Espresso Machine?

Backflushing is a phrase that refers to the process of cleaning espresso machines, both professional-grade and home-use. The procedure entails pushing water and cleaner through the machine’s systems.

The pressure valve eliminates any buildups that might create difficulties or a poor taste in the future, keeping the machine in mint condition. Repeat the flushing process five times more or until the water runs clean.

Why Backflush Espresso Machine

Why backflushing espresso machine is needed? Here are the reasons behind it: 

  • Yes, the shower screen, dispersion block, and everything else within and above the portafilter sealing place against the group gasket are cleaned.
  • And yes, this is critical; if backflushing, disassembly of screens, etc., and cleaning are not performed on a reasonably frequent basis, shot contamination from built-up muck and oils will impart a really unappealing flavor to the shots.
  • The backflush does one thing that has been overlooked: it cleans the passages from the point where the brew water is injected above the shower screen rearward via the three-way valve and to the drain tray. This flow route might be several inches to almost a foot in length, depending on the equipment. If not backflushed, this channel will gradually get clogged with hardened oils and debris, eventually halting flow entirely. Things may quickly get costly at this stage.

How Frequently Should You Perform a Backflush?

Each and every day! That is correct; you should include this into your everyday cleaning routine for optimal effects. While most home machines only need backflushing once a week with plain water, completing it more often or with cleansers will not damage your machine.

Commercial equipment should be backflushed with a suitable cleanser at the conclusion of each hectic work day. If business is sluggish on that particular day, simple water may enough to flush.

Backflushing cleaning solutions are available that are designed exclusively for your espresso machine. After every 200 shots of coffee, a more thorough cleaning of the machine using espresso machine cleaning tablets or powder should be performed.

Always fully rinse the group head with clean water after using a chemical cleaning. Backflushing your espresso machine will guarantee that it is always ready for the next round of espresso!

How To Perform A Backflush

  • Take the filter basket out of the portafilter and replace it with a backflush disc. This disc may be a filter basket with no holes (often referred to as a blind basket) or a rubber disc that fits over the holes in a single shot filter basket.
  • Fill the basket halfway with roughly 0.5 tablespoons of backflush cleaner.
  • Reintroduce the portafilter to the brew group and activate the pump.
  • Within around 20 seconds, the pump will become quite silent. This is a consequence of the increasing pressure. When the pressure has reached an acceptable level (quietly), switch off the pump.
  • The cleaner will then be blasted up into the brew group, via the three-way valve, and empties into the drip tray. This procedure should be repeated until the foam coming out of the drip tray is clean.
  • Remove the handle and thoroughly rinse it to remove any remaining cleaning. Reinstall the handle in the machine and do a few of backflushes without cleaner… use just water.
  • Finally, remove the handle and turn the pump on and off several times to rinse the brew group of any residual cleaning.

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