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Moka Pot Coffee Perfection: Top Espresso Makers

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Are you looking for something a little stronger?

The moka pot may be the answer for you!

It recreates the flavor and caffeine punch of espresso

….without the bulky machinery.

We consider it to be one of the best because all it requires is a heat source.

Would you like to know what the best stovetop espresso maker is?  

Before that, let’s hear Connor’s story…

I loved to chat with my father over coffee when I was in high school.

I always remember making coffee for him on his old stovetop espresso maker.

At the time, I had planned to buy him an stovetop espresso maker

with my part-time income.

Each day I collect my earnings until I can afford to buy a new one.

My dad was happy as soon as he got his newstovetop espresso maker.

Almost two years later, I earned my high school diploma

and my father passed away.

Even so, if I sip a cup of coffee that I made with my father’s stovetop espresso maker,

I can feel his presence.

Let’s jump right in!

Moka Pot Coffee 

Stovetop espresso maker
credits: amazon.com

Stovetop espresso maker or moka pots are sometimes called Bialettis.

The original moka pot was created by Italian aluminum engineer…

…Alfonso Bialetti, in 1933.

In the days before Bialetti’s moka pot…

…making coffee at home was a much slower process.

It was Bialetti’s design that made espresso coffee available…

…to people from all walks of life without requiring a fancy espresso machine.

Despite its popularity and effectiveness…

…the Bialetti moka pot is still manufactured today.

Since today’s models reproduce Bialetti’s classic eight-sided design…

…from all those years ago, it is our number one recommendation!

What is a Moka Pot?

A moka pot is essentially a stovetop espresso maker.

Various companies have recreated Bialetti’s moka pot design over the years.

While the materials, size, and look of the moka pot may change…

…its simple design remains the same. 

Three separate sections make up the moka pot…

…creating three chambers for water, ground coffee, and brewed espresso.

The bottom chamber holds boiling water…

…and is directly in contact with the stovetop or heat source.

The middle chamber contains the ground coffee.

The filter basket sits on top of the bottom chamber…

…and is attached to a funnel that feeds the water through.

As the boiling water moves up the funnel, the pressure brews the coffee grinds.

The top chamber is where the coffee flows during brewing.

A gasket and a filter are located on the bottom of the top chamber…

…which can be removed and should be cleaned regularly.

There is a lid at the top of the top chamber.

These days, many models come with handles as well.

That is the moka pot in its entirety. It’s a simple design, we told you!  

Is moka pot AKA stovetop espresso maker healthy?

Researchers in Italy examined five different brewing methods and found that coffee percolated in a stovetop Moka pot, an espresso pot, or a Neapolitan-style pot produced coffee with more than double the antioxidant levels of java brewed through a paper filter.


Stovetop Espresso Maker How it Works

Moka pots use simple physics to produce perfect cups of coffee….

A French press has three parts – one chamber for water, another…

…for ground coffee beans, and a third for the brewed coffee.

As soon as the water reaches boiling point, it begins generating heat…

…through friction caused by the movement of molecules within its liquid state.

It raises the pressure inside the filter basket so that the hot water…

…flows faster and drips out of the spout when you pour it.

In an electric coffee maker, the pressure inside its chamber…

…reaches just one and half bar, which isn’t even close to the 9 bar…

…required for true espresso. However, even though it was simple in design…

…and produced high-quality coffees, Keurig’s success didn’t last long.

Invented in the 1930s, coffee makers were originally designed for use at home….

However, they soon became popular among office workers during their breaks…

…when they could enjoy cups of hot coffee without having to leave their desks.

They used their primitive washing machine by bringing a bucket of hot…

…soapy water close enough to the fire for it to heat up. The water was pushed…

…into the tube and then out of the tube. In 1884, Bialetti designed…

…an automatic espresso maker using steam pressure instead of electricity.

You might wonder…

How to Use a Stovetop Espresso Maker 

TIt is very easy to use the moka pot.

You need only follow these 10 simple steps to make a strong cup of coffee:

  • Begin by gathering your materials. Your ground coffee, water, and a stovetop or other heat source are needed.  
  • Over the heat source, place the water chamber. Make sure that the moka pot you purchase is compatible with the stovetop or heat source you have.  
  • Fill the water chamber to the fill line, which should be right below the pressure release valve, with cold water.
  • Start by boiling water in the bottom chamber or by filling it with hot water.
  • Fill the coffee chamber to the top with finely ground coffee while the water is heating.
  • WAdd the full coffee chamber to boiling water.You should use a towel or a kitchen mitten as the water chamber will be very hot.
  • Attach the upper chamber and leave the lid open after the coffee chamber is in place.
  • Watch the coffee flow into the top chamber as it brews.  
  • As soon as you hear the coffee gurgling, remove the moka pot from the heat source.
  • After removing the water chamber, coffee enthusiasts recommend running it under cold tap water to stop any residual brewing.

 It is now time to drink the coffee. Pour yourself a nice cup of stovetop coffee!

This is the best part…

Best Stovetop Espresso Maker

We have compiled a list of a few stovetop espresso makers for your consideration:

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Now let’s look more closely…

Bialetti Express Moka Pot

Stovetop espresso maker
credits: amazon.com

Based on the original Bialetti moka pot design…

…the Bialetti Express Moka Pot has eight sides.

