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Uncover Amazing Garlic Press Substitutes

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Running out of storage in the kitchen is a regular issue. There are only so many drawers in a kitchen, and cooking can necessitate a surprising number of utensils.

So, how can you choose which instruments are deserving of your valuable storage space? Finding alternative tools with multiple uses is one of the best hacks! The best garlic press is a fantastic illustration of this. We’ve learnt everything we can about this crushing instrument in order to assist you discover the right garlic press substitute!

Finding the best tool for the job isn’t always the case. Instead, you should choose a terrific tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. This is how you can genuinely reduce clutter. Any of these equipment will do an adequate job of prepping your garlic for cooking. However, before you do so, it’s a good idea to understand the advantages of each option. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about each of these utensils!

Alternative Tools For A Garlic Press Substitute

With your garlic, each of these procedures produces a somewhat different result. Some people crush things, while others chop and carve them. The flavor of your food will vary depending on how you cook the garlic. Garlic that has been mashed or crushed becomes more aromatic and powerful. Chopping or slicing, on the other hand, reduces the intensity because most of the oil remains within the garlic. Here’s what each technique can do for your dish.

  • Garlic Press Substitute: Microplane

A microplane is one of the most frequent garlic press substitute. It’s also known as a zester for citrus fruits. This long, slender tool looks like a file. It has the same effect on ingredients as a regular grater, but it’s easier to maneuver because to its form and easy-to-grip handle. Set it over a skillet or bowl and grate the garlic into the dish. Its design also makes it simple to clean.

When it comes to garlic, using a microplane produces excellent results. It shreds it into small bits so that it can readily vanish into a meal while still imparting a significant amount of flavor.

  • Garlic Press Substitute: Grater
  • Garlic can also be easily prepared with a normal box grater. It has the same results as the citrus zester, but it’s more difficult to use. You may need to use this tool to grate the garlic onto a plate or cutting board before adding it to your recipe. Some garlic may become stuck inside the box grater as well. As a result of the adverse effect, washing it may be a little more difficult than with other options.

    Standard graters have the advantage of being extremely ubiquitous in most kitchens. In contrast to the zester, you usually have various options for the size of the grated garlic.

    • Garlic Press Substitute: Meat Tenderizer

    This option may be a little brutal and dirty, but it will surely accomplish the goal. You’ll almost certainly enjoy using it as well! While the primary use of this equipment is to tenderize foods, it can also be used to smash them. It’s simple to use and maintain. Garlic is easily crushed with a meat tenderizer. The major disadvantage of this option is how much of a mess you’ll almost certainly make if you use it.

  • Garlic Press Substitute: Mortar And Pestle
  • This may be the ideal instrument, depending on what you need the garlic for. It performs a fantastic job of pulverizing garlic. If you don’t use too much garlic, it can also be crushed. While this option isn’t as widespread in kitchens as the others, it offers its own set of advantages.

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