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How To Use a Commercial Food Warmer? Amazing 2 Facts About This That You Should Know

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Food Warmer 

How to use a commercial food warmer? A food warmer is often a tabletop device used to keep prepared food at the proper serving temperature. It is used in both residential and commercial settings. In some instances, it can be used in place of refrigeration or freezing to maintain food at its optimal temperature.

Food warmers are commonly found in fast-casual dining establishments such as McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Panera Bread, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Taco Bell, KFC etc., where they provide customers with hot meals without having to wait long periods of time while individual orders are being made cold from scratch.

Some home versions are also available that allow you to keep your kitchen countertops free of ice buildup during winter months by simply placing items on top of them after cooking. In here we have commercial food warmers reviews that you might want to see.


The first known patent was filed in 1894 by Charles F. Keeney, who called his invention the “Keeney Electric Heater.” This design consisted of two metal sheets separated by insulation which were heated electrically through copper wires embedded into each sheet. A similar concept had been patented earlier by another inventor named William T. Browning, however he did not include any heating element within the structure itself but rather relied upon convection currents generated by air circulating over the surface of the insulated plates.

The two patents were eventually combined and became one of the most successful inventions ever produced by Thomas Edison. In 1902, a Chicago based company manufactured the first commercially viable electric food warmer using this basic principle.

This product sold well until World War I when electricity supplies were disrupted by the war effort. After the war ended there was no immediate demand for the new technology so the company went out of business. Today the original patent remains owned by General Foods Corporation and its successor Kraft Heinz Company.  

How to Use A Commercial Food Warmer

It depends on where you use it:

Home use

When used in a household setting, such as with fondue, a food warmer can be as simple as a tiny vessel containing food set on a trivet that has a heat source such as a flame or electric element. Certain food cookers can therefore function as food warmers by utilizing a lower heat source to maintain a serving temperature.

This is done automatically in individual rice cookers. A multicooker is an electric kitchen gadget that uses a timer to automate cooking. Along with cooking programs, a multicooker may have features for keeping food warm. Certain electric-powered personal-sized food coolers include a setting that warms the food contained within the cooler. Typically, these are promoted as cooler/warmers.

Commercial use

A table made of steam. Restaurants and outdoor food carts both employ commercial food warmers. They may operate similarly in restaurants and hotels, but on a greater scale. Buffets frequently make use of huge stainless steel containers equipped with sterno fuel sources. Additionally, restaurants employ steam tables to keep numerous pots heated at the same time.

These have a big, shallow body of water that is kept at a constant temperature and are topped with rectangular stainless steel pans of food. East Asia, in particular, employs steam tables in restaurants, particularly commercial food warmer portable, to maintain the temperature of bamboo steamers housing dim sum items. A flameless ration heater is a chemical heater that uses no flame to heat certain types of Meal, Ready-to-Eat meals.

What does a commercial food warmer look like?

These devices usually come in two different styles; one style has a metal base while the other looks more like a stove top unit. Some models even include infrared heating technology which allows the user to monitor their pets’ temperatures without opening the door. There are also ones that are built-in to the wall but those tend to cost quite a bit more. The best thing about the newer units is that they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. These items also provide excellent insulation so they won’t get too hot either.

What can I expect to pay for a commercial food warmer?

The price range for these things varies depending upon what features you need and how many people will be using the device. For example, a model that includes an automatic shut off feature might run around $50-$100 whereas a simple non-automatic version might go for under $20. Most manufacturers offer free shipping via ground delivery along with installation services.

Can my home kitchen work just fine?

Yes! Many owners find that their own homes kitchens are perfectly adequate for feeding their animals. However, you really don’t want to risk leaving any dangerous chemicals in contact with your animal’s mouth. Also, if you’re going to prepare meals for yourself first and save leftovers for later, make sure you store them away safely before giving them to your furry friends.

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