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Top 5 Takoyaki Pans For Japanese Cooking

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Best takoyaki pans

Are you a Japanese street food lover looking for a takoyaki pan?

You’ve come to the right page!

We’re going to give a complete review of the 5 best takoyaki pans!

Before we’re going any further…

Let’s hear a story from Kenma!

Takoyaki pan
source: tumblr.com

“I am a Japanese life across the country.

Actually, I’ve been lived here since I was 4.

I visit my home country once a year…

…with my family. Mom, dad, and my sister.

When we got back to Japan, we always…

… filled out the stomach with Japanese authentic food…

… which is hard to find here.

I love the food street! Such as Okonomiyaki…

… Mochi, and also my top favorite, takoyaki!

I love the octopus ball so much….

It’s sad that we couldn’t find good takoyaki here.

My mom had this idea to but a takoyaki pan.

I thought, why not? We can make takoyaki by ourselves.

My mom ordered it and it arrived safely!

We tried it one weekend! Voila!

Best takoyaki ever!

Since we made it by ourselves.

It is such a gem to our family.

Now, me and my family thinking about having our own…

… takoyaki store in the downtown!”

“Takoyaki was invented in Osakata in 1935 by Tomekichi Endo It is most often made with flour and small pieces of boiled octopus.”

JapanVisitor – Takoyaki and Osaka.

Let’s jump right in!

5 Best Takoyaki Pans For You Japanese Food Lovers

CookKing – TAKOYAKI Nonstick Grill Pan/Cooking Plate

This takoyaki pan is suitable for your to use on a gas stove..

..it’s also easy to use, and is not heavy!

Rather than the other takoyaki pan,

This one is recommended if you have a small space,
suitable for you to bring on a picnic!

This one is just right for you…

Iwatani Non-Stick Takoyaki Grill Pan CB-P-TAF

A Japanese brand you can trust offers high-quality cookware…

… for making tasty takoyaki such as the CB-P-TAF Takoyaki Pan from Iwatani.

The nonstick coating makes it easy to cook and keeps food from sticking.

We also have recommendation for best tepanyaki grill you can check.

Although it’s made of aluminum, it’s sturdy and strong!

Let’s move on to…

Iwatani Takoyaki Pan Gas Stove

The gas-powered pan you’ve found is one of the most powerful on the market.

Powered by gas cartridges, it heats constantly…

… and evenly to ensure your takoyaki tastes great.

Its stainless steel die-cast pan accommodates 20 takoyaki balls…

… allowing you to cook and remove them without breaking them with ease.

It also has a non-stick coating, making it easy to mass-produce…

… your favorite Japanese snack. 

For sure if you’re planning on selling takoyaki,
this one is going to be your best friend!

Yup, you would definitely love this one!

Takoyaki Maker by StarBlue

A common snack in Japan is Takoyaki, as discussed earlier.

Takoyaki, however, do well if cooked fresh,

…since they are fried to perfection.

This Electric Takoyaki Maker also comes in handy!

It doesn’t need to be put on a gas stove.

You can simply plugin and the heat will spread thoroughly.

This one is suitable for you if you don’t have a gas stove, it can serve 18 balls per serve, and it comes with two sticks!

Need a bigger one? Check this one out!

Electric Takoyaki Pan Pancake de Suzanne Lefebvre24moldes1

The electric takoyaki pan, powered by 800W of power…

… can cook up to 24 takoyaki appetizers all at once!

For half the time, you’re getting twice the amount of food.

The electric pan has a non-stick surface made from a fluorine resin…

… which makes cooking Takoyaki easy and completely safe.

You’ll definitely find this pan works best with 110V…

… although during our testing we noticed the outer four holes…

… took a little longer to cook.

It is easy to clean the pan with a damp cloth.

In terms of function and price, this is an excellent Takoyaki pan.

If you’re looking for the best big capacity electric takoyaki pan,
this is the one for you!

let us help you to decide

So, which one do you choose?

Have you decided anything yet? We also have some tips for you to check out!

Hacks On Making Yummy Takoyaki!

Takoyaki pan
source: amazon.com

We understand that you already know how…

…to make takoyaki.

Takoyaki pans have the tendencies to heat unevenly.

So, you should’ve known these tips to prevent sticking takoyaki…

….and leaked round.

Mix & Prep

Best takoyaki pan
Credits: Canva.com

Using a whisk, combine the batter until it is smooth and free of flour.

Fillings should all be prepared.

Make sure you have everything you need: some oil, your ingredients…

… skewers to flip the balls, and a serving plate.

Cut up the octopus, slice the green onions, and prepare everything else.

Prepare the pan by pre-heating it.

This step would help the heat reach all of the surfaces of the pan evenly.

Pour & Fill

Best takoyaki pan
Credits: GettyImages.com

Use a brush dipped in oil or…

…a paper towel dipped in oil

…to spread on the oil the pan thoroughly.

Give the batter a good stir, and pour it…

…into each compartment to the very top.

If they overflood a little, it’s fine.

Stir in the fillings and let cook until…

… they become more solid and opaque. 

In this step, you have to be patient and…

…make also make sure the heat is not too high,

…so the takoyaki wouldn’t be burnt just on the surface.

Make It A Perfect Round

Best takoyaki pans
Credits: Canva.com

Ideally, you should have a round ball.

Move the balls around from mold to mold…

…as they cook to ensure even cooking.

Crisping up the balls will make flipping them easier.

Takoyaki Pan vs Aebleskiver Pan

Apart from the characteristic sauce, the only criterion for takoyaki…

…is that the balls be small and bite-sized. With a toothpick or a chopstick…

…you should be able to lift it. That’s why takoyaki pans have a lot of little circles…

…on them (from 12 to 20, depending on the size of the pan).

They’re also made to cook quickly but consistently….

Because the ingredients for takoyaki are normally pre-cooked…

…all you have to do is cook and brown the light dough.

You’re ready for a takoyaki party when the balls are golden brown…

…on the outside but still gooey on the inside.

“What do I need to look for in the aebleskiver pan?”

…you’re probably wondering. The characteristics are comparable…

…to those of a takoyaki pan. The best aebleskivers pans must be able…

…to maintain a high level of heat retention, or you’ll end up….

…with a half-cooked pastry that’s burned on the surface but still raw…

…and doughy on the inside. Cast iron is the recommended material….

…since it takes longer to heat up but produces even heat….

…and a lovely golden crust. Traditional copper-plated pans are also available…

…but they are mainly decorative and difficult to use.


To Sum Up

Takoyaki is one of the best Japanese street food.

You can literally put anything into it.

Our best recommendations for takoyaki pans are as given above.

But our top choice is Iwatani Takoyaki Pan Gas Stove!


We already give you our recommendation for the takoyaki pans…

… you could ever find in the market!

Now, it’s up to you and your needs.

Whether you want the affordable one or the best one.

Comment and tell us what takoyaki pans you are interested in.

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