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Avocado Oil for Cast Iron: Superb Facts

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Avocado oil is a great idea for seasoning cast iron…

…due to its high burning and neutral taste.

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The skillets of cast iron consist of an alloy of iron of 2-4% carbon.

Because of their low fusion temperature and high compressive strength..

..they offer numerous advantages.

Their ability to maintain heat helps cook evenly..

..and the heat can reach through the top of the food..

..making the food frying and searing meat a great choice.

They have other benefits, nown for frying, making them a must-have in their kitchen.

Let’s hear Eve’s story

Years ago, I was lucky enough to receive a set of cast iron pans…

from my grandmother. Sadly, she passed away before she could teach me…

how to clean or season them. Growing up, I knew not to use soap or water…

on them as they would rust, but I wasn’t sure how to properly clean and re-season them.

By baking on multiple thin coats of oil…

you can create a slick and glassy surface on a cast iron pan.

A non-stick surface is created by coating the cast iron pan with this….

This helps to prevent rusting.

Avocado oil
Credit : health.usnews.com

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Avocado Oil For Seasoning Cast Iron

Avocado oil has a smoke of 520 °F and is therefore one of the best options for seasoning.

When the pot is heated near this (never greater than it) temperature..

..a bond is formed and the pot is heated by a layer of avocado oil.

Polymerization is the process.

Aviation oil is beneficial..

..because it is not usually used for the cooking of these high temperatures.

The smoke point of the oil is therefore not as easy to reach..

..which makes it longer seasoning.

It is also a neutral oil that does not affect your food taste.

How to Season Cast Iron

  1. Clean Your Pan : Before using it for the first time, wash the pan with mild soap and dry it out completely.
  2. Bake the Pan : Preheat the oven to below the smoke temperature (You do not want to burn the oil). You can preheat to about 450F for avocado oil. On the oven rack, place an aluminum foil. Spread the pot evenly, lay it with avocado oil. Put it on top and leave it for an hour to baker.

What To Look For In A Seasoning Oil

First of everything don’t be afraid of screwing it up..

..name it a kitchen oil, and a large group of people probably swear..

..that it is the best seasoning option.

The truth is..

..essentially any oil you use will make your pot more sticky and protect it against rust.

All are good (almost)!

Some will only build a slightly longer lasting barrier or take less time to polymerize.

An oil smoke point is the most important thing to look at here.

While you don’t usually want your oil to smoke when you are cooking..

..when you season a pot that is exactly what you do.

Smoke means that your oil polymerizes and becomes a part of seasoning.

Seasoning your pot at a temperature considerably greater..

..than the smoke point of your oil doesn’t have to lead to a better product..

..but it speeds the process that makes oils attractive with lower smoke points.

Seasoning forms a natural, easy-release cooking surface and helps prevent your pan from rusting. It may take a little extra care, but a well-seasoned cast iron pan will last for generations.


This diagram from Lodge shows that flaxseed oil..

..has a considerably reduced smoke point than every other common cooking oil..

..but most ovens will be able to exceed the smoke of most oils..

..which is what is ultimately important at the end of the day.

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All the oils contain both saturated and unsaturated fats..

..but they are the unsaturated fats that will easily polymerize..

..and connect with the existing molecules.

Again, it’ll be hard to screw cast iron seasonings with enough heat..

..and time regardless of which oil you choose..

..and because all things are the same..

..with a higher composition of unattached fats you will have better results.

Many swear by the lard and the bacon grapes used for seasoning..

..by parents and grandparents, as these fats have become widespread..

..and cheap in past decades.

But they both have a high percentage of saturated fats as compared..

..to more modern cooking oils (which is why they solidify at room temperature).

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Avocado oil
Credit : avajaneskitchen.com

Is Avocado Oil Good for Seasoning Cast Iron

Temperature of combustion: 500-520°F I’m starting with avocado oil since…

…in my view, it’s the greatest oil for seasoning cast iron!

Simply seek for refined avocado oil, which has a significantly higher smoke point…

…(about 500-520 degrees) than unprocessed avocado oil.

Better Body Foods makes the avocado oil I’ve been using for years…

…and it has a smoke point of 500 degrees.

Because of its versatility, I also favor avocado oil for seasoning cast iron….

I don’t want to waste money on culinary materials that only have one usage…

…and avocado oil is flavorless and a healthier alternative…

…so I use it in all of my dishes. I even use it to season and keep…

…my Camp Chef flat top grill in good working order

Avocado oil
Credit : productnation.co

And, that’s it!

Sums Up

Seasoning your cast iron will prevent rusting…

…and staining and let you cook your food to perfection.

You’ll definitely find avocado oil to be your best friend in this case….

Save this article so the next time you need to season your cast iron with avocado oil…

….you can find all the instructions right here?


And that’s it the tips for how to cast iron with avocado oil…

We hope you find this article useful and help you….

…to prevent your cast iron from rusting!

Thank you for sticking around and leave a comment for more questions!

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