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Superb 7 Steps About How To Clean A Spider Strainer


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Spider Strainer

So, di you know how to clean a spider strainer?

Do you know what is a spider strainer? A spider is a sort of skimmer that is popular in East Asian cuisine. It is a large shallow wire-mesh basket with a long handle that is used to remove hot food from liquids or to skim foam from broths. A spider can be made out of bamboo, metal mesh, plastic, ceramic, wood and other materials.

The shape may vary depending on the intended use; for example it might have two holes at its bottom so that water drains through while food remains trapped inside. In some cases, spiders are also referred to as “skimmers”. They are often sold individually but they are usually packaged together with a slotted spoon called an xiāng bǐn. In here this blog, we also have an article about spider strainer that you might want to see.

How to Clean a Spider Strainer

If you want keep it clean then follow these steps below the step how to clean a spider strainer:

  1. Remove any debris such as food particles and hairs by running them under cold tap water. You should not rinse the Spiders since this will make it difficult to wash off later.
  2. Soak the Spiders in warmish water mixed with mild detergent like washing powder until the soap runs clear. If possible soak overnight. Rinse very thoroughly afterwards.
  3. Use only lukewarm water when rinsing the Spiders. Do not let them get too wet because this could cause rusting. Rubbing alcohol works well if you don’t mind getting stains on the Spiders’ surface.
  4. Dry the Spiders using paper towels or air dry them outside. Don’t put them near heat sources. This would damage their delicate structure.
  5. To prevent future buildup of bacteria, store them away from direct sunlight.
  6. Keep your Spiders stored in a cool place. Ideally between -10°C and +15 ° C. But no lower than 5 degrees Celsius.
  7. Store your Spiders upside down. This prevents liquid from dripping into their crevices. Also avoid putting them in tight spaces where humidity builds up.

What Are The Advantages of Having a Spider Strainer? 

The main advantage of having a spider strainers over just using a normal skimmer/spoon combination is that it’s easier to control how much food goes back into the broth rather than letting all of it go back into the pot.

With a traditional setup you have to constantly watch what amount is going into the soup, whereas with a spider strainer you simply lift it up once or twice during cooking time and there’s less chance of accidentally pouring in way too much food. Another big plus is that it makes it easy to drain excess fat from soups without having to pour everything else out first. And lastly, it’s a lot cheaper than buying individual items separately!

When I first bought this strainer, it was for the purpose of making dumplings. However, I found that it worked well in other dishes as well. It is a very useful tool to have around when you are cooking Asian food because it keeps your food from getting burned and also makes removing the foam much easier than with a regular spoon or spatula.

So, if you are looking for a spider strainer that will help you make dumplings, quenelles, or any other Asian food dish accurately and easily, I would recommend this one.

How Does a Spider Work?

Basically, it has three parts which form the ideal design for making sure that none of the ingredients fall through but still allows most of the contents to come back out easily. These parts consist of a bowl part, a lid part and a middle part. When you add foodstuff to the top part, the food gets stuck onto the wireframe. Then after boiling, you take the whole thing apart and scoop out whatever was left behind.

As mentioned earlier, the best material for the wire frame is stainless steel or aluminum although copper is okay too. Aluminum tends to corrode faster though. Stainless steel lasts longer but needs to be cleaned regularly. Bamboo is another good option because it doesn’t require much maintenance unlike metals. Make sure you choose ones that aren’t hollowed out completely. Hollows allow things to leak through. Choose something sturdy enough to hold up against high temperatures.

Why Do People Call It A ‘Spider’?

There are several theories about why we call it a ‘spider’. Some say it comes from the fact that it looks similar to a web. Others believe it derives from Chinese words meaning ‘to catch’, ‘to trap’ or even ‘to snare’. Still others think that the name comes from the resemblance of the device to the common house spider. Whatever the reason, the term ‘spider’ continues to stick around despite the lack of evidence supporting any particular theory.

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