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Do you like sushi and happen to like ceviche?

Have you ever tried it somewhere and…

…wanted to make it by yourself at home?

Wonder what’s the best fish for ceviche?

Lana would like to share a story with you…

Let’s see what she’s about to say!

Best fish for ceviche
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I come from Asia and live in Brazil…

…student exchange in 2018. To live so far away…

…country from home is one of the challenging adventures.

New cuisines, taste, language, and culture have made me…

…feel alive. The people here are awesome and friendly!

As they are already familiar with Asian people like me,

there are a lot of Japanese people in Brazil.

In fact that it has the largest population of Japanese outside Japan.

It has influenced the food as they are here.

Sushi bars are spread all over the country..

…you can also find sushi bars that serve….

…you with their fresh ceviche!

Since the pandemic, I haven’t got the chance to..

..revisit Brazil. Some of my friends have passed away…

…due the pandemic, and I’m quite sad…

furthermore, I haven’t taste…

…such delightful ceviche since then.

Definitely need to go back as soon as possible!

From the story, we’ve learned that it may be..

..a little bit difficult to find the perfect ceviche.

So why not make it by yourself,

according to your own taste?

Check this out!

Ceviche Origin

Best fish for ceviche
Credits: canva.com

Ceviche is a seafood meal in which chopped raw fish cubes…

…marinade in a lemon or lime juice combination,

….where the citrus juices react to cure the fish protein,

…making it opaque and solid while absorbing flavor.

Denaturing is the term for this process;

…you may be more acquainted with the process…

…of denaturing with heat, a.k.a. cooking,

…but this reaction produces a similar result.

The fish is then served with colorful flavor…

…components like onions, cilantro,

….and peppers after curing. It’s a simple

….and energizing recipe that showcases fresh fish and vibrant spices.

The ceviche technique of cooking fish…

…is a staple of coastal South American cuisine,

The dish’s real origins are unclear:

…and it originated as a means of preserving food.


the Incan Empire preserved fish using fruit juices,

salt, and chili peppers, while Spanish invaders…

…introduced citrus juices with the arrival of limes.

Some accounts claim to have come from…

…the Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific.

Regardless of where the meal originated,

the most diverse and abundant variations…

…may be found in Peruvian homes and restaurants—

…the country has even designated ceviche to be its national cuisine.

South and Central America have their own versions of the meal.

Crispy tostadas or tortilla crisps accompany….

…Mexican ceviche or the comparable aguachile…

…shrimp sprinkled with a chili-infused lime…

…combination shortly before serving…

…from the northern Pacific coast of Mexico,

…while crispy tostadas or tortilla crisps accompany…

…Ecuadorian ceviche. Coconut milk adds…

…a creamy touch to Caribbean cuisine.

Even inside Peru, a Japanese-Peruvian…

…variant known as Nikkei adds a degree of complexity…

…by combining finely sliced fish with soy sauce,

….togarashi, and sesame oil.

The meal first appeared on American plates…

…in the 1980s, when Caribbean tastes arrived via Florida.

The Best Fish For Ceviche

Best fish for ceviche
Credits: GettyImages.com

Ceviche is best made using white, crisp, flaky fish…

…because the texture allows the flavors to penetrate….

….more quickly. Snapper, sea bass, halibut, mahi-mahi,

…fluke, flounder, red snapper, halibut, and sashimi-quality tuna…

…are among the best seafood for ceviche.

Some recipes call for adding shrimp, scallops, squid,

…or octopus to the mix. To ensure food safety…

…when utilizing shrimp or other shellfish,

blanch them cook in boiling salted water until opaque,

…then dip into cold water to cool.

Best Fish For Ceviche: Sea Bass

Sea bass is a white fish with a gentle delicate flavor…

…and a faint sweetness comparable to that of grouper…

…or cod. The flesh is juicy, buttery, and delicate,

…with hard medium-sized flakes that resemble…

…those of haddock. Sea bass is a great option…

…for those with a sensitive taste who don’t like “fishy” seafood.

This fish is on the other end of the taste spectrum from anchovies and sardines.

Best Fish For Ceviche: Halibut

Halibut has a mild flavor that is similar to crab…

…or clam in sweetness. Halibut is most comparable…

…to mild white fish like Flounder and Tilapia…

…when compared to other fish.

