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Are Stand Mixers Worth The Money? 5 Reasons Why Stand Mixer Worth The Money


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Are stand mixers worth the money? Stand mixers are a staple in many kitchen setups. They are the latest trend that you can easily find in most houses, but are stand mixers worth the money? What does stand mixer have to offer? Will you be happy with your investment when it comes to these machines? Find out more about them and decide for yourself if they are worth the price. In this blog we also have an article about kitchenaid artisan mixer white that you might want to read about it.

For even greater versatility, a stand mixer can be a great choice. If you plan to make bread, large batches of cookies, or any type of dough recipes that require longer mix times, a stand mixer will be your go-to for gourmet kitchens and the creative home cooks alike.


What is a stand mixer?

A stand mixer is an essential kitchen tool for many cooks. It is a heavy duty appliance that is designed to mix dough, whip eggs, whip cream, knead bread and make cookie dough. Stand Mixer also known as Kitchen Aid or KitchenAid mixer is one of the best selling brands in the world and it has a wide range of models.

A stand mixer is definitely a larger investment for the home kitchen. It takes up significantly more room, is heavier, but has the power to easily tackle heavy-duty batter, bread doughs, and baking projects. 

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Are Stand Mixers Worth The Money

So, are stand mixers worth the money? Stands mixers are a great addition to any kitchen, as they save you time and effort. Here are the reasons why stands mixers worth the money:

  1. Heavy Duty: Stand mixes can handle everything from whipping egg whites to mixing cookie doughs. They have high torque motors with powerful beater paddles that make them very effective at their job.
  2. Easy To Use: Even though mixers are expensive, they are easy to use and require little maintenance. You will find your hands free while using a stand mixer because it does all the work for you. Simply program it, add ingredients and start mixing away.
  3. Versatile: Most stand mixers have five speeds – low, medium, high, maximum and pulse. This means that you can adjust the speed to suit your needs. For example, if you want to cook pasta, simply set the speed on high; for cake batter, you need to increase the speed to medium or even high.
  4. Ergonomic Design: With its ergonomically designed controls, a stand mixer makes it easier for you to operate efficiently. The controls are located on the front of the machine which helps reduce wrist strain.
  5. Durable: Stand mixers are made of tough materials like stainless steel. These durable appliances can withstand long periods of continuous usage making them reliable products. Because these machines are built to last, you do not have to worry about purchasing new ones frequently. Moreover, most stand mixers come with a warranty that covers repair parts and labour costs.

How to maintain stand mixer

If you are using a stand mixer, it is important to keep it clean and maintain it. It is best to wash the beaters and the bowl of the stand mixer at least once a week. This will help keep the mixer in good condition and it will also prevent buildup of food particles and other materials that can cause damage to the motor. Here are the steps to maintain stand mixer:

  1. Before washing the beaters, turn off the power switch so that there won’t be any risk of electrical shock. Wash the beaters by hand under running water and then dry them thoroughly. Do this after every use.
  2. When cleaning the bowl of the stand, turn off the power and remove the lid. Remove the excess flour, sugar, cocoa powder or other materials build up around the edge of the bowl. Take out those small pieces and put them in a plastic bag before disposing.
  3. If needed, replace the blade holder with a new one. Clean the blades regularly and remove any excess material. Make sure that the knife tip is sharp and that the blades are properly aligned.
  4. Check to see whether the stand mixer has been cleaned properly. After turning the power back on, run the stand mixer for two minutes without adding anything. If no sound comes out, check the motor. Turn the motor manually until it starts working smoothly.
  5. Always get rid of dust particles and debris from the stand mixer. Run the stand mixer through an automatic dishwasher.

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