The express moka pot, like its predecessors…

…is made in Italy from high-quality aluminum.

This product is safe for use on both gas and electric stovetops.

If you want a great cup of coffee in the great outdoors…

…you can also use it on top of camp stoves.  

Bialetti Express Moka Pots are available in a variety of sizes.

Depending on whether you plan to make coffee for one person…

…or a whole staff, you can choose from a 1-cup or an 18-cup design.

The 6-cup design is the standard and most commonly used.

A Bialetti Express weighs about 3 pounds, depending on the size.

An ergonomic anti-scald handle is included…

…though you should be careful not to put it directly over a flame, as it may melt.

There is also an anti-scald knob on the lid

If you don’t have any detergent on hand, all you need to clean this moka pot is water.

For those who care about the environment…

…Bialetti has partnered with an ocean conservation organization…

…to promote eco-sustainable practices.

Moka pots from Bialetti tend to be in the mid-range price range.

A little extra cash over some cheaper options on the market is so worth the tried…

…and true Italian quality and beautiful design.

Keep going…

GROSCHE Milano Steel Matte Black

Stovetop espresso maker
credits: grosche.ca
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It comes in a beautiful matte black finish…

…and has a great design that is simple yet effective.

It is made of stainless steel and can be used on any type of stove…

…including gas, electric, coil, induction, or camp stoves.

Milano Steel Matte Black is available in 6-cup…

…and 10-cup sizes and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

In addition to matte black, the model is also available in brushed steel.

A powder-coated exterior makes the upper chamber of the Milano extremely durable.

Unlike some of its competitors, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher…

….without worrying about the top layer peeling off.

The steam safety valve on the bottom chamber is made in Italy…

…even though most of the unit is made in China.

The safety valve was well tested…

…and the quality was assured by GROSCHE for this product.

For the socially conscious coffee maker…

…the Grosche Milano Steel Matte Black is the ideal moka pot.

Grosse’s socially conscious mission: to provide safe drinking water…

…for the entire planet allows its users to make a difference while making coffee.

Additionally, the company promotes other ideals…

…such as food security, eco-sustainability, and a living wage.

In terms of price, the Grosche Milano falls in the middle range…

…and is comparable to the Bialetti.

This is your next best option if the previous two haven’t persuaded you!

LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker

Stovetop espresso maker
credits: amazon.com

This is the only espresso maker that LuxHaus sells and that makes it unique.

LuxHaus actually makes three products: a stovetop espresso maker…

…and two types of coffee tamers.

Although this laser focus on one product could be interpreted…

…either as a bad or a good thing, in this case, it is definitely a positive.

LuxHaus’ moka pot is the best in the world since it specializes in only one thing.

Users have spoken for themselves in their reviews.

The LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker is made of stainless steel…

…and has a heat-resistant handle.

To stay true to the company’s approach…

…the unit is only available in one size, 3 cup options, and basic steel color.

Approximately two pounds are contained within the device.

The moka pot has a spring on the coffee chamber…

…that makes it easy to remove and clean.

The LuxHaus Stovetop Espresso Maker can be used on any type of stove.

LuxHaus has proven that it works on induction stoves…

…unlike some of its competitors.

Despite being no-frills, LuxHaus is still affordable…

…despite being at the lower end of our list.

Last, but not least…

Coffee Gator Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Maker

Stovetop espresso maker
credits: amazon.com

At first glance, you might think…

…that the Coffee Gator Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Maker…

…is just another Bialetti Express Moka Pot knockoff. 

Of course, this moka pot features the classic Bialetti eight-sided design…

…as well as the heat-resistant handle and lid knob.

The Coffee Gator moka pot is not another Bialetti knockoff, however.

There are some things that make it stand out.

First of all, Coffee Gator was founded in the United States…

…by a guy who used to drink instant coffee…

…until he was converted to real coffee while traveling through Colombia.

The Coffee Gator also comes with two complimentary stainless steel espresso mugs…

…making it a unique pick.

Did we mention that this is one of the most affordable units on our list despite this?

Yes, it is.

As with the Bialetti, the Coffee Gator is made from aluminum.

It is only available in one size, 6 cup, and one color option, gray.

Coffee Gator is safe to use on all types of stoves…

…including induction and propane, so you can take it camping.

The Coffee Gator cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Rinse it with water to keep it clean.

It is odd that something can hold boiling hot water…

…yet it cannot go in the dishwasher.

To Sum Up

Stovetop espresso makers make the best coffee…

…and whatever arguments you may harbor will be forgotten…

…once you’ve tasted your first cup.

It’s no wonder older generations have so much to complain about and so many gripes.

Who wouldn’t, after realizing how much coffee you’ve been wasting…

…by drinking from a drip coffee maker!

Get the right stovetop espresso maker, and enjoy your new love!


So there you have it, four great stovetop espresso makers you can choose from…

….if you wish to make espresso in the comfort of your own home (or in a tent).

Nowadays, coffee makers come in many shapes and sizes…

…so you can find a moka pot that meets not only your budget…

…and style specifications, but also your special needs.

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