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Chopstick Placement in 3 Different Countries – Amazing Guide For Traveler


There are some rules about chopstick placement in every countries. Let’s talk about it to avoid misunderstanding! This is for the same reason as before. While I understand that it doesn’t matter if your major audience isn’t Asian, I still cringe when I see chopsticks presented like this in food images done by non-Asians. If you really must include chopsticks in your photograph, keep them neatly together to avoid making your Asian viewers cringe.

Crossing the working ends of your chopsticks while eating is also not considered excellent form, but it can’t always be prevented depending on your chopstick dexterity. Looking for the best chopstick for the best eating experience? We have a list of recommendation you can check.

After the Meal Chopstick Placement in Japan

Say “Gochisosama-deshita” or simply “Gochisosama” for less formal events when the dinner is over.

Place the disposable chopsticks securely back inside the tiny bag and fold the end if you used them. Otherwise, instead of directing them at the person across from you, leave them on your plate sideways. If you place your sticks next to your bowl, it means you haven’t eaten your meal yet.

If you’re eating at a restaurant, your host or the highest-ranking individual will almost certainly pay to follow the principle of saving face. Instead of handing your money to the waitress or register attendant, place it on the tiny tray provided. If no tray is available, give and receive money using both hands.

Tipping is not popular in Japan, and it is generally considered impolite, so don’t be afraid to leave a little extra!

Chopstick Placement and Utensil Etiquette in South Korea

Utensil etiquette is an important aspect of dining etiquette. When it comes to utensils, many cultures have various rules. There are even specific utensil etiquette rules to follow when dining in Korea. It’s better if you use different hands for your spoon and chopsticks. Also, try to use only one utensil at a time; this will reduce the chances of spilling food on oneself. When it comes to eating and enjoying a meal, multitasking isn’t always the greatest option!

Sticking your chopsticks directly into your dish of rice is also considered impolite among Koreans (not to mention that it looks pretty silly). This is due to the fact that it mirrors what occurs at

To prevent a faux pas, place your chopsticks on top of the bowl or next it on the table. Korean chopsticks aren’t usually wrapped in paper, but they do usually come with a small glass or ceramic item to rest them on.

If that isn’t the case, you can rest your chopsticks on the edge of your dish or bowl to keep them from touching the table directly. It’s best to return your utensils to the table once you’ve finished your meal, although many Koreans choose to leave them on top of their plates or within the bowl, as long as it’s empty.

When it comes to napkins, when you’re done with your dinner, fold your used napkin and set it on top of the table. This is another way of signaling to your host that you’ve finished your meal and are satisfied.

Chopstick Placement in China

To avoid a chopstick mishap, put your chopsticks on the chopstick rest (if one is supplied) or next to your bowl. When you’re not using them, you can put them on your bowl, though some people believe that putting chopsticks on a bowl signifies you’re finished. Simply say something along the lines of, if a waiter approaches. (hái méi ch wán = I haven’t finished eating yet!)

People in Wuhan appear to utilize chopsticks in a unique way. Putting your chopsticks close to your bowl was something he thought was impolite and unpleasant! Planting chopsticks was commonplace where he grew up. This was an excellent lesson for us and a reminder that, because China is the size of a continent, expecting the same customs and table manners throughout the country is unreasonable! So, when you go to China, make sure you read up on correct Chinese cultural etiquette, but also be prepared to learn a slew of new norms once you get at your chosen destination.

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