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Superb 5 Steps How To Install Wall Mount Range Hood

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What is Range hood

How to install wall mount range hood? Range hoods are used in kitchens for a variety of reasons. The main reason that people use them is because they help keep the kitchen clean and healthy by removing grease, smoke, odors, etc from cooking food.

They also prevent these smells from escaping into other rooms or spreading throughout your home. In addition, some models can be used as air purifiers and dehumidifiers. This means you will not have mold growing on walls and ceilings when there isn’t enough ventilation. In here we have wall mount range hoods for your kitchen that you might want to see.

Why Should I Get a Range Hood?

There are several benefits to having a range hood installed in your kitchen:

  • It helps remove grease, smoke, odor, and particles from your stove.
  • Your cooktop or 6 burner gas cooktop surface stays cleaner longer due to less buildup of oil and grime.
  • You’ll enjoy better-tasting foods since it’s easier to see what you’re doing without distractions like steam and grease.
  • A well-designed range hood provides more than just an exhaust system – it creates a comfortable environment with proper airflow and humidity levels.
  • If you own pets, a range hood reduces their exposure to potentially harmful contaminants.

Range Hood Placement

Range hoods are intended to be placed over an oven or range to extract indoor air, fumes, smoke and smells. The devices exhaust these unwanted fumes outside. Ideally, the location for the hood will be along the inside of an exterior wall. If this is not possible, standard duct piping can be used to provide access for the exterior vent.

These units usually incorporate a fan and a light but are connected to one power supply so there is a minimal amount of electrical work that needs to be done to get it connected. A good filter, like baffle filter in your range rood should can help you too filter bad the excess smoke while you cooking very well too

How To Install Wall Mount Range Hood

Step 1

Choose the wall location for the range hood. Ascertain that the wall where the hood will be installed has a duct port that matches the port on the back of the range hood; this port should lead to the exterior of the building and will be used to exhaust any air extracted from the kitchen.

Assemble a helper to hold the range hood against the desired wall. Attach the hood to the wall with a screwdriver and the provided screws by screwing through the screw holes along the rear of the range hood into the wall. Assemble the hood to the wall using at least four screws.

Step 2

Turn off the kitchen’s power. Locate the fuse panel for the building in which the hood will be installed. There should be a labeled circuit breaker in the kitchen panel; toggle it to the off position and then return to the kitchen to ensure that no energy is being supplied to any of the outlets or other equipment.

Step 3

Locate the range hood’s power supply. You can connect it via a connection that fits into a power outlet or straight to the power supply. In any case, a length of wire will be required to connect the range hood. Locate the range hood’s power supply. Typically, a cover must be removed to reveal three wires, one black, one white, and one green in color.

Step 4

Strip a 1/2-inch of rubber insulation from the ends of these wires, as well as the ends of the building’s power supply cable, to expose the wire cores. Placing the tips of the appropriate colored wires together, black to black, white to white, and green to green, screw down a marette clockwise until it is snug and the two wires are connected together. Rep this procedure for each of the three wire sets.

Step 5

Reset the circuit breaker at the fuse panel. The range hood should now operate correctly.

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