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How To Use Grill Pan In Oven? 5 Superb Easy Steps To Do It


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Do you know how to use grill pan in oven? Grill pans are used to grill meat and vegetables on a hot griddle. The pan is placed in the oven, where it gives off intense heat and retains heat while cooking food. In this blog, we also have an article about best grill pans on amazon that you might want to read about it. Also in here we have an article about what is a grill pan used for to know more about how to use this kitchen appliance.

A grill pan, also known as a griddle pan, is a type of frying pan with raised parallel ridges.”

Ceara Milligan, author from TasteOfHome.com

What Is Grill Pan?

A grill pan or broiler pan is a flat metal surface that can be used for searing and crisping foods such as meats, fish, vegetables and shellfish. It works by convection: the heated air surrounds the food instead of directly coming into contact with it.

Grill pans have become an increasingly popular type of cookware that allows you to cook delicious, finger-licking meat and vegetables with the perfect char-grilled lines.

Grill pans have become an increasingly popular type of cookware that allows you to cook delicious, finger-licking meat and vegetables with the perfect char-grilled lines.”

Marissa, author from worldofpans.com

How To Use Grill Pan In Oven?

Grill pan is a very versatile utensil. It can be used to cook a variety of foods from vegetables to meats. The best thing about this utensil is that it can be used in the oven. So, if you are planning to grill some vegetables or meat, this utensil will come in handy. Here are some steps on how to use grill pan in oven:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius).
  2. Place your grill pan in the oven for 10-15 minutes before placing any food inside. This step keeps the surface of the grill pan clean. You may also have to grease the grill pan.
  3. Prepare your ingredients as per your recipe.
  4. Once done with cooking, remove the grill pan from the oven and place them away from direct heat source for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Enjoy your meal!

Benefits of grill pan

The main reason to use a grill pan is that it helps you cook food evenly. Unlike grilling over direct heat, the grill pan allows you to control the heat better, resulting in more even cooking. Moreover, the grill pan gives you more options when it comes to selecting your meat.

For example, if you are cooking a pork chop or steak, then you will want to use your grill pan so that the food doesn’t burn and becomes tough. ​If you are going to use your grill pan, then it is important that you buy the right one.

Not all grill pans will be suitable for electrical stoves since they can sometimes cause a fire. As against this, there are certain models of traditional grills that come with built-in nonflammable ceramic heating elements which help in maintaining an even temperature throughout the food so as to prevent burning or cooking at high temperatures. What’s more, the grills are designed in such a way that they allow the food to cook evenly without causing it to burn.

Why using grill pan

Grill pan is the best way to cook food on a stove. When you are cooking meat, vegetables or fish on a stove, the food ends up becoming dry and soggy. Using a grill pan makes the food cooked evenly and gives it a delicious taste. The food cooked on a grill pan does not have to be cooked at high temperatures, which means that you can cook food more safely.

Grill pans type

Grill pans come in different sizes and shapes, so you will have to choose one depending on your cooking needs. Some grill pans are made of stainless steel while others are made of aluminum. These pans can be used on any type of stove or barbecue. You can also use them as roasting trays for meat or fish, as well as baking sheets for cookies and other baked goods.

Some grill pans have lids that you can use to cover them when not in use, which is a great option for storing food. Although most varieties are cast aluminum which comes at an affordable rate, stainless steel ones are much more durable and they perform better than their counterparts.

How To Clean Grill Pan?

The easiest way to clean a grill is to wipe it down with water and soap after each use. If the grates need scrubbing, use a sponge or soft cloth dipped in soapy water. To prevent rust, do not store grills over a sink; instead, rinse them under running water immediately after use.

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