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How Do Outdoor Pizza Ovens Work, Superb 4 Things About This Oven That You Need To Know Too


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So, how do outdoor pizza ovens work? An outdoor pizza oven…

…as the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen or patio, is an excellent way to gather family and friends for a fun afternoon or evening of preparing and cooking pizzas as well as bread, roasts, and even whole turkeys. In this blog, we also have a review about best outdoor pizza ovens that you might want to see.

What Is a Pizza Oven Outdoor?

Outdoor pizza ovens can be built-in or freestanding and are often fueled by wood, gas, or charcoal (lump charcoal and any other types of charcoal). Its cooking chamber, which is normally dome-shaped, is capable of reaching exceptionally high temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit (427 degrees Celsius). The high temperatures create the crisp crust characteristic of pizzeria pizzas. Outdoor pizza ovens are typically made of ceramic, brick, or stone, which draws moisture from the pizza dough to achieve that crispness.

Pizza Oven with Gas and Charcoal

Due to the popularity of outdoor pizza ovens, an increasing variety of models are available in a range of sizes and pricing points, as well as with a variety of fueling options.

Pizza ovens made of gas or charcoal are often smaller and less expensive. They come in a variety of sizes, from tabletop to those that sit directly over a gas or charcoal grill and receive their heat straight from the grill. Additionally, portable and convertible variants are available that can be heated using charcoal, gas, wood pellets, or wood chips. While some electric models are available, they cannot reach the high temperatures that gas and charcoal can.

Pizza Oven with a Wood-Fired Burner

Wood-fired pizza ovens are more reminiscent of those seen in a traditional pizzeria. This sort of oven is heated by igniting a wood fire and directing it over the cooking surface until the necessary temperature is reached. The wood and embers are then pushed aside and the pizza is allowed to cook directly on the hot surface. Pizzas cooked in wood-fired ovens acquire a smokey flavor that gas or charcoal briquettes cannot replicate.

In general, wood-fired pizza ovens are larger and more expensive than gas or charcoal-fired ovens. They may be substantial but portable, or they may be heavy-duty countertop ones that are difficult to move once set up. For a more ambitious do-it-yourself project and to truly make an outdoor pizza oven the centerpiece of a backyard cooking area, you can get a pizza oven kit and design and build the brick and stone oven yourself. Additionally, prefabricated oven interiors are available that can be constructed and faced in stone or brick. See how one reader constructed a patio adjacent to their do-it-yourself pizza oven.

How Do Outdoor Pizza Ovens Work: The Fundamentals

The reason outdoor pizza ovens are so effective at creating pizza is because they reach extremely high temperatures and are designed for maximum heat retention. You add or turn on your fuel source, which can be wood, gas, or wood pellets. This heats the cooking surface and interior of your pizza oven.

Insulation is precisely what keeps high-quality pizza ovens burning hot all day with significantly less fuel input than you might imagine. For hours, you may bake pizza after pizza at the same steady temperature. Outdoor pizza ovens constructed properly allow for exceptionally rapid and efficient cooking.

This insulation, in conjunction with other components of an outdoor pizza oven, such as the cooking surface, pizza stone, domed shape of the oven, airflow, and the material used to construct the oven’s ceiling, will contribute to the uniform distribution of extremely high temperatures ranging from 400° to 800° and up to 1,000° — even 1,700° F across your pizza. The combination of high heat, heat retention, enough airflow, and equal heat distribution results in an exceptionally crisp pizza crust that is impossible to replicate in a conventional indoor kitchen.

What Is the Price of an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Outdoor pizza ovens range in price from less than $200 to several thousand dollars, depending on the style and fuel source. Consider the cost of materials while constructing a masonry pizza oven, including rebar and cement block for the base and stone and brick for the façade.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories and Maintenance

To get the most out of your outdoor pizza oven, you’ll need a few equipment. Oven gloves with a high melting point protect against burns. For sliding pizzas into and out of the oven, a big, long-handled spatula called a pizza peel is used. Wood-fired pizza ovens require little maintenance; a wire brush is all that is required to wipe up spillage. A moist, soft cloth works well on stainless steel outdoor pizza ovens. If you ever ask about does a pizza oven need a door? You can find the answer in this blog.

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