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What Can I Use As A Cooling Rack? 4 Superb Ideas For Substitute Cooling Rack



Cooling Rack

Don’t have a cooling racks and you are thinking, what can I use as a cooling rack? What is cooking rack? Cooling racks are kitchen essentials. They keep food fresh and help to maintain the even temperature of your oven, which in turn helps to retain moisture and prevent food from drying out too quickly or becoming soggy.  In this blog, we also have an article about best cooling racks that you might want read about it.

A cooling rack (also known simply as a wire rack) is used to allow air to circulate freely to cool baked goods, and to prevent them getting soggy from condensation.”


What Does This Do?

A cooling rack keeps foods such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and desserts at the right temperature for optimal results. It also creates an air-flow path through your oven, reducing cooking time by up to 25%.

How Do I Use one?

Place any item that will need to be cooled in the rack before placing in the oven. Leave at least 1cm between each piece of food so they don’t touch, then place on top of another cooling rack if necessary.

Typically, a cooling rack is made of stainless steel wires that are formed into a mesh squares of small crisscrossed bars or a number of straight, closely aligned parallel bars so that food to be cooled can easily be supported without falling through, yet allowing enough air to reach the bottom of the food so it does not retain too much moisture and become soggy.”


Why should I have a cooling rack?

It makes life easier when preparing food because it’s much quicker than fiddling around with pans of sauces and bowls of hot water. For example, if you want to make pasta but there isn’t enough room on the stovetop, put your pot on the cooling rack instead.

When you remove food from the refrigerator, place it on a cooling rack first . This means it will stay fresher longer. It also allows air to circulate more freely over the surface of your food than leaving it sitting directly on the counter. Below, I will show about what can you use as a cooling rack substitute.

What Can I Use As A Cooling Rack

Find Items That Are Similar To Cooling Rack

The first and most easily accessible wire rack substitute is the rack from your toaster oven. To chill your cakes, you may use bamboo sushi mats, an oven rack, or even the grill from a barbeque.

A metal roasting rack may also be used in place of a wire rack. However, since the space between the lines is much larger than that of a wire rack, you should only use a roasting rack to chill cooked big goods like bread.

To prevent food residue clinging to your baked goodies, cover the surface of the wire rack alternative with brown paper or paper towel.

Create an Elevated Surface to Improve Airflow

How can you chill cookies without a wire rack or any of the other tools mentioned above? If you can’t locate wire cooling racks, using an elevated surface works great for boosting air flow and cooling your cheesecakes considerably faster:

Make use of crumpled-foil rack

Let’s wrap up some foil and construct tight cylinders if you have it in your kitchen! These rollers must be able to raise either the baking sheet or the cooked items. Set up as many foil cylinders as you need on the kitchen counter to disperse the weight of anything you wish to chill. The main thing to remember is to leave around 2 inches between the cylinders. Then, set the baking sheet or baked products on top of the crumpled-foil rack to cool.

Make a grid using metal open-style cookie cutters

Metal open-style cookie cutters are another technique to create a raised surface. Place multiple metal open-style cookie cutters of any form next to each other, allowing a little gap between them. This permits air to circulate more efficiently. Then, place parchment paper on top of them and your cooked delights on top of that. The disadvantage of this baking rack alternative is that it only works for big items. Smaller baked goods, such as muffins or cookies, are unable to remain balanced when placed on the metal cookie cutters.

Baked items should be placed on top of a cold burner on your electric stove.

What else can you do to chill the baked goods if you don’t have a suitable cooling rack? Let’s utilize one of your electric stove’s cool burners. All you have to do is set the baking sheet on the cool burner so that the air moving underneath it helps chill the cakes quicker. Set parchment paper on the stove and transfer cooked sweets with medium-to-large sizes straight to it, as long as the burner is sanitized beforehand.

Putting Freshly Baked Cakes On A Cool, Flat Surface

Is there any way to chill cookies without using a wire rack? You may, however, move the newly cooked cakes from a hot baking sheet or cake pan to a cold, flat, nonstick surface. You can, for example, move hot cookies from a heated baking sheet to a cold one. The undersides of the baked products will cool quicker this way.

Granite chopping boards also make excellent flat surfaces for cooling baked goods since they remain cold at all times. Furthermore, you may use a clean pizza stone or a cold dish big enough to hold the baked pastries. Place paper towels on the top of the cutting board or cool plate before placing the baked items on it. The paper towels aid in the removal of excess butter or cooking oil from the bottoms of the pastries.

Remember to provide enough distance between people to improve air circulation, speed up the cooling process, and avoid condensation.

Make Your Own Cooling Rack

How can you create your own wire rack? Is it simple for inexperienced chefs to accomplish it at home? Yes, let us show you some solutions for homemade cooling racks!

The first method is to use muffin pans and (cardboard) egg trays to build a homemade frying rack. Simply flip them upside down, cover with brown paper or parchment paper, and place the baked item on this improvised rack.

One thing to keep in mind is that the homemade baking rack constructed from egg trays may only accommodate little delicacies. As a result, never place heavy baked products on it, or it will fall. Aside from muffin pans and egg trays, you may construct a DIY wire rack out of a collection of canning rings, such as jar lids.


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