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What Is Conical Burr Coffee Grinder? Superb 8 Benefits From This Type Of Grinder


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We are all well aware of the importance of a quality coffee grinder. The perfect one can ensure a good grind every time. But there is more to this device than meets the eye, conical burr coffee grinder. What is conical burr coffee grinder? Find out more by reading this article. In this blog too, we also have an article about oxo burr grinder that you might want to read about it.

The burrs are the part of the grinder that crushes the coffee beans into a uniform size which is essential for creating an awesome espresso/coffee.”


What is conical burr coffee grinder?

Conical burr coffee grinder is a unique device that grinds coffee beans at a much faster rate than a conventional burr grinder. It consists of a conical shaped piece of metal with sharp teeth, which holds and turns coffee beans as they fall into the spinning cage. These coffee grinding machines are mostly used in espresso and French press preparation. 

The idea behind this machine is to cut down on heat generated by the friction between the burrs and coffee beans. This reduces temperatures, allowing for higher quality coffee. The conical burr coffee grinders work better when using darker roasted beans or lower-quality beans than with medium or light roast coffees. The grind size will increase from coarse to fine depending on the setting selected.

The conical burr coffee mill can be found in many sizes and varieties. Choose from manual models or electric powered versions. We also have an article about what is burr coffee grinder if you want to know more about it.

A burr grinder, also called a burr mill, is made up of two revolving burrs in between which the coffee is ground. The beans are crushed between a moving grinder wheel and a non-moving surface.”


Types Of Conical Burr Coffee Machine:

Most of the conical burr coffee mills have two basic types of settings; Fine/coarse and regular/extra fine.

There are also some automatic conical burr coffee makers available on the market. You need to choose your coffee maker based on what you want it to do – how often you use it, how quick you want it to grind and whether you prefer an electric or manual version…

Manual conical burr coffee machines are great for home use because you control the amount of time taken to grind your coffee beans. They are more expensive than electrical versions but cheaper versions exist too.

Electric conical burr coffee machine grind quickly and cleanly produce good tasting coffee, however, you are not able to adjust the speed of the machine so if you like a fast coffee then it may not be suitable for you.

There are many different designs of manual conical burr coffee maker out there, here we’ve picked out our top 5 best manual conical burr grinders and listed below why each one stands out.

Benefits of conical burr grinder

Consistent grind every time

A conical burr grinder coffee beans by holding them inside a revolving metal ‘cage’. If the grind is too fine it won’t hold properly and you risk the beans falling through the holes onto the floor below. A conical burr grinders works because its design allows air to circulate around the coffee beans creating pressure that prevents the beans from slipping out of place. As a result the conical burrs ensure a consistent grind and therefore consistent results.

Quicker Grind

Coffee ground with a conical burr grinder is typically quicker than coffee grounds ground with other methods as they don’t require heating up the entire bean before grinding. By keeping their temperature low, the conical burr griddle ensures that only the surface area of the coffee beans heats up giving you a fully ground cup while the rest of the coffee remains uncooked.

No Burnt Taste

Burnt coffee tastes bad due to acids that form during roasting. Not all coffee beans roast evenly and some burn more rapidly than others. The conical burrs allow air flow which keeps the beans cool and stops them burning, preventing any unpleasant flavours.

Less Heat

Burrs create less heat as they are smaller than flat ones, thus, no scorched flavour or burnt beans. In comparison, flat burrs tend to generate more heat which means they can cause the beans to crack making them bitter.

Easier to Clean

Conical burr coffee makers are easier to clean as you just need to wipe them off rather than having to scrub them.

Better Quality Beans

Grinding coffee beans with conical burrs helps keep the coffee fresh for longer than grinding with flat burrs. This is because the conical burrs prevent the coffee beans from rolling around in a container making them stay fresher for longer.


Conical burr grinders are durable as they are made from steel and not plastic unlike most of the other options on the market. They make sure to maintain the integrity of the burrs after years of use.


If you’re looking for something cheap and easy to use then a conical burr coffee grinder might be right for you.

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