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Loose Leaf Tea, Superb 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Brewing This

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Loose Leaf  Tea

Loose leaf tea, in the broadest sense, is tea that does not come…

…packed in tea bags. Loose leaf tea, unlike bagged tea, is not crushed into a teabag, enabling it to retain its taste, fragrance, and health benefits. So, how do you steep loose leaf tea? Steeping loose leaf tea using a steeping ball, infuser, french press, or strainer is possible! What’s great about this approach is that it produces far less waste than bagged tea.


This beverages has been consumed for thousands of years, and nearly every human civilization has consumed some version of it at some point. The health and wellbeing advantages of tea appear to be limitless. Green tea has been investigated for its ability to cleanse blood and shrink tumors, and a study conducted by psychologist Dr Malcolm Cross at City University London, discovered that drinking tea helps lower tension and anxiety.

Tea culture varies greatly throughout the world, with many variations in how it is cooked and what is added to it. For example, while milk and sugar are typical in many countries, in Russia, you’re more likely to discover jam in your tea. Aside from that, the main distinction in tea is whether it is packaged in a bag or as loose leaf tea.

 The Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bags?

Tea grades may be rather complex, but we’ve simplified it to save you time.

Dust & Fanning

Teabags purchased at the supermarket include dust and fanning grades of tea. When packing the tea into tea bags, brands selling this tea must smash the leaves.

Broken & Loose Leaf

Broken leaf or whole leaf tea can be found at your local health-food shop or online. Whole leaf tea, also known as loose leaf tea, is the finest option in terms of flavor, quality, and health benefits.
Tea brands that offer broken leaf tea utilize a large tea bag. Tea is still “broken,” but not as badly as dust or fanning grades. Whole leaf tea, often known as loose leaf tea, is available in “bulk” packaging such as a bag or container. Tea that is loose leaf is healthier for you, the environment, and your money! Plus, it tastes better!

6 Reasons Why You Should Brew Loose This

The Quality of Loose Leaf Tea is Greater Than Usual Tea Product

Most supermarket bagged teas are mass manufactured and prepared using dust ad fannings – the minute pieces of tea left over after the creation of loose leaf tea.

It is Fresher

Most mass-produced tea bags are packed with tea leaves from many locales and have typically traveled significant distances before reaching supermarket shelves, making it less fresh.

The Flavor of Loose Leaf Tea Is Superior.

Because mass-produced bagged tea has been blended for uniformity, you will not notice a variation in flavor and scent between different sorts of leaves and places. Brew loose leaf tea for a more refined tea experience, or just because it tastes better, fresher, and more healthy.

Tea bags as having a consistent but one-dimensional taste (bold and astringent) and restricted flavor expression. Because of the unpredictability of machine harvesting, bagged teas may contain stems and seeds that can make the tea bitter.

It Has a Wider Range of Applications.

Tea is more than just black or green tea. Tea varieties include oolong, white tea, yellow tea, and fermented tea, and each reflects its cultivars, climate, location, and production.

Loose Leaf Tea Is Safer For The Environment.

Most tea bags are not biodegradable, and of those that are, only a small percentage of individuals compost them. Loose leaf tea reduces the amount of packaging you use and may be put directly into the compost heap.

Loose Leaf Tea Is Beneficial To Your Health.

Tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that might benefit your general health. Catechins, the key compounds responsible for green tea’s health claims, are present in the highest quantities in fresh leaves.

Catechins decay quickly when exposed to the environment. Because of the larger surface area for exposure, the highly processed nature of ‘dust and fannings’ in tea bags degrades faster. To reap the potential health advantages of these phytochemicals, consume green tea as fresh as possible, as loose leaf tea.

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