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How To Clean A Zester? Superb 5 Ways To Do It


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How to clean a zester? Zesters are widely used in kitchens, but they can be a pain to clean a zester. They tend to get stuck in the zestier bits of your citrus fruits. Here’s how to use a zester without too much mess. In this blog, we also have an article about microplane zester that you might want to read about it.

A zester is a kitchen utensil for obtaining zest from lemons and other citrus fruit.”


What Is Zester?

Zester is a small tool used to finely grate the skins of citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. It has a long, tapered shape and is typically made of stainless steel. It looks like a miniature grater. Zesters are available in different sizes and styles. The blades of zesters are made of hard, durable stainless steel that can withstand heavy use. We also have an article about what is a lemon zester if you want know more about it.

What is the difference between citrus peelers and zesters?

Citrus peelers can be very helpful when preparing fruit salads or other dishes where you need to cut through the rind but don’t want to damage the flesh below. A citrus peeler is typically shorter than a zester, making it easier to hold onto while cutting. You’ll find both types of tools in kitchen stores and hardware stores.

Citrus peels should be peeled prior to using them in recipes; however, you may encounter some people who believe citrus peels are healthier than the flesh. While they might be right about the skin being beneficial, this doesn’t mean that citrus peels are more nutritious than their flesh. For example, citrus peels contain vitamins C and K just as much as the flesh does. However, the skin contains a lot more fiber, which helps regulate digestion and provide nutrients to our bodies.

A special kitchen tool that is used to shave bits or strands from the outer most layer of covering on citrus fruits such as lemons, limes or oranges.”


How To Clean A Zester

While a dishwasher will remove the majority of this residue, some tenacious particles may remain. To remove stubborn bits of zest that refuse to come off with water, set the zester in a hot or steamy environment. The heat softens the zest, enabling it to be easily wiped away. So this is how to clean a zester?

  1. Simply immerse your filthy zester for a few minutes in hot water before cleaning it.
  2. While a high-sided bowl or pot is preferable for the long, thin form of the zester, you could alternatively soak it horizontally in a plugged-up sink or even a casserole dish.
  3. After five to ten minutes, you’ll see that all of the crusty residue has begun to float away from the zester.
  4. The soaking time effectively reconstitutes the dried-on food, restoring it to its freshly grated form, allowing you to proceed with that rinse you put off before.
  5. Whatever residue remains on the grater will easily come off with a sweep of a soapy sponge.

Thus, we have a cleaning solution that is both free and simple to use, as well as rather diverse.

Can you use a vegetable peeler instead of a zester?

A vegetable peeler works well for removing the skins of veggies and fruits. Unlike a citrus peeler, a vegetable peeler is usually longer than a zester. Also, unlike a zester, a vegetable peeler typically won’t come equipped with a guard. In fact, there isn’t even a handle on most of them. They also cannot be used to grate citrus fruits.

How do I know if my zester needs sharpening?

You should keep your zester properly maintained so that it lasts for years. To help ensure good performance, try these tips:

  • Keep your zester out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t leave it sitting in water or any liquid and avoid washing it in hot water.
  • Sharpen the blade regularly by running it over an angle grinder or grinding wheel.

Should I remove the guard from my zester?

The guards found on many zesters aren’t really necessary. They are intended to protect the user’s fingers from the sharp edges of the zester. If you’re comfortable with handling metal items, you can probably get away without one. However, if you tend to have problems with nicks and cuts, then you will definitely want to wear gloves when working with your zester.

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