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How to Build Pizza Oven in 5 Easy Steps

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How to build pizza oven? Okay, let’s learn together! Enhance your outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven. With our step-by-step DIY guide, you’ll learn how to make and install the base. In case you are looking for the best pizza ovens, we have a recommendations for you.

How to Build Pizza Oven: Materials Needed

  • concrete mix
  • cement mixer or large tubs for mixing
  • large and small cement trowels
  • grout bag
  • welder
  • circular saw
  • safety glasses and rubber work gloves
  • shovel
  • tape measure
  • 8-inch cinderblocks
  • exterior grade plywood
  • angle iron
  • rebar
  • brick tile
  • oven kit (ours included: 5 base elements, 2 dome elements, metal door with thermometer, flue manifold 6-inch interior diameter, arch, thermal insulating blanket, refractory mortar)

How to Build Pizza Oven: Build a Base

We created a structure out of cinder blocks and concrete on top of a cement pad. Build an L-shaped structure with 8-inch cinderblocks or concrete blocks to fit the oven and offer counter space. To get the height we needed, we stacked four cinderblocks high.

Stagger the cinderblock stacks so that the holes on the blocks are revealed and can be filled with concrete. This will guarantee that the framework is sturdy and capable of supporting the oven. Pour the concrete into the cinderblock holes around the perimeter of the construction after mixing it. It is not necessary to fill the inside cinderblocks.

How to Build Pizza Oven: Cover the Base

Various varieties of stones and bricks can be used to enhance the beauty of the base. We chose brick tiles because they are a sturdy alternative to laying bricks. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for calculating the amount of brick tile you’ll need to cover the entire foundation. You’ll need a mix of flat bricks and corner pieces for this project.

Apply a good amount of mortar or cement to the back of the brick tile and press it onto the cinderblock base with a trowel (or whatever the manufacturer suggests for adhering your material). Use spacers to ensure that the bricks are evenly distributed; we used 1/2″ scrap wood pieces. Allow for thorough drying of the mortar. Use a little trowel or grout to finish the job.

How to Build Pizza Oven: Make the Countertop

Now that the foundation is in place, you’ll need a robust countertop to place the oven on. We went with a plain concrete countertop. We added an iron frame around the countertop borders to complete the design. The edging could alternatively be made of exterior-grade lumber.

Cut a piece of plywood to fit the countertop’s dimensions. A frame was riveted around the plywood. If you’re using a wood edging, glue and galvanized nails the external grade wood to the plywood from the underside. If you’re making a metal frame, use a metal grinder to smooth off the corners, then apply black-hammered spray paint to give it a uniform finish.

Place the plywood frame on top of the base and crisscross the rebar on top of the wood. The rebar will provide stability for the concrete and prevent it from cracking or splitting. Wire ties are used to secure the rebar. Pour the concrete into the frame after mixing it. To balance out the concrete and give it a nice, flat finish, use broad flat trowels or a wood board. Allow at least a day for the concrete to cure and until all dark spots have disappeared; dark stains indicate that the concrete is still wet or humid and has not entirely cured.

How to Build Pizza Oven: Assemble the Pizza Oven

For a thorough and correct installation of your oven, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Our oven arrived in numerous pieces, along with all of the materials needed to assemble it. The following are the manufacturer’s installation instructions for our oven:

  • Install the device, including the arch, in a dry state first. Using a pencil or chalk, trace the contour of the oven onto the stone. Remove the oven elements from the oven.
  • Pour the refractory grout into the bucket. Pour the water on top of it into another container to save it. Pour the grout into a larger container to make mixing easier (a trough or a 5-gallon bucket should do). Slowly pour in the liquid until the grout reaches a crepe-like consistency.
  • Because this is your cooking surface, all of the bottom (floor) parts should be installed with the smooth side up and level. The little rectangular floor element in front of the oven should be the first to be tackled. Set and tap the piece level after applying three distinct globs of grout to the bottom of each tile. If the tile isn’t level, pull it up and fill in the gaps with grout, tapping the tile until it’s level.
  • Install the remaining tiles in the same way. Allow an hour for the tiles to dry before continuing. This will allow the tiles to harden up, preventing them from shifting by accident. Return the remaining grout to its bucket, along with the additional water you saved on top, and store it in a cold, dry location.
  • Fill a pastry bag with as much grout as you want and use it to grout the tile, just grouting the seams between the tiles. When you run a pizza peel or casserole across the oven floor, the grouted seams should be depressed enough so that it does not hit the grout and chip it.

How to Build Pizza Oven: Install the Chimney Flue

The flue and a smaller connector that is placed on top, smooth side up, make up the chimney flue. This attachment holds the 6-inch pipe that is necessary. Make the base of the chimney element and the connector level in all directions with enough grout.

Contact a mason to give your oven a gorgeous stucco finish as a finishing touch. Make sure you give the oven the necessary period of time to cure before using it, which is usually about 20 days.

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