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The Best Undercounter Ice Makers: 5 Best Offers on Amazon!

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Those in need of big quantities of ice quickly…

…can make use of built-in ice makers, also known as undercounter ice makers.

This type of machine is larger than a portable ice maker and is easily transportable.

“The Undercounter Ice Maker, in simple terms, is a machine that makes a lot of ice quickly and with different sizes. This machine makes it easy to keep large amounts of high-quality, fresh ice each day. It can be used to make mix and match drinks, store frozen goods, prepare ice, and cool down when it gets hot.” 

Alivia Stone – Professional Writer 

Are you aware that the best undercounter ice makers purify water…

…and produce higher-quality ice cubes than other models?

We will cover this topic in our next guide.

There are many important features and factors to consider…

…when shopping for an undercounter ice maker.

Check out this blog post for more information…

…about the best undercounter ice makers on the market today! 

As well as a buyer’s guide with helpful tips…

…about the different types of machines available…

…this article will cover important features like size, storage options, and noise level.

Here are a few words from Shanon before we move on to the next section…

Our office purchased this undercounter ice maker.

Our refrigerators have both been repaired over and over again.

So we decided to buy a dedicated ice machine.

It shipped quickly, arrived in excellent condition,

and connecting the water line was a simple task.

I love how much ice it makes! We never run out of ice when we have 20 people in the office.

Because the ice does not melt, there is no drain and a drain is not needed.

What a great machine! Very happy with my purchase. Almost a year old and still going strong.

Now, let’s get started…

Buying Guide for the Best Undercounter Ice Maker

Using our buying guide will help you avoid making a mistake…

…and ensure that you get the best unit for your needs.

In this guide, hours worth of research have been condensed…

…into a single reading resource.

Choosing the right rental unit for your needs depends…

…on your awareness of what to look out for.

In the next section, we will discuss seven features you should be aware of.


As we mentioned, you can size kitchen appliances. 

There are specific sizes for undercounter ice makers. 

Be sure to factor in the possibility of wires or tubes emerging…

…from the machine when measuring your space.

A freezer can be placed in an enclosed space, but only on one side.

The amount of storage space in the unit is also important.

Ice is usually made in insulated trays.

The insulation keeps the ice cool and fresh.

The amount of ice that can be placed in the tray will vary from unit to unit.

There is usually a one-to-one ratio for smaller undercounter ice makers.

In other words, they can store as much as the machine can produce in 24 hours.

In contrast, larger models are less fortunate…

…since they cannot hold half or less of their total capacity.

This is particularly true if they produce more than 60 pounds each day.

Some of the more powerful models have automatic shut-off features…

…that turn off the ice tray once it is full.

It is possible to fit a standard ice maker

…which creates approximately 20 pounds of ice per hour…

…into a dishwasher that is smaller than average.

Several friends and a family of four can be fed with this amount.

This means you can enjoy chilled drinks the entire day.

Keep reading…

Ice Quality

Using too much water or using the wrong machine can affect the quality of your ice.

When water comes in contact with surfaces or air…

…it can pick up bacteria and impurities.

Because of this, ice can become opaque instead of transparent.

Install an undercounter water filter for this to happen.

It will help purify and remove sediment from the water.

Even with a filter system in place, it is possible not to get perfect ice cubes.

We’ll start by defining what ice cubes should look like.

When you see the ice cube disappear when you place it in a cup…

…you know it is top quality. Quality is like a diamond: it must be clear.

Secondly, these ice cubes must be strong enough to be difficult to chew.

Generally, clear ice cube makers are more expensive and come with a water filter.

The last benefit is that they melt faster…

…which means your drink stays cold for twice as long.

The shape of an ice cube depends on the mold or evaporator used by the machine.

The clarity of clear ice cubes is commonly associated with the best-quality ice.

They do not, however, necessarily have a specific shape.

There are several types of ice cubes, including bullets, standard cubes…

…crescent moons, nuggets, or a specific style created by an ice machine manufacturer.

In drinks, ice shape is only used when it is crushed ice…

…(see our top-rated blenders to crush ice) or crunchable.

This is for soft drinks and cocktails only.

Even though smaller ice cubes chill drinks faster…

…they can also dilute drinks and alter their taste.

Cooling System

A cooling system for ice-makers depends…

…on the type of condenser used to cool the coolant.

The two main types of ice-making systems are water-based and air-based.

We’ll start with air-based systems.

Cooled air condensers require a temperature…

…that is lower than the coils of the condenser.

Cool air is circulated through the condenser using vents or fans.

In order for the condensers to function correctly, obstructions must be avoided.

The condensers’ fans can also cause additional noise.

Next, we will examine the water-cooled condensers.

An additional water line provides cold running water to these condensers.

The water is used to cool the coils.

For under-counter icemakers, manufacturers prefer air-cooled condensers…

…because this method is not practical.


When making ice cubes, you will always have leftover water.

