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6 Best Crepe Makers on Amazon That You Should Own!

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It can be a little frustrating attempting to replicate…

…the taste of a restaurant style crepe or a French creperie…

…unless you’ve had it in person.

French crepes are similar to American pancakes…

…except that they are larger, thinner, and more delicate…

…than the fluffy flapjacks you are used to eating for breakfast. 

Instead of slathering them in syrup, crepes are usually filled and rolled or folded. 

Fillings can be sweet, such as fruit or chocolate spread…

…or savory, such as scrambled eggs and chives.

The crepe maker can either be a round electric griddle...

…or a special pan with low sides that make it easy to spread batter…

…and remove thin crepes.

They can also be used to make waffles, pancakes, and omelets.

Many of them can also be used to cook flat foods…

…such as tortillas, fried eggs, and bacon.

Before we move into next section, let’s hear Emma’s story…

Crepe maker like this is perfect.

It makes perfect crepes every time, just like the restaurant.

I purchased the crepe maker because the restaurant that day was closed and I was upset.

I thought, if they’re closed, I can make my own crepes.

I made the best decision ever using this crepe maker and I make crepes evenly every time.

It’s time to get started…

Our Top Picks for Crepe Maker

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Let’s go through them one by one…

NutriChef Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker

Crepe maker
Credits: amazon.com

NutriChef’s Electric Crepe Maker has a large 12-inch cooking surface…

…and a temperature control dial that is easy to use for making crepes...

…but our tester liked that it can also be used…

…for cooking anything else you’d cook on a griddle.

Due to its design, like its raised edge, she can use it as a multipurpose appliance.

In addition to being able to cook eggs, bacon, and sausage without spilling batter…

…she says she was also able to cook eggs without overflowing.

It is also great for heating tortillas and flatbreads.

The nonstick aluminum surface heats quickly and evenly.

A wooden batter spreader and wooden spatula are included…

…for making and handling crepes.

The cooking surface has a very slight lip to prevent juices and fat…

…from dripping off while it’s cooking…

…but it’s low enough so that it doesn’t interfere…

…with sliding a spatula under the crepes.


  • It heats evenly and quickly
  • Adjusts the temperature quickly
  • Versatile
  • Low-cost


  • It makes an electrical buzzing sound
  • Difficult to make crepes of even size and shape

Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker

Crepe maker
Credits: amazon.com

It is worth upgrading your electric crepe maker to one that is more professional…

…if you are truly serious about crepe making.

A powerful 1000-watt heating element ensures fast heating…

…and it features a 13-inch diameter surface for cooking…

…both regular and large crepes, or two or three mini crepes perfect for kids.

It can also be used to make pancakes and to heat tortillas and flatbreads.

The nonstick coating makes crepes easy to release and easy to clean.

You can adjust the temperature for perfect cooking…

…whether you’re making crepes or eggs.

A light indicates when the cooking surface reaches the correct temperature.

The side handles make it easy to move or reposition.

The set includes a wooden batter spreader and spatula…

…for making and handling crepes.

Due to the lack of lip around the cooking surface…

…you might not want to cook foods that would release liquid…

…or fat during cooking, since they would drip.


  • Powerful 1000-watt heating element
  • Heats quickly and evenly


  • Not as versatile since pan doesn’t have a lip

“For a standard 8- to 9-inch-diameter pan, start with 1/4 cup of batter right in the center and work your way around quickly by tilting the pan in a round motion and letting the batter fill the surface instead of pouring the batter on the entire surface.” 

Sujhey Beisser, Personal Chef and Creator of Five Senses Palate

Keep reading…

Nordic Ware 03460 Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan

Crepe maker
Credits: amazon.com

This crepe pan has a traditional design that works on any stove.

It’s made of aluminized steel with a nonstick surface so crepes release…

…easily and cleanup is easy – simply hand wash with a mild detergent.