A halibut is a fantastic option for individuals…

…who aren’t used to eating fish since it absorbs flavor so well.


Mahi-mahi has a moderate but sweet flavor.

It has a flavor that is not as robust as swordfish,

…but also not as mild as grouper or snapper.

The tastes of larger mahi-mahi are more strong….

…than those of smaller mahi-mahi.

Mahi-mahi has a coarse grain and is thick and meaty.

You may either eat it raw, as some Hawaii…

…people do or prepare it.

Boiling, steaming, baking, frying, and grilling…

…are all methods used to prepare it.

The texture of grilled mahi-mahi is generally dry.

If you don’t like it, a piece of fillet off the fish’s belly…

…will suffice. This area is often high in fats.

You will need to season this fish because of its moderate flavor.

Best Fish For Ceviche: Fluke

Fluke fish can be eaten. In the realm of seafood cuisine,

…this fish is counted as one ofthe best fish for ceviche…

…also is a popular option, and seafood enthusiasts want it.

The Fluke fish has white meat that is very delicious.

The flesh of this fish is delicate,

….and the flavor is pleasant to virtually all palates.

Fluke is regarded as one of the greatest seafood choices.

People who don’t like fish should give it a try…

…at least once in their lives, and they’ll notice…

…it doesn’t taste fishy at all.

We don’t want our fish to have scales,

…yet this one has medium-sized scales on both sides.

Cooking a Fluke may be done in a variety of ways, all of which are delicious.

Red Snapper

The flavor of red snapper sets it apart from other best fish for ceviche,

…which is why it is so popular.

So, how does a snapper, whether red or white, taste?

Snapper flesh is firm and juicy despite its low-fat level.

It has a moderate, sweet flavor with a nutty undertone in its flesh.

Best Fish For Ceviche: Sashimi-Quality Tuna

Sushi grade tuna is the freshest, finest-quality tuna available,

The taste and freshness of tuna make it one of the best fish for ceviche…

…and it’s best eaten raw. Wholesalers check…

…and grade sushi-quality tuna before it is sold…

…at the grocery store. Grade 1 is given to the finest fish,

…which is subsequently marketed as sushi grade.

So, what kind of ceviche style should we make?


Recommended Ceviche Recipes!

Best fish for ceviche
Credits: canva.com

Peruvian Ceviche

The zesty, spicy marinade used in traditional Peruvian ceviche…

…is known as Leche de Tigre which translates to “tiger’s milk”.

Combine bay scallops with sweet potato, corn, and chilis,

…as well as a corn nut topping for added crunch.

Gulf Coast Crab-and-Flounder Ceviche

Meet South America. In a meal designed…

…for Gulf Coast summers, pickled okra pods,

lump blue crabmeat, and flounder fillets…

…get the ceviche treatment. For a charred aspect,

…grill corn ears before removing the kernels.

Watermelon-Shellfish Ceviche

Ceviche is ideal for summer evenings when the mere …

… the notion of turning on the oven makes your beach home…

…feel like a sauna. Why not throw in some watermelon,

…the summer’s fruit mascot? To make a really summery dinner,

…blanch the shellfish before marinating,

…then garnish with orange segments and mint leaves.

We also provide if you might think about buying a knife…

How to Cut Fish for Ceviche

The cut is also important, with Morales recommending…

…largeish (3x2cm portions) and olive slicing the fish “as thinly as possible.”

Henrietta recommends dicing rather than slicing to…

…”give a good distribution of raw fish and fish cooked on the exterior” …

…the contrast between the inside and outside is important…

…however I believe Martin’s version contains too much raw fish…

…due to the large chunks. Tom Aikens’ small dice have a stronger citrus flavor…

…but I’m going to make them a little bigger to emphasize the meal’s many textures.


These Are Our Top Picks Knife For Your Ceviche

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Sum Up!

There are several fish that are the best fish for ceviche.

Sea bass, red snapper, mahi-mahi, salmon,

…and sashimi-quality tuna. They all have a delicious…

…taste even before you cooked it!


Whatever type of fish that you choose from that we listed above,

we’re sure that you can make delightful ceviche on your own.

The key to aesthetic looks of ceviche is to cut them into…

cubes and voila! It’s ready!

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