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Does Orange Juice Go Bad? Superb 3 Facts About This Beverage That You Should Know!

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Orange Juice

Does orange juice go bad? This beverage is a refreshing…

…and nutritious drink, so I always keep it around the house. Orange juice is a liquid extract of the orange tree fruit that is obtained by squeezing or reaming oranges. It is available in a variety of flavors, including blood orange, navel orange, valencia orange, clementine, and tangerine.

Can Orange Juice Go Bad?

But what happens when you open that carton of orange juice on your countertop? Is it still good to eat or should you toss out all those bottles? The short answer: no! You can make this sweet treat last longer by storing orange juice in the fridge instead of at room temperature. If you do have an older bottle of orange juice sitting there waiting for you and you’re not sure how long before it goes bad, read on to find out exactly what causes oranges to spoil.

How Long Does Oranges Juice Go Bad?

It depends on which kind of orange juice you buy. When buying fresh squeezed juice from freshly harvested fruit, usually about one week after harvest will be fine. This means that if you bought it yesterday then chances are you won’t need to throw away any orange juice until next week. Once pressed into cans though, juices start going off much sooner than fresh-squeezed ones because they’re exposed to air more frequently.

Canned orange juice has been stored in its own oxygen free environment inside sealed containers with little exposure to air; therefore, most canned orange juice expires within two weeks. However, some brands taste better than others. Some companies label their products as “fresh” or “fresher”, but don’t store them well. Other labels say “best by date”, indicating the shelf life of the product. Store your orange juice properly and you’ll be able to enjoy it for up to three months.

Tips and Trick

Fortunately there are many ways you can tell if your orange juice has gone bad before drinking it. Here are some tips:

Taste It!

If your juices have turned sour or bitter then they probably need replacing. This usually happens after a few days because bacteria begins growing on the surface of the fruit that produces acid as part of its metabolism. When the amount of acidity reaches a certain level, the flavor becomes off-putting. Keep an eye out for these signs: Sourness; Bitter taste; Pungent smell. These symptoms mean your juice needs to be replaced.

Check The Label Before You Drink

There may also be a “Best By Date” label on your carton. Generally speaking, fresh produce should last up to 3 months while canned foods will last 6 months. However, both types of food do not necessarily spoil at the same rate. In fact, fruits like oranges and apples tend to ripen faster than other items such as tomatoes, which means that their quality deteriorates much quicker than ours does. So even though the best by date might say something like “10/31/2018,” don’t automatically assume your juice is spoiled just yet. Instead check the expiration date and see what it says.

Buy New Fresh Produce Buying

only organic oranges will keep them fresher longer. Organic produce tends to stay fresher longer since pesticides used during cultivation aren’t allowed. Don’t worry too much about whether your oranges were grown conventionally or organically though. They still get ripe around the same time so eating them would pose no health risks either way. Just remember that organic fruits are generally pricier than conventional versions. Try looking online for coupons that match specific stores’ sale prices.

Throw Away Expired Fruit

if you’ve purchased a lot of oranges recently, you could consider throwing away expired fruit. As mentioned above, oranges are susceptible to molds and mildew growths when left out at room temp for extended periods. Therefore, we recommend keeping our orange juice refrigerated rather than leaving them out at room temperature. Even though citrus fruits naturally contain vitamin C, it’s important to replenish it regularly throughout the year. To help prevent mold and bacterial infections, try adding lemon slices to your drinks to boost natural antimicrobial properties.

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