The crepes cook evenly due to the steel’s ability to conduct heat.

This 10-inch pan can accommodate standard or large crepes.

The handle was imported, but the pan is made in the U.S.

Its sloped edge allows crepes to slide out easily…

…so a large batch can be made and stacked neatly.

It can be used to cook eggs, hash browns…

…or omelets as well as standard pancakes when you aren’t making crepes…

…but because it has slow sides, it can’t be used for stews or sauces.


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile for other recipes
  • Affordable


  • Nonstick coating may wear over time
  • Hand wash only

Lodge 10.5 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle

Crepe maker
Credits: amazon.com

Cast iron cookware manufacturer Lodge makes this 10.5-inch griddle pan…

…that can also be used as a crepe maker.

It features low side walls and a larger cooking surface…

…than a traditional cast iron skillet, making it easier…

…to spread crepe batter and flip pancakes.

Although it comes pre-seasoned to help foods release from the pan…

…you will still need to properly clean and oil it…

…after use to maintain its natural non-stick properties.

Cast iron gets extremely hot, so it’s a good idea…

…to wear an oven mitt when handling it.

However, this heat also means food cooks quickly and evenly.


  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Even heating


  • Cast iron requires special care and cleaning

Go on…

Megachef Round Stainless Steel Crepe and Pancake Maker Breakfast Griddle

Crepe maker
Credits: amazon.com

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a crepe maker if you don’t want to.

At an affordable price, the MegaChef one from MegaChef offers everything you need.

The 12-inch diameter means you don’t have to sacrifice size…

…when making crepes (or pancakes), and the nonstick surface…

…means flipping and cleaning are simple.

There’s an adjustable dial with a wide temperature range…

…and it comes with 1,200 watts of power.

Your kitchen counter will look sleek with the stainless steel exterior.

A batter trowel and spatula are also included.


  • Cost-effective
  • Makes large crepes
  • Easy to clean nonstick surface


  • Nonstick may scratch or chip with time

Last, but not least…

Le Creuset Cast Iron Crepe Pan

Crepe maker
Credits: amazon.com

It features a traditional shape and is made from enameled cast iron…

…to maintain heat so that you can cook crepe after crepe without pausing.

The exterior is enameled, and the interior is satin-finished black…

…that never needs seasoning like raw cast iron.

Besides being able to use it on any stovetop…

…it can also be used in the oven at any temperature.

However, our tester did note that operating it correctly takes some practice.

As the pan tends to get hotter in areas where it overlaps with the burner…

…she found that she had to make her crepes a little smaller…

…so that the edges were cooked as well.

She also notes that after a few tries, “once I got the temperature right…

…and figured out how to use the pastry spreader, the crepes started turning out better.”

In addition to making crepes, this stove can also be used…

…to heat tortillas and flatbreads, or to cook eggs, pancakes, and similar foods.

It can also be used to cook personal-sized pizzas.

The dishwashing machine or hot soap and water can be used to clean it.


  • Durable build
  • Nonstick surface
  • Holds heat well


  • Surface doesn’t heat evenly
  • Handle gets hot
  • Expensive

Sum Up!

A crepe maker would not be complete without a crepe pan.

Consider buying a model with a non-stick, usually aluminum…

…crepe pan, as this tends to simplify cleaning.

Ensure that the cooking surface is large enough for your needs as well.

It would be beneficial to purchase a crepe maker…

…with at least a 12″ diameter if you are cooking for a family…

…or if you want to cook multiple things at different times.

You’ll be fine with something around 10 inches…

…if you’re only cooking for one or two people or just making crepes.


For an electric model, we recommend the NutriChef Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker.

It features a 12-inch nonstick cooking surface, an easy-to-use temperature dial…

…and a batter spreader and spatula included.

Do you prefer a stovetop pan instead?

Nordic Ware’s Traditional French Crepe Pan has a nonstick surface…

…to make crepes release easily.

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