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What Is a Commercial Blender, Superb 3 Things That You Need To Know About It


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What Is a Commercial Blender?

So, what is a commercial blender? It sometimes known as a liquidizer or juicer…

…is a kitchen appliance used to purée or juice specific foods. These blenders consist of a big cup mounted on an electric motor base and equipped with revolving blades capable of liquefying the contents.

Some of these blades are even strong enough to cut down the ice and turn it into an almost liquid slush. This is perfect for creating smoothies or juices since it mixes everything evenly. The cups usually come in different sizes so you can choose which one works best with your needs. Some people use them just for making their own juice at home while others use them for preparing soups or sauces. They’re not only used by chefs but they’re also commonly found in restaurants and food service companies. In here, we also have an article about commercial blender machine that you might want to see.

When Buying A Commercial Blender

There are many features to consider when buying a good commercial blender. Here are some things you should know before purchasing:

  • Size – You need to be sure about what size will work well for your business. If you run a restaurant then you definitely want something big enough to make huge batches of soup or sauce. On the other hand if you plan to prepare small amounts of drinks like smoothie bowls or shakes you may prefer smaller models.
  • Speed – It depends on how fast do you need the machine to operate. Do you mind waiting several minutes between blending two types of vegetables together? Or would you rather blend all your veggies right away without having to wait too long? Speed affects the type of blade you get. For example if you don’t care much about speed then you might opt for cheaper models where there aren’t any special blades included. However, if you want something more powerful than that then you’ll probably go for higher-end machines that include high RPM motors.
  • Storage space – How much storage room does this model provide? Will you need to store extra containers inside? Does it feature removable parts so that you can clean up easily? Look out for those details first because you wouldn’t want to purchase a product that doesn’t fit properly within your kitchen.
  • Weight – Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the unit itself. Most manufacturers offer lightweight versions as well as heavier ones depending on your personal preference. Usually lighter units weigh less than their heavy counterparts; however sometimes it happens vice versa. Make sure to check both sides of the market to find the most suitable option.
  • Safety Features – Safety is always important especially if you intend to use it every day. There are various safety features available such as auto shut offs, splash guards and child locks. Check each model carefully to see whether it has any of those options.
  • Price Range – Finally, price range plays a role here. While expensive products tend to last longer and perform better, cheap ones often lack quality components. So take note of the budget you have set aside for your new appliance. Also remember that you won’t regret spending money once you start using it regularly.

Benefits Of Using A Commercial Blender

  • Using a blender isn’t hard. In fact, anyone who uses them daily knows exactly why they’re so useful. Let us look at some of the benefits you receive from owning a commercial blender.
  • Efficient Use of Time – When working with a blender, time becomes extremely valuable. Instead of cooking multiple dishes at once, you can mix all your fruits and veggie pieces together in no time. All you have to do now is add water and enjoy!
  • Healthier Meals – Smoothies and juices help boost our energy levels. Plus, they give us vitamins and minerals we require throughout the day. They also contain fewer calories compared to regular meals. This means that you’ll consume less while still getting the same amount of nutrients.
  • Better Nutrition – As mentioned above, smoothies and juice packs are great sources of nutrition. Not only do these foods improve our overall health but they also increase our intake of fiber which helps fight against constipation. The best part is that you can drink these healthy beverages whenever you feel hungry without feeling guilty afterwards.
  • Easy To Clean Up – Preparing food shouldn’t be messy. That’s why many people choose to buy blenders instead of traditional cookers. With a blender, cleanup takes just seconds since everything gets blended into one single container.
  • No More Messy Dishes – Cooking with a conventional cooker requires lots of washing after every meal. Thankfully, when you own a good blender, cleaning comes easy. Simply put down the ingredients, turn the switch, and voila! Your dish is ready to serve. No mess left behind.

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