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Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Review: Worth The Buy?

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Do you like to make your own homemade ice cream,

….and may want to have an upgrade on your tools.

Thinking about what’s the best ice cream maker?

is it hamilton beach ice cream maker?

But which one? Why not discuss it together?

Let’s start by discussing it with Tanya!

Tanya says

Hamilton beach ice cream maker
Credits: GettyImages.com

I used to like to make homemade Ice cream

since it seems to me that the flavors that I can find on markets,

…are not yet perfect to my gusto. I live a bit further from the capital.

So, yes I don’t have that many choices.

However, instead of looking at my weaknesses, I see it as an opportunity…

…I was a bored accountant that loves to cook and looking for desserts.

So I tried to make my own gelato and ice cream based on my taste buds.

I bought a bunch of different fruits, berries, bananas, pineapple,

…strawberries and many more!

I finally made many varieties thanks for the help of this..

…hamilton beach ice cream makers, I am able to make an…

…ice cream blend without being sweaty and all.

The next few days I want to take the rest of the ice cream to work…

…but I can not find them! More surprisingly I find the ice cream stick..

…on the garbage! Not long after, my brother hopped to the refrigerator,

and he asks me, “Hey sis, do you make those ice creams? I love them!”

I was mad at first but then I realize that it could be something!

Now I own an ice cream cafe!

If you’re looking for an Ice cream maker like Tanya has,

you’re landing on the right page!

Also, we also have an article about can ice cream get freezer burn

…if you want to dive deeper about it.

Check this out!

What Do We Need To Consider When Deciding The Most Suitable Hamilton Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton beach ice cream maker
Credits: TheSportsManGuide.com


The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker price range starts from $50 and above.

The price will be depending on the capacity. The higher rate it is,

the bigger capacity it can handle.

There are several Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker you can look up on Amazon,

…however, only a few of them are now in stocks.


Most people would like a big capacity when they are looking for an ice cream maker.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker has a variety of products you can choose.

Let’s see!

Hamilton Beach Automatic Ice Cream Maker 68330N, 4 Quart


You can make homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt,

…sherbet, and gelato in your own kitchen…

…with Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Makers.

You’ll be scooping delectable ice-cold desserts

…in no time if you just add your favorite ingredients,

…sit back, and enjoy. Even if you’re a novice,

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Makers are simple to use

…thanks to clever design elements.

These popular ice cream machines come with easy-to-follow recipes,

….so your family can produce a variety of tasty desserts right away!

  • Product Dimensions 10 x 10 x 14.13 inches
  • Item Weight 7.5 pounds


: In 20 to 40 minutes, you may make up to 4 quarts of soup.

The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker is a fully automated operation.

It eliminates the need for labor-intensive stirring, so you don’t have to sweat.

It also has a lid with a simple lock.

More surprisingly the hamilton beach ice cream maker,

comes with a user handbook that includes 20 recipes.


You’ll need to have ice and rock salt ready ahead of time.

While the ice cream machine is churning,

…check to see whether you need to add more ice or rock salt.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, 68220 1.5-Quart Capacity


This one has a 1.5 Quart capacity.

It is easy to bring everywhere since it has a handle for you to bring.

The capacity is not quite big but it is suitable for personal use.


Ice cream and sorbet are their specialties.

Controls that are simple to construct and utilize

It is dishwasher-safe! Read the book for instructions to take of…

…some parts and clean it in the dishwasher!

A comprehensive guide containing ice cream…

…and other frozen delights recipes.

Moreover, the customer service is outstanding.


Pre-freezing is required for the canister.

Hamilton Beach Ice Maker, 86150 Countertop!


This Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker Makes 28 pounds of ice every day:

The countertop ice maker can start producing ice…

…in as little as 8 minutes, which is ideal for large parties…

…or outdoor events. Makes two sizes of ice cubes:

…tiny or large, depending on your preferences.

Intuitive indication lights: The portable ice maker’s indicator

….lights help you know when it’s time to add water or empty the ice basket.

…Ice basket and scoop are included;

…the ice basket pulls out for simple emptying.

Design that is compact: The little ice maker is easily transportable…

…to kitchen counters, outside bars,

and other locations where ice is required.


If you need a constant amount of ice cream every day, this is the right choice!

It could contain 28 pounds of ice cream!

It is also suitable for you to bring it everywhere!


It may take time to process since the capacity is quite large.

Also, you need some space for them.

Let’s Compare It Together!

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Sum Up!

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker offers you several types of devices..

…you can use. Depends on its capacity and your needs.

When you have needs to produce huge amount of ice cream everyday,

the 28 pounds capacity hamilton beach ice cream maker is the best for you!


When choosing the most suitable hamilton beach ice cream maker,

make sure you are not in a rush.

Choose wisely and thank me later!

Let us know what you think of the product by dropping a comment below!


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