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Cheese Making Kits: 4 Best Picks on Amazon

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Cheese Making Kits

It might be time to take your love of cheese to the next level…

…if you always have cheese in the fridge.

The process of making your own cheese may seem intimidating at first…

…but there are plenty of great online resources that will make you a pro in no time.

If you’re an adventurous cook, by all means go for it…

…but for the rest of us, a cheese making kit is a great place to start.

You can find most of what you need, including ingredients and supplies.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to buy milk separately.

From vegan cheeses to cheddar, mozzarella, and more…

…here are the best cheese making kits.

Let’s hear Ashley’s story first…

Making cheese with family at home is such a precious experience.

It tastes great and doesn’t cost much.

Every month I want to buy a cheese making kit,

make cheese and drink wine while eating cheese with my family as a routine agenda.

We love it because it’s so much fun!

Now, let’s jump right in!

Our Top Picks for Cheese Making Kits

Cheese making kits
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Let’s go through them one by one…

Standing Stone Farms Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

Cheese making kits
credits: amazon.com

  The Standing Stone Farms Ultimate Cheese Making Kit is not only easy to use…

…but also incredibly versatile.

There are many types of cheese that you can make…

…including mozzarella, feta, halloumi, cheddar curd, pepper jack…

…cream cheese, mascarpone, chèvre, and burrata.

The kit includes all the cultures, gear, and instant thermometer you’ll need…

…as well as liquid rennet (containing the enzymes needed for cheese-making)…

…instead of the tablet variety, which the company claims causes inconsistent cheese.

You can find cow, sheep, or goat milk at your local store or farm.


  • Cheese can be made in a variety of styles 
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Liquid rennet can be inconsistent

 “If you are going to buy milk for cheese making from a supermarket, the most important requirement is that the milk is not ultra-pasteurized”

Andi Wandt, cheesemaker at Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont.

Keep reading…

Fermentaholics DIY Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Cheese making kits
credits: amazon.com

With Fermentaholics’ DIY Fresh Cheese Making Kit…

…you can turn cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo milk into ricotta…

…mozzarella, burrata, paneer, cottage cheese, and more.

The package contains four microbial rennet tablets (vegetarian rennet)…

…100 grams of cheese salt, 100 grams of citric acid…

…one yard of cheesecloth, one pair of gloves…

…and the “Easin’ Into Cheesin'” recipe book.

About 30 minutes is all it takes to make each recipe.


  • Suitable for many cheeses
  • Includes gloves, unlike many other kits


  • Makes less cheese than others

Go on…

Standing Stone Farms Basic Beginner Cheese Making Kit

Cheese making kits
credits: amazon.com

  Anyone who loves goat cheese will love this kit.

The kit can also be used to make mozzarella, burrata, ricotta…

…burricotta, queso blanco, mascarpone, and butter, however, chèvre is our favorite.

Unlike a tablet form of rennet, which must be dissolved and divided…

…it contains liquid microbial rennet (vegetarian and organic).

It also contains calcium chloride, which helps milk coagulate faster and more firmly.

This is especially important when using store-bought milk…

…but it is not commonly included in home cheesemaking kits.

Also included is non-GMO and 100 percent food-grade citric acid…

…and cheese salt, as well as reusable cheesecloth…

…for draining softer cheeses and processing butter.


  • Can be used for many cheeses
  • A great gift


  • Liquid rennet can be inconsistent

New England Cheesemaking Supply Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

Cheese making kits
credits: amazon.com

  If you’re in the mood for a Caprese salad…

…there’s nothing like pillowy, silky, fresh mozzarella.

Using the cheese making wisdom of legendary cheesemaking instructor…

…Ricki Carroll, this kit for mozzarella and ricotta sets you up…

…to make your own cheese at home in no time.

There are three ounces of citric acid, three ounces of cheese salt…

…ten tablets of vegetable rennet, one yard of butter muslin, a thermometer…

…and a recipe booklet. It’s the one you’ll see most at cheese shops…

…and for good reason. Trying it out is the only way to ensure its success.