Inefficient ice makers waste a lot of water.

That water cannot be left sitting around…

…because bacteria could grow and contaminate it.

The water in undercounter ice makers can be drained in one of two ways. 

In some models, however, only periodic defrosting is required…

…and drains are not necessary.

Gravity drains are the simplest choice.

If your icemaker is within 2 feet of a standard drain…

…this gravity drain is perfect. The gravity drain will work…

…if you connect the drain hose so it runs towards the drain.

Using gravity alone, excess water and condensate will flow…

…to the drain due to the height difference.

You will need a pump if you find yourself in a situation…

…where the drain is too far away or the hose does not extend…

…all the way down from the machine.

An icemaker with a drain pump can easily solve this problem.

Through the drain tube, the pump removes the water…

…from the unit and sends it to the drain.

Drain pumps with undercounter ice makers are not available in all models…

…although they are common.

This is why you should check the drainage system…

…and make sure it is working properly.

Depending on your situation, you may need to purchase an external drain pump.

Go on…

Water Supply

Water is the only thing you cannot live without.

For undercounter ice makers, dedicated water lines are necessary. 

Using the tubes provided by most manufacturers…

…this ice maker water line can be easily connected.

For those who are not confident installing it themselves…

…a professional plumber can be hired.

Typically, these tubes are smaller than your average water line.

It is important to make sure the small size of this product does not cause it…

…to be damaged or ripped during installation.

A separate water line can eliminate almost all household contaminants from your ice.

All year round, ice makers can be operated with water temperatures…

…that are between 45°F and 85°F.

Water pressure should be at least 15 PSI.

In some cases, 30 PSI may be required.

A subcounter icemaker’s water pressure should not exceed 80 PSI for safety reasons.


Mainly, maintenance is done to prevent problems with undercounter ice makers.

Cleaning and inspection are the most important aspects of maintenance.

Inspect the interior of the machine first.

Through the air or your hands, these areas may come in direct contact with bacteria.

Clean the cooling elements with a cleaner, even a homemade one.

This will prevent bacteria from spreading and causing scales.

There are detailed instructions for cleaning each unit.

Rinse the inside of the icemaker with clean water after cleaning it.

You may need to use the machine’s wash feature.

Also, inspect the electrical connections…

…to make sure no wires are exposed, not connected, or simply fried.

Consult an electrician if you have any doubts.

Make sure the condenser grill and condenser are free from grease…

..and other debris that could hinder their performance.

Use a noncorrosive cleaner to do this.

Either a fine brush or a comb can be used to remove any hard grime.

Water filters need to be cleaned or replaced in ice makers that use them…

…according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


All ice makers are not created equal.

Each one is designed to meet a different need.

Ice cubes can be made by an undercounter ice maker

…only a fixed number of times per cycle. 

Calculate the total capacity of an Ice Maker…

…by calculating the number of cubes that can be created simultaneously…

…and the duration of the creation cycle.

The amount of ice made in 24 hours is a measure of total capacity.

A small unit can make approximately 12 pounds of ice daily.

It is estimated that the higher-end models can produce 80 pounds of ice every day.

We are now moving into the realm of standalone large-scale ice makers.

A variety of factors influence the amount of ice that is produced…

…such as the type of ice and its shape.

In general, cheaper models tend to be faster and make more ice per cycle.

More expensive models may produce fewer ice blocks per cycle.

In exchange, you get better-quality ice cubes…

…that don’t melt nearly as quickly, so you use less ice.

It all comes down to this…

The Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews

Let’s go through them one by one…

Whynter MIM-14231SS 14” Undercounter Automatic Ice Makers

The best undercounter ice maker
Credits: amazon.com

Do you know why we considered The Whynter MIM-1423ISS Under Counter Ice Maker as one of the best? The material of the under-counter ice maker is astonishing!

It is made of stainless steel with marine-grade components.

The unit is made of high-quality stainless steel…

…with hardware that resists corrosion and UV rays.

It can withstand harsh environments.

It holds up to 23 pounds and 12 pounds of ice per day.

The ice storage capacity is 12LBS.

This Whynter MIM14231SS 14-inch Undercounter…

…Automatic Stainless Steel Marine Ice Maker is specifically designed…

…for boats, yachts, and RVs.

Ice can be produced at a rate of 23 pounds per hour…

…and stored in a capacity of 12 pounds.

It is made of stainless steel with marine-grade components.

The unit is made of high-quality stainless steel…

The ice maker is supplied with a 6-foot braided stainless steel…

…waterline connection hose.

The Whynter MIM-1431SS can be reversed…

….in order to complement your space’s flow.

Recycling melted ice allows the ice maker

…to be installed quickly and easily in almost any space.


Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

The best undercounter ice maker
Credits: amazon.com

For many years, Scotsman has made ice-makers.

The brand is well-known in the market.

This model is our favorite choice if you want a clear ice maker. Thanks to it huge capacity, you can make so many clear ices all at once! No more time wasted!

