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How To Wash Knife Block? Superb 9 Steps To Do It


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How to wash knife block? Knife blocks are a great kitchen gadget, but if you want to keep them looking their best, there’s one very important thing you need to do: wash knife block. This guide will show you how to properly clean your knife block. In this blog, we also have an article about best knife block sets on amazon that you might want to read about it.

You can see knife blocks everywhere: at the store, at your friend’s house, online, or in advertisements. They come in all sorts of varieties, and some have an absurd number of knives, including everything from kitchen shears to carving knives. 

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What is knife block

Knife block is a place where you can store your knives and keep them in the best condition. It will save your knives from getting rusty and dirtier, which can cause damage to the blades. It also helps you to keep your knives organized and clean.

Knife block is an important part of kitchen equipment. As it can be used as a way to organize knives in the kitchen. It keeps all the knives together so that you do not have to search for your knives when cooking or chopping. In this blog, we also have an article about what is a knife block to know more about this topic deeper.

A knife block allows you to store your kitchen knives in a very secure way. It also allows you to keep your knives always at your disposal which in turn makes your food preparations easier.”


How To Wash Knife Block

The knife block is very simple to clean, just wash knife block with warm water and soap. Make sure you dry it completely before storing it back in the knife block. Here are the breakdowns how to do it:

  1. Clean each slot: remove all knives and attachments, flip the knife block over, and shake off any dirt or crumbs that may have been trapped within.
  2. Clean the exterior of the wooden block: carefully clean the outside of the wooden knife block with warm soapy water using a tiny bottle brush.
  3. Wipe down the block with a moist towel.
  4. Eliminate excess moisture: scrape away any soapy residue with a scraper.
  5. Allow the block to dry fully overnight.
  6. Bleach it: Using a scrub brush and a diluted bleach solution of 1 teaspoon bleach and 4 cups water, clean the exterior of the wooden block.
  7. Clean the slots: Using the bleach and a pipe cleaner, clean each of the slots.
  8. Wipe clean the knife block once again with a moist towel, striving to make it as dry as possible.
  9. Allow at least another 12 hours for your knife block to properly dry before reinstalling your blades!

Consideration before buying

There are many types of knife blocks available on the market. They are made of different materials such as wood, plastic, stainless steel, etc. To choose the right type of knife block for yourself, you need to consider several things like the material used by the knife block. Here are the consideration before buying:


Wood has become very popular among those people who want quality kitchen tools. The reason behind this popularity is its durability. Also, wooden products are very easy to maintain. Most of these companies make their wooden products with care. Hence, they last long time.

Plastic knife block is one of the most common types of knife blocks. These knife blocks are easily available at home stores. When choosing a knife block made of plastic, you should look out for features like hardness, weight, design, etc.

Stainless Steel knife block is a good option if you want a more durable product. You can use stainless steel knife block to store numerous knives. However, stainless steel knife block requires regular maintenance because it gets rust quickly. Stainless steel knife block is ideal for professional chefs and cooks.

Another type of knife block is ceramic knife block. Ceramic knife block is very useful for storing multiple knives. This knife block does not get dirty easily but it does require frequent cleaning. If you want to buy some new knives, then ceramic knife block would be a great choice.


When purchasing a knife block, you must consider the size of your kitchen. For example, if you have small kitchen, then it would be better for you to buy a smaller sized knife block. On the other hand, if you have large kitchen, then it is advisable to purchase a larger-sized knife block. There are various sizes available in the market. So, you need to pick the appropriate size according to your kitchen requirements.


The price of knife block depends upon the material used in making it. Wooden knife block is relatively cheaper than the others. In fact, even a cheap wooden knife block costs less than $25. Plastic knife block may cost you around $75. A stainless steel knife block can cost up to $200. Therefore, it is always advised to buy a knife block that fits into your budget.


When shopping for knife block, it is essential for you to pay attention towards the design of the knife block. You can choose any style of knife block that matches your kitchen décor. Moreover, a knife block designed for commercial purposes can be expensive compared to a home-made one.

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