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Why Is My Keurig Coffee Maker Not Working? 3 Reasons And Superb Methods How To Deal With It


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Why is my Keurig coffee maker not working? Ever wondering how to fix it? In the same time you need to get it fixed immediately but don’t know how to fix it? You have come into the right place. Read this article until the end and you will know how to fix your keurig coffee maker. In this blog, we also have an article about best keurig coffee makers that you might want to read about it.

Made to operate with or without electricity, Coffee Makers are available in a variety of different models, some brewing only coffee while others are built as multipurpose brewers with multiple functions.”


Coffee makers

A coffee maker is a device that makes coffee. It is a machine that uses hot water to brew coffee. The coffee maker can make coffee for a single person or a whole office. Most coffee makers are automatic, meaning they start making coffee when the water reaches the right temperature and stop brewing once it has been poured into your cup. Some coffee makers have buttons to adjust how often they brew and some even have timers so you know exactly when your coffee will be ready.

A coffee maker is a very simple, low-tech, yet efficient machine.”

R. Kayne, author from delightedcooking.com

Coffee maker cost

Today’s coffee makers come in many different styles and sizes. Here are the top types of coffee makers available: Instant Pot, $50-$80; Moka pot, $40-$60; French Press, $20-$30; Pour Over, $45-$75; Chemex, $25-$35; Cold Brew, $25-$35.

If you’re looking for a quality coffee maker under $100, we’ve done all the legwork for you. This Black+Decker 12-cup coffee maker lets you program the amount of coffee you want brewed at one time, and the machine itself has several features that mean it won’t get confused while it’s grinding. Bonus? Its menu system makes it easy to choose from among more than 50 varieties of beans. Below, I will show you the reasons from your question about why is my Keurig coffee maker not working.

Why Is My Keurig Coffee Maker Not Working

So, why is my Keurig coffee maker not working? It might be anything, from the machine refusing to turn on to the unexpectedly little quantity of coffee pouring out of the machine. There are little setbacks, such as water leaks from the machine, and then there are catastrophic incidents, such as when the coffee begins to taste bad.

If any of these things happen to you, knowing how to troubleshoot will come in helpful. This is where we recommend you learn more about the most typical issues with Keurig coffee makers.

Problem 1: My Keurig does not brew coffee

Solutions: It’s inconvenient when your coffee maker refuses to perform the one thing you got it for: brew some coffee. Hopefully, one or more of the following options will help you discover a solution to get you back in business.

There is too much scale and detritus in the line.

Your first option would be to run the machine without the k-cup a few times.

If you suspect calcium scaling in the machine (which is possible if you’ve been using it frequently for more than six months), here’s a technique.

Purchase a descaling solution or dissolve some vinegar drops in water and immerse the machine for 45 minutes.

Then, rinse the vinegar water out and thoroughly clean the machine with new water. This gets rid of calcium scaling. Give it a try and see how it goes.

Disclaimer: Keurig does not encourage this.

Also, turn off and disconnect the machine, then wipe the dispensing line with a paper clip to remove any residual coffee grounds. Another way is to blow air into the line using a straw to clean it.

Bubbles of air

Fill the water reservoir to the brim, turn the machine off and disconnect it, and give it a few gentle shakes.

This guarantees that no trapped air remains in the machine, which may otherwise interfere with the brewing process.

Machine parts are not correctly seated

Check to see that all of the components are in the appropriate positions and properly placed. It’s fairly unusual for magnetic water reservoirs to get misaligned, so double-check.

Inadequate warming up time

Are you certain you’ve given yourself enough time to warm up? Without adequate warm-up time, the water will not become hot enough for a decent brew, resulting in very little and insufficiently made coffee.

Problem 2: My Keurig 2.0 does not turn on.

Solution: It’s not a good way to start the day when your coffee maker refuses to turn on in the morning.

When you plug in the Keurig coffee machine and press the power button, the power symbol appears in the right bottom corner of the touchscreen display, along with a welcome message.

If this is not the case, you should investigate if the fault is with the touch screen or the system itself.

To be sure, unplug and re-plug the machine. If it still does not work, try a different power outlet. If the issue persists, contact Keurig customer service.

Problem 3: The Keurig (Classic) turns on or off on its own

Solution: If your Keurig machine turns off or on without your instruction, the inbuilt timer has most likely been set. Here’s how to test and solve for some of the most common models:

  • Keurig Mini: If the brewer is left idle for more than 90 seconds, it will shut off on its own. To restart it, hit the Power button once more.
  • Keurig Elite: Check to see whether the Auto Off light indication (green) is lighted on your Keurig Elite. This means that the brewer will shut off automatically two hours after the last brew. To turn off the auto switch, hit the Auto Off black button, which will turn off the green light.
  • Special Edition and Platinum: If Auto Off is enabled, your brewer will shut down automatically. To deactivate, go to Auto Off programming in the menu. The left button (little cup) must be pushed many times before it reads Off, indicating that ‘auto off’ is deactivated.

The equipment is unlikely to break down during brewing. However, if it occurs, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The oscillations of the equipment often cause the water reservoir’s magnet to get dislodged, causing the brewing cycle to be interrupted.

When this occurs, all that is required is to reposition the reservoir’s magnet. Restart the brewing process and check to see whether the issue has been resolved. If this does not address the issue, contact customer service.

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