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Three Compartment Sink Washing Machine: 3 Best Choices on Amazon!

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A three compartment sink washing machine is designed…

…for rinsing raw food, cooking meals, and dishwashing.

The different compartments enable for the application of safety…

regulations while simultaneously completing multiple tasks.

These compartments also allow numerous individuals to use the sink…

..at the same time, which can be useful in a busy workplace.

For industrial kitchens, a three compartment sink washing machine is a must-have.

Our Top Picks of Three Compartment Sink Washing Machine on Amazon

Three compartment sink washing machine
credit: pablokitchensink.com

BK Resources Three Compartment Sink Washing Machine


  • Extra high backsplash protects sink from extra mess or stray water droplets
  • Large 15 inch drainboards provide plenty of room to stack up dishes
  • Two holes come pre-drilled into the back board so you can customize your faucet
  • Galvanized steel legs are sturdy yet adjustable for different working heights
  • Smaller sink bowl interior may be helpful in a tighter space or if your items are small
  • Basket drain strainers are included inside the package for convenience


  • May be small for some commercial kitchens or for larger items

This three compartment sink washing machine is robust and small…

…making it ideal for commercial kitchens or convenience stores.

The sink bowls are smaller than those on some of the other models on this list.

They are 10 inches wide by 14 inches long and 10 inches deep for this sink.

Although you won’t be able to fit large objects into them…

…they are perfectly adequate for most day-to-day tasks.

The height of this sink, which is supported by galvanized steel legs, is fully adjustable.

This could be beneficial if you have varying height requirements during the day.

Drain strainers are provided as well, but not drain assemblies.

Although there is no faucet included in the package…

…two faucet holes have already been drilled and are ready for you to customize.

This sink’s brushed surface gives it a subtle grace that is uncommon in…

…commercial three-bowl sinks. The eye can easily wander…

…along the smooth apron front without any skips or interruptions.

Let’s hear the story about three compartment sink washing machine needs.

Words from Bianca

Living life as a housewife is fun…

we are always in a situation where we can make food and staying in our kitchen.

I’m just moving to the new house yesterdayand didn’t bring all of my kitchen tools.

I had a feeling that some stuff was missing, and yes I knew it!

I need kitchen sink for my kitchen areai really love that items.

but I do not know the details and advantages of

each kitchen sink on amazon reviews

Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

about it, after I understand the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I ended up choosing one.

And now i had great 3 compartment kitchen sink to help my kitchen work!

In homes, sinks are in kitchens and bathrooms. A sink has a bowl or basin, one or two taps, and a drain.


John Boos E Series Multi Bowl Commercial Kitchen sink, 3 Compartment


  • John Boos is a name brand that is well known in the industry for quality
  • Massive size will accommodate almost any professional kitchen need
  • Comes with spacious drying boards that allow sanitary practices to be followed
  • Adjustable feet can allow the sink to sit evenly on any floor or surface
  • Two pre-cut faucet holes are centered onto this sink an ready to be used
  • Certified by the NSF and CSA for performance durability and sanitary handling


  • Shallower bowls mean less space to wash large dishes or other items

This three compartment sink washing machine with drainboards is designed…

…for ease of use. This sink is prepared to meet most health and safety criteria…

…that a professional kitchen may demand, with two huge drain boards.

There are two pre-drilled faucet holes as well.

However, there are no faucet components included with this sink.

This model’s bowls are slightly shallower than a normal three-bay sink.

Given the price, this may come as a surprise.

Larger dishes and other items may not be able to fit into each bowl alone.

On the good side, the entire sink is made of 18 gauge stainless steel…

…which is extremely durable. This steel will not corrode or rust…

…and it has a stain-resistant coating.

Keep reading…

Elkay Foodservice Three Compartment Sink Washing Machine


  • Extremely thick 16 gauge stainless steel will go the distance and is difficult to damage
  • Spacious work area and drip-dry area with left and right drainboards
  • Rounded corners on drainboards and work areas mean better and easier cleaning
  • Shiny finish will stay looking nice no matter what kind of jobs it encounters
  • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, so you know it is at a professional level
  • Two faucet holes come pre-cut for ease of installation


  • This model is a little more expensive than others on this list

For good reason, this Elkay three compartment sink washing machine…

…appears to be a luxury item. This type is stylish and durable, with all the bells…

…and whistles you could desire in a three compartment sink washing machine.

This sink is made of 16 gauge stainless steel and is built to last.

The thickest form of steel available on the commercial…

…market is sixteen gauge steel, so you know you’re receiving the best.

If you plan on using this sink frequently, this is something to consider.

The most appealing feature of this sink is its large work surface.

This sink has drainboards on both the left and right sides of the sink bowls…

…providing plenty of space to lay objects.

Here’s the thing…

Three Compartment Sink Washing Machine Buying Guide

Three compartment sink washing machine
credit: eliterestaurantequipment.com
  • Height: Your sink should be at a comfortable and convenient height for you to use. Keep in mind that you will be standing when using it, so the higher the better. This type of sink has a significantly wider and deeper interior than a sink found in a house or conventional domestic setting.
  • Compartment Arrangement: Though some sinks of this sort have a single main trough with three walls that divide the space, others have three separate bowls that are not connected to one another.
  • Additional Workspace: Extra accessories that make living easier are frequently included with three compartment sink washing machines. Items or features that boost workspace are usually included in these accessories.
  • Style: Style may not be the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing commercial industrial appliances. The first priority is usually functionality. Having a sink that is strong, bright, and free of blemishes, on the other hand, can always assist to increase morale.
  • Bowl Depth: Although most three compartment sink washing machines are large by design, bowl depth varies from sink to sink. Smaller bowls are easier to clean than larger bowls since they may hold more water or material.

What Goes in a Three Compartment Sink

Pot and pan detergent solution is kept in the first sink…

The second option is to use potable (drinking) water. …

The sanitizing solution is the third step. A rack or drainboard…

,,,will be provided to allow ware to air dry.

In this case, what goes in a three-compartment sink?

Three-Compartment Sinks — A three-compartment sink is used…

…to physically wash pots, pans, utensils, and bar glassware.

Prior to usage, all sinks should be rinsed and disinfected…

Pre-soaking and washing are done in the first sink….

The detergent will function better if the temperature is at least 110°F…

So, which of the following is prohibited in a three-compartment sink?

Excess food should be scraped off inside a trash can or other disposal system…

…and 3 compartment sink systems should not be utilized as a hand washer…

…or a mop sink. Before and after each use, the sinks should be rinsed and cleaned.

What is the ultimate step when using a three compartment sink…

…taking this into consideration? The third sink, the third phase…

…is for sanitizing all goods. A three-compartment sink is a better…

…way to clean because it can be used for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing.

The sanitizing step is, in essence, the last one….

What does a three-compartment sink serve?

In restaurant kitchens, a three-compartment sink is popular….

It makes hand-washing and sanitizing dishes easier by using…

…one of the three basins for each phase of the procedure.

In restaurant kitchens, a three-compartment sink is popular….

And finally…

Sum Up

Elkay Foodservice 16 gauge Stainless Steel…

…three compartment sink washing machine appears to be the most…

…suitable commercial sink. This Elkay three compartment sink washing machine…

…not only has excellent durability, but it also has a guarantee…

…large bowls, and a stunning design that will make any kitchen sparkle.

It’s designed to survive for years and provide continuous service.


The extra accessories are one of the main reasons this…

…three compartment sink washing machine with drainboards makes our best list.

The drainboards are compliant with most health regulations and…

…will keep your kitchen looking great. It is also accredited by the…

…National Sanitation Foundation, so you can use it with confidence.


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