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What Is A Spider Strainer? Superb 4 Fact About This Tool


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What Is a Spider Strainer

A spider is a sort of skimmer used in East Asian cooking…

…that consists of a large shallow wire-mesh basket with a long handle and is used to remove hot food from liquids or to skim foam off when creating broths. The term “spider” refers to its shape and appearance rather than any similarity to spiders. It was first mentioned as such by an English traveler in China during the Qing dynasty.

In modern times, the device has become popular among home cooks because they are easy to use and inexpensive compared to other kitchen equipment. Since the 1990s, many Western restaurants have begun offering similar devices on their menus. In here this blog, we also have an article about spider strainer that you might want to see.

Spider Strainer Usage

A spider strainer is ideal for lifting and draining foods from hot oil, soups, stocks and boiling water. A spider can be used over high heat, but it should not go into direct contact with flames. This will cause damage to the metal and shorten the life span of your spinner. When cooking at lower temperatures, like simmering soup, you may want to add some extra ingredients that would normally float up to the surface.

For example, if you were adding chopped onions to make onion soup, then you could place them directly in the broth before pouring out through a spider so the onions remain submerged. However, this technique is only recommended for low temperature cooking methods. If you do decide to cook something using a spider, remember to clean it thoroughly after each use. After all, even though the inside looks fine, there might still be bits of food stuck between the strands of mesh.

How To Use Spider Strainers?

  • Place the spider strainer into a pan filled with enough cold water to cover the bottom of the container.
  • Bring the water to boil. Once the water boils, turn down the heat to medium-low. Let the water come back to a gentle rolling boil.
  • Carefully remove the spider from the pot and set aside until ready to put the food into the spider. You don’t need too much space around the edges of the spider since most people tend to fill it more than halfway full.
  • Remove the lid from the pot and carefully pour the contents of the pot into the center of the spider.

Benefits using spider stainer

The benefits of using spider strainers include:

  • Easy to use – no additional tools needed. No need to measure anything! Just drop everything into the spider.
  • Cleanup is easier – just rinse under running tap water. There’s nothing else to wash away afterwards.
  • Less mess – less cleanup required after every meal.
  • Convenient – no need to transfer the cooked food into another vessel prior to serving. Simply serve straight from the spider.
  • Save time – save preparation time. Don’t forget to preheat the oven/stovetop beforehand.
  • Reduce waste – reduce the amount of leftovers which means less washing up and cleaning up.

Why Do We Need Spider Strainers? 

Using a spider allows us to separate different types of food easily without having to worry about breaking the pieces apart. b By rinsing the food in water, we effectively filter out these impurities. c As a result, our food retains nutrients better and tastes fresher. 

Spider stainer types

There are two main types of spider strainers available today: plastic and stainless steel. Plastic ones are usually cheaper but they lack durability. Stainless steel versions last longer and also allow you to control how much liquid goes through the holes. Some models feature both features.

Plastic Spiders

These are generally made of polypropylene which provides good strength while being light weight. They are often sold individually although sometimes they come in packs of four. These kinds of spider strainers are perfect for smaller pots where the size doesn’t matter that much. However, they aren’t very effective for larger pans due to the small openings.

Stainless Steel Spiders

This type of spider is commonly known as “China Ware”. Although they look similar to those made of PP, they actually contain aluminum instead. Aluminum is stronger and lasts longer than iron. Most of these spider strainers are designed specifically for woks and deep fryers. They provide greater coverage area and therefore work well for bigger pots. Their price tag reflects their quality.

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