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Pizza Topping Magic: Create Pizza Masterpieces Easily

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Who can’t resist the goodness of cheese pizza!?

No need to worry, we are going to reveal on how to make cheese pizza at home!

While there are many types of cheese, Italian cheese is probably the most common…

… and the most well known.

And, it’s not hard to agree that pizza should have cheese pizza in it.

It’s one of the most popular ingredients in cheese pizzas and is featured…

… on virtually every pizza ordered in the United States.

But if you are looking for another cheese reference for pizza

… you can find out more in this blog.

Making Cheese Pizza at Home

Many people are also surprised to learn that their favorite pizza toppings…

… may not be as traditional as they thought.

The healthy pizza is a new trend that’s growing in popularity…

… and trying to imitate the traditional food pyramid.

The unhealthy versions are always getting a lot of attention these days…

… and people are flocking to these new, health-conscious pizzas.

A growing amount of Americans are involved in making this new kind…

… and that’s why it’s starting to grow in popularity.

But, before you think that the new obsession with healthy pizza is just a fad…

… consider that a lot of these pies can be made with fresh ingredients.

There are also tons of different ingredients that can go into making a single pizza.

Do you like cheese?

Cheese is the most common ingredient for cheese pizza

… but if you’re watching your weight, there’s other stuff you might consider adding.

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash.com

Adding meat to your pie is a popular idea.

You can get away with just having the cheese…

… but the other ingredients might see a small decrease in your caloric intake.

As with any food, preparation is key.

Whether you’re making pizza at home or ordering gourmet pie…

… it’s important to keep in mind that you can make your meal healthier…

… if you plan in advance.

Of course, not everyone is going to be in the mood to make a fancy meal…

… in the middle of a busy week.

Whether you’re at home or going out, make sure you’re thinking about the health…

… implications of each meal you eat.

This is also a good time to have a conversation about exercise and healthy eating.

Have a conversation with your waiter about the large meals he often cooks.

You can suggest recipes that you think he could cook himself.

Most people offer to bring something to their table…

… so you may be able to create more dishes than usual.

So, instead of thinking of eating out as a place you’re going to…

… have to sacrifice taste for health, consider changing your eating habits.

And, if you’re already feeling the weight gain, you could find that you can stay…

… in shape by cooking more meals at home and changing your diet.

Once you’ve made the changes, you won’t feel much better about eating out…

… and you’ll even be grateful for the spare calories you eat when…

… you take advantage of healthier dinner menus and incorporate…

… more vegetables and less fat.

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash.com

Easy Way on How To Make Delicious Cheese Pizza

Pizza Crust

For those of you who love pizza, good news!

You can make a restaurant-worthy pie right at home. We will show you how.

It is not hard to make the dough for a pizza because it is already done…

… when you use frozen dough from Amazon or other grocery store.

And it does not matter if people think that you did it or someone else made the pie…

… because we know that this pizza tastes great!

You can make frozen pizza crusts and store them in the freezer.

You can then use these to make homemade pizza when you are hungry.

Make your dough, let it rise, and then freeze it so that all you have to do is…

… thaw it and roll out the dough.

For best results, let it thaw overnight in the refrigerator before making your pizza.

It is up to you if you want to make a dough from scratch.

If not, then go with a premade dough.

When baking the dough, there are a few options for how to do it.

You could do it the best way possible and bake on a baking sheet as…

… instructed by the package.

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash.com

If you want your crust crisper, then use either a baking stone or cookie sheet…

… with raised edges that will allow heat from the oven below to circulate around…

… the dough better than on any other surface.

Using a stone? Heat it in the oven 10-30 minutes before you plan to bake.

Put some cornmeal on the pizza peel.

If you don’t have a pizza peel, use an upturned baking sheet with some cornmeal.

Then put your pizza on it and transfer it to the oven after 10-30 minutes.

For a Crisper Crust

Pre-bake the dough for 8-9 minutes.

Then take it out and flip it over with a spatula.

Put pizza sauce, meat, cheese, and any other toppings on the crust.

Put it back in the oven and bake it for 6-10 more minutes…

… or until the crust is deep golden brown.

You will need an oven that is between 400 and 500 degrees…

… to cook this type of pizza crust well.

If you would like your crust to be even crispier then you can preheat your oven…

… with a pizza stone or baking sheet before cooking your pizza…

… this will make sure that the bottom of the crust has a nice crunch!

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash.com

For Soft Crust

When you are making cheese pizza, do not prebake the dough.

Put sauce and toppings on it.

Then bake it for 9-13 minutes, if you’re making have cheese pizza.

You should get a soft crust, so don’t make the heat too low.

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash.com

Pizza Sauce

You can buy your favorite pizza sauce…

… but it is easy to make a tasty pizza sauce at home.

To do this, mix your sauce with canned tomatoes.

Add some fire-roasted crushed tomatoes or crushed tomatoes…

… with basil to the recipe below for an excellent marinara.

Start by putting about two tablespoons of sauce on the middle of your pizza crust…

… and then spread it out using a large spoon or ladle for the best coverage.

You can make it your own!

If you like a little spice, add in 1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes.

Basil and oregano are traditional pizza sauce flavors…

… so try adding some of either one to taste.

You can leave it as is for a chunky sauce or blend it for a smoother sauce.

For the blender, open the pour spout with a kitchen towel…

… and put in the blender to avoid making too much mess around your kitchen.

Store-bought pizza sauce does not need to be heated before use.

But if you want a better taste, cook the tomatoes first.

You can also make white pizza with garlic, salt, and pepper…

… or barbecue chicken pizza or buffalo chicken pizza.

Cheese pizza

Pizza Toppings

The Cheese

Pizza is not pizza without cheese, but how do you get the cheese right on your pie?

It depends what types of cheese you use.

The best cheese for melting pizza is mozzarella.

Many pizza recipes call for this cheese and some pizzas like margherita only use it…

… not blending with any other type of cheese.

Mozzarella is a good choice because its high fat content makes it easy to melt…

.. and it has a mild flavor so you can put on many toppings if you want to.

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash.com

The best cheese for flavor really depends on your preference.

If you want a classic, Italian pizza, combine mozzarella and provolone cheese.

If you want to get fancy with your pizza, add prosciutto, arugula…

… and/or caramelized onions. For richer or more unique flavors, try gouda or gruyere!

You can put Cheddar cheese on your cheese pizza.

It has a nice taste.

But it will not look like a mozzarella cheese pizza because it won’t melt…

… and become slightly blistered.

Parmesan cheese tastes good on cheese pizza.

But you shouldn’t put it in your cheese blend, because when you bake it…

… the flavor will go away.

That’s why you should sprinkle some of it over your cheese pizza after it comes out…

… of the oven so that there is still a little bit of flavor.

You can make pizza in many different ways.

Maybe you will like it more than you expect.

It might be fun to try something new, like pepperoni, sausage, or ham and pineapple.

You might find that they are your favorite way to make cheese pizza!

Cheese pizza
source: unsplash

To Sum Up

We love cheese pizza, there’s nothing can beat the flavor!

There’s a few steps in making pizza should know!

First is the crust, second is the sauce, and third the toppings!

Feel free to use anykind of cheese on your pizza!

Remember, that sometimes a certain cheese may be overpowering…

… your other cheese in your pizza.


You can easily make cheese pizza at your home.

People might think its a big fuss to cook pizza at home, but it’s not!

We promise you that if you follow our steps you can always get…

… the perfect cheese pizza!

Comment and tell us how’s it going when you’re making your cheese pizza!

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