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How To Clean Rubber Spatula? 4 Superb Steps To Clean It

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How to clean rubber spatula? Rubber spatulas are considered one of the best kitchen utensils for scraping and spreading, but these tools can get pretty dirty after a few uses. A spatula with a dull or damaged blade is far less effective than a new one. So what’s the best way to clean rubber spatula? Here’s our guide on how to clean rubber spatula. In this blog, we also have an article about the best spatula for non stick pan on amazon that you might want to read about it.

A spatula is a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift material including foods, drugs, plaster and paints.”


What is a spatula?

A spatula is a very versatile cooking tool. You can use it to mix, stir, fold, and spread. It’s a tool you should have in your kitchen, and you’ll use it all the time. The best thing about this spatula is that it has a great silicone handle that stays nice and cool during cooking so that you don’t burn yourself. This spatula comes with a scraper on one end for scraping bowls and pans when you are done cooking or baking. 

A spatula is one of the most common cooking tools. It’s a simple tool that is basically a flat, usually squarish piece of plastic or metal, on the end of a straight handle.”

Cassie L. Damewood, author from delightedcooking.com

What is a rubber spatula

A rubber spatula is a tool used to spread butter, or other fats and oils over food, or to scrape it off. It can also be used to scrape food from the bottom of a pan or bowl. Rubber spatulas are commonly made of silicone rubber, which is typically sold in a variety of colors and patterns. They are typically used in cooking and baking, but they can also be used for other tasks such as scraping glue off of surfaces.

The rubber spatula is an essential part of any cook’s arsenal. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and it works well for most uses. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t own at least one. A good quality silicone spatula will last for years and can be used for many things including spreading and scraping.

Benefits of using rubber spatula

Rubber spatula is a type of spatula that has a thin metal blade. It is used for mixing food, spreading butter and frosting on cakes, and stirring soups. The rubber spatula is a very useful kitchen tool and can be used for mixing dry ingredients or mixing sauces. It can also be used to spread frosting on cakes and ice cream. Here are the benefits using rubber spatula:

  • Easy to use – Unlike stainless steel spatulas, rubber spatulas do not require constant sharpening like wooden spoon.
  • Great for cooking – Silicone spatula is heat resistant and safe to use around hot foods.
  • Good for cutting through dough – When making biscuits, cookies, and cake, a rubber spatula makes quick work of the job.
  • Safe to use – Rubber spatula can be safely used in high temperatures because it does not break easily.

How To Clean Rubber Spatula

The first step

Fill the sink halfway with soapy water. If the rubber is discoloured or highly filthy, add roughly 1 cup white vinegar to the water.

2nd Step

Allow the spatula to soak in the water for about a minute.

3th Step

Rinse the spatula with hot water after scrubbing it with a cleaning towel.

4th Step

To remove any extra moisture, dry the spatula with a clean cloth.

Consideration before buying rubber spatula

Rubber spatula is a very useful tool for preparing food. It is also easy to grip and it can be used on all types of dishes. Rubber spatula also comes in different sizes and shapes. Here are some considerations before buying rubber spatula:

  1. Size : There are different sizes of spatula depending on how much surface area you want to cover. For example, if you need to spread melted butter evenly over bread slice then a wide flat spatula will be ideal. On the contrary, if you need to apply icing smoothly onto a cake, then you’ll need a thinner spatula with rounded edges for more control.
  2. Material : Most rubber spats are made out of silicone rubber (silicone) while others are made of wood, plastic and even aluminium. Choose between them based on what kind of material suits your needs best.
  3. Shape : Some rubber spatulas come in curved shape whereas others have straight edges. Curved ones tend to be better for working soft materials such as fondant. Straight edged one are usually better for harder materials such as fruit juices and other substances.
  4. Use : How often do you plan to use the rubber spatula? If you plan to use it once or twice, go for the cheapest model but if you intend to purchase several then go for models with higher price tag.
  5. Color : Rubber spatula is available in various colors ranging from plain black color to vivid red or neon green. You may choose the color which goes best with your kitchen decor.
  6. Warranty : Make sure you get spatula with warranty because they might wear off quickly. Also consider getting spatula with warranty extension option.

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