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Can You Use Coffee Maker For Tea? Yes! 6 Superb Steps To Brew Your Tea With Coffee Maker


Can you use coffee maker for tea? You want to begin drinking loose leaf tea but are hesitant to invest in a large amount of equipment.

Given that you already own a coffee maker and since both coffee and tea are prepared using hot water, why should this not work? You will learn the answer to it in this article. In this blog, we also have an article about coffee maker with grinder reviews that you might want to read about it.

A coffee maker is an electric countertop appliance that brews hot coffee automatically.”

R. Kayne, author from delightedcooking.com

Can You Use Coffee Maker For Tea

So, can you use coffee maker for tea? Yes, you can brew tea in a standard countertop coffee maker without any difficulty. I’ll demonstrate how below, but I strongly advise against it. Because a coffee maker is simply a mechanism that circulates hot water through a basket containing anything you choose, it makes no difference whether the basket is filled with tea or coffee.

However, refrain from tossing your costly loose leaf tea into the basket of your coffee machine just yet! There are several reasons why this is a bad idea.

Coffee Maker

A coffeemaker, often known as a coffee machine, is a type of kitchen device used to brew coffee. While there are numerous types of coffeemakers that employ a variety of various brewing methods, the most typical devices use a paper or metal filter inside a funnel that is put over a glass or ceramic coffee pot, a sort of kettle cooking pot. The coffee pot has an opening at its top called the “drip” and a spout or tube that leads away from the pot’s side . Coffee makers typically also include some means of heating the coffee pot, such as electric elements underneath the pot or on its sides. Other than that, they vary widely.

Brewing coffee can be done manually by placing the coffee grinds into a filter inside the coffee pot, then pouring hot water over them. This method is still used by many people, especially those who enjoy making their own special blends of coffee, although the majority of coffee sold in stores today is produced by machines rather than by hand.

From French presses and Moka pots to AeroPressed coffee and single-serve specialty coffee pods, coffee makers have come a long way from the standard pots of automated drip coffee.”

Christabel Lobo, author from allrecipes.com

Making Tea in a Coffee Maker

To prepare your coffee machine for tea duty, it must first be cleaned.

  1. Remove the filter and any remaining coffee grounds in the basket compartment. Wipe the area dry with a damp cloth and squeeze off the excess moisture. Wipe off the inside of the carafe with the damp towel as well.
  2. Combine a couple cups of vinegar and some tap water (as much you would need to prepare a complete pot) and proceed as usual with the coffee machine.
  3. After the machine has completed its cycle, remove the vinegar water mixture. Rinse the carafe in the sink with warm and then cold water.
  4. Remove the basket from the coffee maker and run another full pot of water through it. You are simply rinsing it under hot water. This step will assist in removing any remaining vinegar residue from the previous step. However, in my experience, the first few pots can taste of vinegar, so you may wish to repeat this procedure a few times.
  5. Now you can fill the basket with your tea. Utilize the recommended amount on the box, bag, or tin. If no instructions are provided, use one teaspoon per cup.
  6. As usual, operate the coffee machine and wait until the tea is cool enough to sip.


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