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Amazing 4 Steps To Juice Lemon Without Juicer

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Can we really juice lemon without juicer? Lemons are one…

..of those items that we just cannot do without. They’re a quick way to liven up a heavier meal like stew, their juice is important for salad dressings or marinades, and we adore the sweet-and-tangy flavor they provide to sweets. The main issue with lemon juice is that it is difficult to extract. After cutting one in half, things might get sticky, and any leftovers will likely dry up in the fridge.

Lemon Juice

To make your own fresh lemon juice you can use both lemons and oranges. You’ll need about 4 whole lemons and 5–6 medium sized oranges. Cut off all but 1/3rd inch from each fruit’s peel before removing them from the rest of the pulp. Remove as much pith as possible from the citrus peels while keeping the skin intact so when squeezed there will be no bitter taste.

Squeeze out the juice into another container using your hands this method works best if done over an ice bath. If you don’t have access to an ice bath then fill a bowl with water and add some ice cubes. Once everything has been strained through cheesecloth, squeeze again to remove more juice. This time strain the mixture again through a fine mesh strainer to ensure nothing larger than seeds remain. Store leftover juices in glass jars in the refrigerator until needed. Lemon juice should last 3 weeks refrigerated.

Can We Juice Lemon With Out Juicer?

Surprisingly, this method works! Poking a tiny hole in a lemon resulted in a thin stream of lemon juice that was free from seeds. With hands, cutting boards and knives were clean, and we didn’t need to use a citrus reamer or strainer. The best part: Because it’s only poked a tiny hole in the lemon, it was able to preserve the leftovers without them drying out. It popped the rest of the lemon in an airtight bag and stored it in the fridge for access to fresh lemon juice all week long.

Unfortunately, the hack didn’t work as well with grapefruits, oranges or limes. The grapefruits were too large to squeeze, the oranges too soft and the lime too dense. But the lemons were just right, making them the Goldilocks winner of this incredible hack.

How to Juice Lemon Without Juicer

What You Need:

  • A lemon
  • A clean skewer, knitting needle, chopstick or similar

Juice Lemon Without Juicer:
Roll the lemon

The lemon should be rolled on the counter or cutting board. It’s not necessary to exert a lot of power here; just enough to loosen the membranes within the lemon and release the juices.

Juice Lemon Without Juicer:
Puncture the lemon’s non-stem end

Poke the lemon’s non-stem end — the side that sticks out a little — with the skewer. Insert the skewer as far as possible into the lemon, but at least one inch. Make sure the spear does not go all the way through the lemon and into your hand!

Juice Lemon Without Juicer:
Squeeze and Looks The Magic

Squeeze a small trickle of lemon juice from the pricked side of the lemon into a basin. Continue squeezing until you’ve extracted enough juice.

Juice Lemon Without Juicer:
Save Any Remaining Lemons

If the lemon still has juice to offer, place it in an airtight bag and refrigerate it. When you need a little lemon juice, take it out and squeeze it. As an added advantage, because the lemon isn’t split in half, you can zest it without making a mess.

 Lemon Juice Benefits

The healthiest thing I found regarding lemon juice is that it contains high levels of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that help protect cells against damage caused by oxygen molecules called “free radicals”. Free radical damage can lead to cancerous tumors and other diseases. Vitamin C also helps keep bones strong by helping form collagen.

In addition, vitamin C can prevent scurvy, an illness where people lose their teeth because they lack sufficient amounts of vitamin C. Scurvy affects sailors who rely heavily on canned food during extended periods away from land; however, even those living in modern times can develop scurvy due to poor nutrition.

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