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How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice, Amazing 5 Steps To Do It!


How to clean coffee grinder with rice

There’s a rumor that we can cleaning coffee grinder with rice…

…but how to clean coffee grinder with rice basically?

A cup of coffee first thing in the morning before heading to work is an absolute must.

So, while your coffee is brewing, I ground your coffee beans and grabbed a mug.

You added sugar and creamer and then poured your coffee in, mixing it well.

Before you leave the house, have a huge drink and then…

…when you discover your coffee has an odd flavor,…

…you examine your coffee grinder and what do you find? It’s a mess!

But don’t worry, in here you will know how to clean coffee grinder with rice!

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Let’s hear a story from Gina when she cleans a coffee grinder with rice

“I was making my favorite coffee every day at home.

One day, I noticed that the coffee tasted weird so I checked my coffee grinder.

What did I found? The coffee grinder was full of dust and dirt.

I cleaned it up but still had some problem.

Then I decided to use rice instead of water to clean my coffee grinder.

And guess what? My coffee tastes great now!”

This is important…

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Coffee Grinder

Credit: fourthestatecoffee.com

In light of this, why should you spend the time and effort cleaning your coffee grinder?

There are essentially two solutions. Regularly cleaned grinders are more durable and produce better-tasting coffee.

The life and performance of your burr grinder will be substantially improved as a result of cleaning it.

This holds true whether you own a grinder that is moderately expensive or of the highest caliber.

Coffee fines accumulate over time and might clog the machine…

…or get inside the machine itself, especially if you use your grinder frequently.


Requirements for Maintaining a Clean Coffee Grinder

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.

According to studies on coffee consumption, between 30 and 40 percent of people worldwide drink coffee daily.

These percentages are substantially greater in the USA and represent around 65% of the entire population.

To make good coffee, of course, your coffee grinder must be in good condition.

When it comes to your coffee grinder, keep these two things in mind at all times:

  • We love coffee because of the wonderful tastes released by coffee beans’ inherent oils. However, if the oils in the grinder begin to accumulate excessively, the once-delicious flavor may rapidly devolve into an unpleasant odor. After several usage without cleaning, the oils left on the grinder get stale and can alter the flavor of your coffee, so it’s critical to keep it clean at all times.
  • If your coffee maker has a decent water filtering system, it will assist keep the boiler and pipes free of residual oils and limescale accumulation.

Did you know…

How Much And How Often Should You Clean

The topic of how much and how often to clean your coffee grinder is one that we’re sure we’ve all pondered.

Honestly, depending on how often you drink coffee, you should keep it as clean as possible.

Nevertheless, if you use your coffee maker on a regular basis, you should clean it as well,…

…even if it’s not a deep clean. Simply said, this is routine coffee machine maintenance.

  • Wipe Out the Hopper and Grind Chamber Every 1 to 2 Weeks: Remove Excess Grounds Dust Every Day
  • Once every three to six months, do a thorough cleaning job.


  • 1/4 cup uncooked rice of your choosing
    Vinegar that’s plainly white (optional)
  • Brush size and type
  • Towel that has been soaked with water
  • Water

Here are the steps

How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice

When making coffee with the Rice Method, all you have to do…

…is crush rice in your coffee grinder like you would coffee beans.

Using rice, on the other hand, helps to eliminate dirt and grease that has accumulated from repeated use.

When rice grains are crushed, the dust is pushed out and the oils are absorbed.

You may clean your coffee grinder using brown or white rice,…

…but you should only use raw, dry, uncooked rice since it is softer and has less starch.

It doesn’t matter how often you clean your grinder with rice;…

…the rice won’t be able to go into every nook and cranny of your grinder.

This means that you will have to disassemble your grinder and do a thorough cleaning on occasion.

When it comes to cleaning your coffee grinder, it’s not difficult at all.

Just be sure not to get the burrs wet after removing the hopper and grinder.

Step 1: How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice

Add a quarter-cup of water If you want to cover the blades,…

…you must add enough rice to 20 grams. for 1 or 2 minutes, or until it resembles powder,…

…in your blade grinder made for this purpose. The color of the uncooked rice…

…should lighten to a very pale tan after it is reduced to powder form.

Once the oils have adhered to the rice, all that should be left is a fine powder of what seems to be rice flour.

Step 2: How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice

Throw away the rice flour or put it to good use in your kitchen.

Step 3: How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice

Turn the coffee maker off and disconnect it.

Step 4: How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice

By brushing away any remaining rice powder with a tiny paintbrush or a toothbrush.

It’s a good idea to keep the top off your coffee grinder after cleaning…

…to allow it to air dry fully before using it again if your grinder has an unpleasant odor.

As the vinegar dries, wipe off the interior using a wet towel to remove any remaining vinegar odors

Step 5: How To Clean Coffee Grinder With Rice

Re-clean your grinder on a weekly basis or anytime it appears dirty or has an odd odor.

Once your grinder has been thoroughly cleaned, you can begin reassembling it if you took it apart.

Before brewing a cup of coffee, grind up a small amount of coffee…

…because if you disassembled your grinder, the upper and lower burrs may need to be re-adjusted.

Additionally, while too much coffee bean oil can alter the flavor of your coffee,…

…a small amount helps keep the flavor fresh and prevents rust from forming.


Tips to Keep Your Coffee Grinder Clean Longer

  • Remove any extra coffee grounds and powder from your coffee grinder after each use.
  • Regularly cleaning a coffee grinder will provide you the best performance as well as the best quality for your cup of coffee.
  • Deep-clean your coffee grinder before storing it if you won’t be using it for a while.



All in all, the coffee grinder is a great kitchen appliance…

…that can help you make the perfect coffee every time.

However, like any other machine, it needs to be cleaned and maintained…

…in order to stay in good condition. In this guide,…

…we have shared several tips on how to clean your coffee grinder with rice.

So whether you are cleaning the grinder for the first time…

…or just need some extra help from time to time, reading through this article should come in handy!


Can I Wash My Grinder In The Dishwasher?

Parts of your grinder may often be cleaned in the dishwasher.

It’s generally okay to use the bean hopper and grind drawer in the top rack of a dishwasher,…

…but make sure by consulting the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Additionally, never wash any electrical parts or steel burrs in the dishwasher.

Can I Grind Spices, Grains, Or Seeds In A Burr Grinder?

Never use a burr grinder to grind seeds, grains, or spices.

The purpose of a burr grinder is to ground coffee beans, not other materials.

Peppercorns, cloves, and other small, hard spices can be ground using a blade grinder.

In order to prevent your cookies from tasting like curry,…

…make sure to completely clean the grinder after each use. (Unless you enjoy it; in that case, rock on!)

Can I Grind Cocoa Beans In A Coffee Grinder?

It is not advised to ground cocoa beans in a coffee grinder.

Your burr grinder is not designed to handle cocoa liquor, an oily liquid…

…that is produced when grinding cocoa beans.

Creating superb coffee is a skill that requires at least as much effort…

…and expertise as making chocolate from your own cocoa beans.

how to clean a manual burr grinder?

For the sake of preventing unintentional harm to the grinder,…

…it is imperative that you carefully follow the instructions.

Before cleaning the grinder for the first time, read the directions…

…and watch online disassembly tutorials.

The hopper should then be removed before continuing with a soft brush and a dust blower.

For a more thorough explanation, read the entire essay above.

How long does a burr grinder last?

If you buy a burr grinder from a reputable brand and treat it well, it can endure for decades.

Also keep in mind that burrs can be changed if they get too worn out or damaged.

Any grinder will be given new life by this.


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