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10 Amazing Chopstick Usages That Will Blow Your Mind!

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There are so many chopstick usages you probably don’t know. Here are some of them!

Chopsticks are most commonly thought of as a utensil for grabbing sushi or pad Thai rather than a cooking instrument. Yes, I’m referring to the cheap wooden chopsticks that end up in your takeaway bag, but there’s another set of chopsticks out there that has a much higher purpose.

Cooking Chopstick Usages: Toss-and-Plate Stir-Fries

Cooking tongs or spatulas should be set aside. Chopsticks work just as well, if not better, for tossing a stir-fry. Toss the protein and vegetables with the chopsticks and combine all of the ingredients.

“They’re also a terrific plating tool,” Kho adds. Use them to move individual components about on the plate so you can display a stir-fry worthy of a restaurant, rather than a stir-fry that’s been spooned onto the plate.

Cooking Chopstick Usages: Scrambled Eggs

Faith has already expressed her preference for scrambling eggs with chopsticks, and Kho concurs. “Scrambling eggs with chopsticks is not only easier, but it also results in properly sized curds,” Kho explains.

Cooking Chopstick Usages: Pick Up Deep-Fried Foods

Cooking chopsticks are an excellent utensil to use while deep-frying because of their length. “I love using them when deep-frying since they make it so easy to flip the food in the fryer,” Kho explains. Pick up the food from the fryer with them again, and it will drain better than with a spoon.

10 Clever Disposable Chopstick Usages

If you have a couple sets of disposable chopsticks in your kitchen drawer and are seeking for new ways to use them, here are 10 suggestions. Looking for the best chopstick for the best eating experience? We have a list of recommendation you can check.

Here are a few brilliant suggestions if you have a few sets of disposable chopsticks in your kitchen drawer* and are seeking for ways to put them to good use. They can be used in a variety of ways around the house and in the garden.

  • Popsicles. Chopsticks can be used as popsicle sticks. Puree your preferred fresh berries, sugar, and water in a blender until smooth. Fill a clean container halfway with the mixture. Freeze until the mixture just begins to ice over, then insert chopsticks into the center and continue to freeze until the mixture is completely frozen. Dunk the container in warm water for a few seconds to unmold it.
  • Skewers. Chopsticks make excellent, strong skewers for a variety of meals. Use them to make your own corn dogs by threading them on hot dogs, putting them in apples for candy and caramel apples, and grilling kebabs and shrimp. Soak chopsticks in water for a few minutes before using on the grill.
  • Markers for plants. In the garden, chopsticks come in helpful. 
  • Aerate and fertilize potted plants by poking a chopstick into the soil to assist aerate and get plant food down to the roots.
  • Stirrers. Chopsticks can be used to stir paint for craft or home improvement projects, as well as in the kitchen to make gravies, sauces, chocolate milk, and coffee.
  • Replacing Screw Holes That Have Been Stripped You know how difficult it can be to try to turn a screw and have it simply spin and spin. Simply dab a little adhesive on the chopstick’s thin end and hammer it into the hole. Then take a careful look at it and chop it off. Now it’s time to drill a new hole for the screw.
  • Pitter (cherry/olive). Disposable chopsticks work well as pitters for cherries and olives. Simply insert the narrow end of a chopstick into the cherry or olive’s stem end and push the pit out through the bottom.
  • Mud Remover. Keep a pair in the mudroom to clean the mud and dirt out of deep treads on shoes and boots.
  • Kindling. If you have a lot of lighter wood kinds, this is a great option.

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