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Master Cold Brew Coffee with Bodum in Minutes

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Try cold brew coffee when you want a drink that is both refreshing and invigorating. It’s made without heat, as the name implies, giving it a distinct flavor from a hot cup of coffee. The flavor compounds in ground beans are extracted more slowly when steeped in cool water, resulting in lower acidity and a more nuanced flavor profile.

You can make this delicious drink at home with our stylish Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker. It comes with a large, stain-resistant borosilicate glass carafe that can brew 12 servings. Furthermore, compared to disposable paper filters, the integrated filter is more environmentally friendly and effective.

When you haven’t brewed your usual coffee the best way to go is by making a one of the many coffee recipes available on the Internet. You will need a coffee maker in order to have a fresh and tasty cup of the daily brew.

Making use of a coffee maker bean to make a one of a kind cup of coffee is possible, nevertheless it requires a bit of time and effort. Most, who don’t have a lot of time for a daily coffee fix, opt for a machine which offers more convenience such as a brewer that fits on top of the counter. It is possible to brew a decent tasting cup of coffee with a coffee maker. But, those who are in a rush opt for a machine that makes coffee much easier and faster. To brew a cup of coffee with a coffee maker, there are a few things you need to know.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to make concentrated cold brew coffee that you can dilute as much as you want. As a result, you’ll have the pleasure of sipping coffee just the way you like it. Because the Bean employs the French press method, your coffee will be silky smooth. But you need to make sure that you already used the best coffee for french press.

Make Cold Brew Coffee: Step One

Place the silicone lid of your Bean coffee maker on a non-slip surface. For the most flavorful cold brew coffee, coarsely grind medium to dark roasted beans, such as Bodum’s Best Arabica Beans, and add them to the carafe. We recommend using 163g beans (approximately 13.5g per cup) to make the maximum 12 cups. The ground coffee should have a texture similar to that of ground sea salt.

Top tip: The Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder can easily grind the perfect cold brew grind. Simply set the timer for 20 seconds and select the French press setting. The conical burrs of the grinder crush rather than slice the beans, preserving their flavors and producing a consistent grind size for better brewing and taste.

Make Cold Brew Coffee: Step Two

Use eight times more water than ground coffee for delicious cold brew drinks straight from your Bean coffee maker. In other words, a 1:8 ratio of ground coffee to water is ideal. That’s twice the strength of what you’d need for a cup of hot coffee. When it comes to cold brew coffee, bold is best: you can dilute it and add other flavors after the brewing process is finished while keeping the delicious flavor.

Add 1,300g cool, fresh water to the 163g ground beans (equivalent to 1,300ml or approximately 108ml per cup). Filtered water is preferable because it contains fewer impurities. Pouring the water slowly and in a circular motion into the carafe will help to evenly cover the ground coffee. With a plastic or wooden spoon, gently stir until it’s completely saturated.

Because the Bean coffee maker has a 1,500ml capacity, using the recommended amounts of ground coffee and water will prevent the carafe from being overfilled.

Make Cold Brew Coffee: Step Three

Now all you have to do is wait for time to work its magic! Leave the coffee to brew at room temperature for 12-15 hours after sealing the carafe with the silicone lid. Allow the coffee to brew in the lidded carafe in your fridge for 18-24 hours for a chilled beverage.

Top tip: When you get home from work, make cold brew coffee and leave it to steep overnight. In the morning, you’ll find a refreshing beverage waiting for you.

Make Cold Brew Coffee: Step Four

Replace the silicone lid on the Bean with the plunger lid to stop the brewing process. Lower the plunger slowly until the ground coffee is trapped at the bottom of the carafe. It should move smoothly and easily; if it doesn’t, gently stir the coffee and try again.
Dilute each serving with water or milk to taste. For added sophistication, ice cubes could be added.

Top tip: Our chic Pavina Double Wall Glasses will keep your cold brew coffee at the perfect temperature for longer than ordinary drinkware, without the annoyance of condensation forming on the outside.

Inspiring Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

Here’s a tempting trio of cold brew creations, showing how versatile this coffee can be. 

  • Mint Cold Brew – Pummel several fresh mint leaves and two teaspoons of sugar, using a mortar and pestle. Add the mixture to a Pavina glass, followed by ice cubes. Pour over cold brew coffee and a dash of milk to complete this aromatic drink.
  • Chilled Irish Coffee – Half-fill a Pavina glass with cold brew coffee, add two shots of whisky and one of simple syrup (also called sugar syrup). The finishing touches for this tasty, alcoholic beverage are whipped cream and chocolate curls.
  • Vanilla Coffee Dream – Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a Pavina glass then pour over a generous amount of cold brew coffee. Topping this dreamy delight with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles turns it into an indulgent dessert. Delicious!


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