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How To Use Commercial Ice Cream Machine, Superb 12 Steps To Do It

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Commercial Ice Cream Machine

If your shop provides quality ice cream in large amounts…

…an investment in an ice cream producing machine may allow you to manufacture a treat that is just as delicious (if not better) at a lower cost. In this article you will know how to use commercial ice cream machine!

And your restaurant, hotel, or café establishment will also be able to expand on the limited range of flavors that are commercially viable for larger companies, resulting in a more fascinating product range for your customers and a distinct talking point among your competitors. Ice cream aficionados will go to great lengths to find something different from the norm! In here we have list of commercial ice cream machines that you might want to see.

What Is Commercial Ice Cream Machine?

Commercial ice cream machines can churn out up to 3 litres per hour, with an impressive capacity of 20 litres. The production time from start to finish is around 45 minutes, so there is no need to worry about downtime between batches. The machines come equipped with all the accessories required to make delicious ice creams including freezers and mixers.

The machine comes complete with two stainless steel containers, one for freezing and one for mixing. These have been designed to withstand the rigours of modern day life without breaking down, and they’re easy to clean too. You’ll find them very useful when making large batches of frozen desserts such as sorbets or ices. They provide a stable base for holding ingredients while being mixed together, and they keep things cool during processing. If you wondering how much are commercial ice cream machines, you can find it in our blog too.

Commercial Ice Cream Machine Models

  • A standard model – This has a maximum output of 2 litre/min. It includes everything you need to set up and run a new ice cream manufacturing plant. There is room for expansion if desired.
  • An upgraded version – This features higher performance, increased storage space and greater flexibility. The maximum output increases to 4 litre/min.
  • A commercial model – Designed specifically for those who want to take their ice cream manufacturing operations to another level altogether. Available only in conjunction with other equipment options, this model allows for much faster production rates and higher capacities. Maximum outputs increase to 6 litres/minute.

All the products comply fully with health & safety regulations. For example, the freezer compartment must maintain temperatures below 0°C throughout its entire operating cycle, and the internal temperature of the mixer should never exceed 40°C. All components are made from food grade materials, and each machine comes with appropriate warranties covering both parts and labour. 

How To Use Commercial Ice Cream Machines?

To operate the unit effectively, you’ll need to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Ensure that the correct amount of water is added to the bowl before starting the process.
  2. Place the container containing the mixture into the refrigerator until needed. Do NOT place the container directly onto the floor where cold air could enter through gaps and cause condensation within the machinery.
  3. Open the lid of the container. DO NOT remove the cover yet.
  4. Select the desired setting by pressing the corresponding button. Make sure the handle does not touch anything.
  5. Start the motor turning clockwise by pushing the starter button. Once the machine starts running smoothly, press START again.
  6. When the motor reaches full speed, close the lid firmly but gently.
  7. Press STOP when the required time has elapsed.
  8. Unplug the power cable from the mains socket and open the door on the back of the machine. Remove the container and the ice cream scoop. Check that all surfaces are dry and wipe thoroughly with soft cloths. Replace the lid and screw it tightly closed.
  9. Put the container back into the fridge immediately.
  10. After approximately 30 minutes check whether the contents inside the container have solidified sufficiently. If necessary repeat step 7.
  11. Repeat step 10 every hour for 5 hours after which the product will be ready.
  12. Store the finished ice cream in an upright position at room temperature for 24 hours prior to consumption.

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