  • One of the easier kits
  • Makes two popular styles


  • Mozzarella technique can be complicated
  • Gloves aren’t included

Hard Cheese Making Kits

The cheese making kits (contains hard cheese molds) offers a variety…

…of cheeses such as mozzarella and ricotta. The hard cheese making kits….

… is great for those who want to make hard, artisan cheese at home.

Hard cheese making kits is an excellent gift idea too!

How Does It Work?

Making hard cheese is straightforward and enjoyable…

…and most hard cheeses are prepared in this manner.

  • The milk has been heated.
  • Rennet and starter culture are added.
  • A single curd forms from the milk.
  • To drain the whey, the curd is chopped and agitated.
  • The curd is occasionally cooked and/or strained to extract even more whey.
  • The curd is molded and shaped into a cheese, and salting is done either before or after this.
  • The cheese is aged or matured in a controlled environment.

The Hard Cheese Making Kits Makes 9 Delicious Cheeses:

  • Large Curd Cottage Cheese
  • Feta
  • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Colby
  • Monterey Jack
  • Gouda
  • Cotswold
  • Leicester
  • Ricotta

This is also important…

A Guide to Cheese Making Kits

What’s Included in the Package

Each cheese kit will be different as well…

…since even professionals do things differently.

As an example, some include tablet rennet…

…(which needs to be crushed and diluted in liquid before use)…

…while others include liquid rennet (which is easier to use, but has a shorter shelf life).


Would you like to make cheese as a fun afternoon project…

…or would you like to learn a new technique?

Is ricotta or feta your favorite cheese?

Be sure the kit includes styles you will enjoy eating.

You should choose the kits with a wider range of styles…

…if you’re buying one for someone else.


Our recommendation is based on reading the reviews…

…for all the kits we included.

However, it’s best to read the reviews before you commit…

…to any of these because that gives you a sense…

…of what your cheese making experience will be like.

The task ahead is very simple if you want to make something like ricotta.

But something like mozzarella requires a little more technique…

…and reading other people’s reviews can help you understand…

…what your experience might be. 

Perhaps you are wondering…

The Benefits of Making Cheese At Home

A revival of home production of foods and beverages has occurred.

Brewing beer at home, making wine, and even curing meat…

…at home have become increasingly popular.

Make sure you don’t forget homemade cheese. 

What’s the point of making something that requires several steps…

…and a fair amount of patience when you can just buy it at the store?

The following are a few reasons why you should make your own cheese at home. 

Quality Ingredients

Many food companies use artificial colors and additives in their mass-produced cheese.

If you learn how to make cheese at home, you can control the ingredients.

By doing so, any food allergies or dietary restrictions are taken into account.

In addition, you can select ingredients from local food producers…

…who can explain how their product is made. 

Get a New Skill

Any food lover will tell you that winemakers, brewers…

…and cheesemakers are culinary artists.

It takes skill to make cheese at home.

As with any skill, it takes time and practice.

It’s a good thing there are DIY cheese kits…

…that provide the necessary tools and instructions to get started. 

Source Appreciation

Buying ingredients locally for cheese making connects you…

…to the producers of those ingredients.

It develops an overall appreciation for how food is produced.

Methods of production. And why it’s so important to protect the environment. 

Having Fun with Family

In today’s on the go world, family time is critical.

The whole family can enjoy making cheese together.

A cheese starter kit contains everything a family needs to get started making cheese.

The process of making cheese at home is a hands-on activity…

…that children can easily and safely complete.

Children will learn how to trace the origins of their food through this activity.

Along the way, they may even learn a little bit of science. 

Tastes Great and Costs Less

Make your own cheese kits don’t cost a lot.

All you need to get started is included, minus the milk.

The flavor of even bad cheese is good…

…with the exception of some truly stinky cheeses.

It tastes even better when you know the cheese you’re eating…

…is the cheese you made yourself. 

Sum Up

The best cheese-making kits include everything from starter cultures…

…to thermometers and other tools needed to keep things running smoothly.

Some even come with recipes so you don’t have to figure them out yourself!


You don’t necessarily need a fancy machine to make delicious homemade cheese.

In fact, many people prefer using their hands because they enjoy…

…the tactile experience more than anything else.

So you can try using cheese making kits.

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