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Amazing 5 List Of Low Calorie Liquor

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Low Calorie Liquor

Is there any low calorie liquor? If you’re trying to lose weight…

…or just maintain your present weight, you’re well aware of how limiting a diet can be. All of your favorite foods, such as cheesy pizzas, piles of pasta, and beer, go out the window on day one. Of course, there are several benefits to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, but it’s also important to treat yourself every now and again. Indulgence in moderation is not a sin, so choose low-calorie alcohol if you want to mix a few drinks without entirely destroying your diet.

Alcohol is a significant diet buster the majority of the time. Obviously, if you’re serious about reducing weight, you should refrain from alcohol completely. Choosing the lowest calorie liquors, on the other hand, is a critical step if you want to strike a balance between having a drink now and then and remaining on track with your weight. It’s also worth mentioning that alcohol can change the way your body burns fat, so keeping your intake to a minimum is usually a good idea.

List Of Low Calorie Liquor

If you’re wondering what the greatest booze choices for dieting are, keep these calorie numbers in mind. While calorie counts vary depending on the bottle and brand, certain varieties of liquor have fewer calories than others. The shot, which equals roughly 1.5 oz of alcohol, is commonly used to calculate calorie counts. The following are some of the greatest low-calorie liquors:


It usually approximately 100 calories per shot It’s lighter than most liquors and goes well with low- or no-calorie mixers like seltzer and club soda. A 1.5-ounce shot of Grey Goose has 98 calories.


It also has a calorie count of about 100 per shot. It also goes great with low- or no-calorie cocktail mixers like club soda, and you can add cranberry or lemonade to your tequila soda for some more taste. Sip your tequila straight over ice with a lime wedge for even less calories. Per 1.5 oz shot of Patron Silver tequila, there are 97 calories.


is approximately 100 calories per shot as well, although combining choices get a bit more difficult. Rum is a bit thicker and requires a more syrupy cocktail to taste good. We don’t recommend you go to the bar and order a rum and coke. It may add a few more calories than you’d want, but rum and diet Coke is most likely your best bet. A 1.5 oz shot of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum contains 86 calories as a comparison.

Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch

aren’t all that awful for you, with each shot containing approximately 100 calories. Because they are so simple to drink straight or on the rocks, a mixer isn’t usually essential. A shot of Jack Daniels whiskey has 98 calories in it. Civas Regal Premium Scotch has 104 calories in one shot.


Because of the greater proof, the calorie count is about 105. Fortunately, the greatest gin is also simple to combine with low- or no-calorie mixers. While we enjoy a nice gin and tonic, we’d suggest replacing the tonic with some seltzer next time. Who’d have guessed that tonic had a lot of calories? A average gin and tonic contains around 150 calories, according to Hendricks Gin.


As long as you restrict yourself to one or two glasses, is a fantastic low-calorie alcohol. Although it isn’t strictly a liquor, if you’re searching for a way to drink and still lose weight, we highly recommend a glass of champagne. It’s only 90 calories and doesn’t need to be paired with anything!

Is there carbohydrate in liquor? We’re pleased to inform that liquor has no carbohydrates, which is another another huge diet buster. Similarly, booze is a zero-fat beverage on its own. Unfortunately, popular beverages such as beer and wine are high in carbohydrates.

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