It can produce restaurant-quality ice at home.

The unit is expensive, but it produces high-quality ice.

With its 26-pound storage capacity…

…this under-counter ice maker can produce up to 64 lbs of ice per day.

The slim design makes it easy to integrate into any kitchen.

Many modern kitchens can be fitted with stainless steel doors.

Be sure the unit is leveled properly to produce ice.

This is especially important for units with gravity drains.

When you open the door, you can see the control panel.

This allows you to easily operate the unit. There are also helpful indicators.

You will be notified if the water is not flowing or if the ice maker needs to be cleaned.

This model has a one-year warranty.

There are stil more…

EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

The best undercounter ice maker
Credits: amazon.com

The cheapest favorite pick goes to this EdgeStar’s under-counter ice machine! Even though it has a small capacity, it lasts longer than the other machines! Amazing right?

If you are tight on cash, portable ice makers aren’t the only option.

EdgeStar’s IB120SS under-counter ice machine costs around $300.

Although it does not produce as much ice as other under-counter machines…

…it is sufficient for most families.

A big advantage of this ice machine over…

… another expensive ice machine is that it has an integrated freezer.

It can store ice for as long as you need.

EdgeStar IB120SS produces 12lbs of ice per day.

The storage container doubles as an integrated freezer.

In contrast to other ice makers, this one cannot be left in the freezer…

… for too long to melt the cubes. EdgeStar IB120SS features a front-ventilated design.

You can use it safely as an icemaker. You can leave it freestanding.

This one is interesting… look..

 hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker

The best undercounter ice maker
Credits: amazon.com

If you’re about to start using an ice machine, hOmelab ice cream maker has the most complete ready-to-use tools for you!

As with the other HomeLabs units, this one is suitable…

…for commercial kitchens as well as for use at home.

What do you get for your money? The main benefit is clear ice.

You can make up to 45 pieces within 20 minutes.

Depending on how thick your ice cubes are, the cycle will take longer.

The cycle can take between 11 and 20 minutes.

Adjusting the size is easy with the plus- and minus buttons.

The maximum output is 99 pounds per 24 hours.

This should be enough for home use.

If you plan to use it in a bar or restaurant, however, make sure there is enough water.

You do not need to refill the large 1.2-liter reservoir…

…since it is connected directly to a water source.

HomeLabs is easy to set up and use.

With a push-button interface, you can operate the machine using an LCD.

It shows all water-making and ice-making functions clearly.

There is also a good selection of accessories included…

…such as an ice spoon and all connectors and hoses.

You should have everything you need to get started right away.

If you want a machine that works all day long without stopping, this is a great choice.

Last but not least…

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker

The best undercounter ice maker
Credits: amazon.com
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Our most favorite ice maker goes to the VEVOR! It has made a statement, that they are indeed the fastest ice maker exists!

The main reason VEVOR made the list is that it produces…

….between 500 and 550 pounds of ice per day.

You can easily keep up with your demands with the Vevor icemaker.

It produces 182 clear cubes in 8-15 minutes…

…which makes it our fastest and most powerful icemaker.

With a storage capacity of 350lbs, the VEVOR is an impressive ice maker.

It features a double-layer thickened foam insulation layer.

The insulation helps in isolating heat from the outside.

Your ice cubes will not melt for up to 5-7 hours with this function.

This is certainly a technological advancement over its competitors.

Ice makers from VEVOR are available in three sizes: thin, middle, and thick.

Choose the one that’s right for you. They are also very convenient.

You can schedule the time it takes to make ice and the machine…

…will notify you when the container is full.

Due to its many protection settings…

…this icemaker is safer and more reliable than traditional models as well.

Sum Up!

The best undercounter ice maker is perfect…

…when you need to make large quantities of ice quickly.

They are more powerful than portable ice makers…

…and have a larger motor, a greater capacity, and a stronger construction.

In addition to being quieter and more efficient, they also take up more space.

However, they are well worth the expense.

With our reviews of the best undercounter ice makers…

…you will be able to make an informed choice.

We hope that this article will facilitate that process.

This guide includes a review of the best undercounter ice makers…

…and a detailed buying guide. 

a few tips won’t hurt…

How to Keep Your Ice Maker Great?

Clean, clean, clean

This is the most important thing to do when you want to keep..

…your expensive ice makers alive.

If it’s doable, clean them every chapter of serving…

…or you can also clean it at the end of the day.

Many people are losing their consistency overtime,

,..and choose to neglect this important activity.

That’s why in a fast-food restaurants, we frequently find them broken,

…now you know why!


We have provided tips on the best undercounter ice makers in this blog post.

If you’re looking for a unit that’s energy-efficient…

…or if you’re looking for one with a lot of storage space and not too much noise…

…then this article may be the one for you!

It is our hope that by providing all the necessary information in one place…

…we have been able to make your decision regarding an undercounter ice maker easier. 

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